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My 25 Goals for 2013

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As I mentioned in my 2012 Goals Final Tally post [3], I’m trying to be much more specific and simplistic in my goals this year. I not only want to keep in mind what is realistic, but also make sure that all of my goals are clearly measurable.

If you’re brand-new to goal-setting, be sure to read my post on How to Change Your Life By Setting Goals. [4]

Here’s my list of 25 Goals for 2013:

Personal Goals

Read through the Bible in a year using this plan. [5]
Run in at least one 5K race.
Complete the Couch to 10K program.
Memorize Romans 1 and 2 with Jesse.
Wake up by 6 a.m. and exercise, shower, and dress by 8 a.m. every day. (I’ll explain more about this goal tomorrow when I share about my one word focus for 2013.)
Read 150 books/ebooks (see my list of 48 books I’m for sure planning to read here [6]; the other 102 or so books will be ones that I discover throughout the year and want to read.)

Marriage Goals

Read 3 marriage books (I’m not sure which ones yet. Any recommendations?).
Finish reading through the Psalms together as a couple.
Have overnight stay (sans children) at least every other month.
Go on at least one date per month.

Mothering Goals

Continue Grace and Truth memory book [7].
Ice-skating lessons for all three children during the first quarter of 2013.
Swimming lessons for all three children during the summer.
Finish at least 37 read-aloud books [8] (see my planned list here [8], along with details on how we incorporate a lot of read aloud time [8] into our everyday lives).

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family Goals

Begin weekly accountability meetings with my friend Jerica.
Get together with friends for a playdate or lunch at least once a month.
Continue being involved in our local church, couple’s group, and blogging accountability group.
Continue with weekly get-togethers with both sides of our extended family.

Financial Goals

Use a portion of the proceeds from my next book project to fund a well project.
Fund our Child Survival Program [9] for 2013.
Buy a new bedroom set.
Invest in another rental property.

Business/Blogging Goals

Release two new ebooks.
Attend one speaking conference.
Finish and submit the manuscript for my next book.

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Have you set goals for 2013? If so, tell us what they are or leave a link to your blog post below.

At the end of each month in 2013, I’ll be posting an update on my goals and encouraging you to share the progress you’re making on your 2013 goals, too. Let’s encourage one another to live lives of intention and purpose!