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Get the Organize-in-5 Diary or the Goals & Priorities Diary for just $4.95 right now


If you want a structured way to turn your goals into daily tasks that you actually get done, then you’ll want to check out the Goals & Priorities Diary [1]from Get Organized Wizard. It’s available for just $4.95 right now!

It contains:

It’s a simple but powerful approach that helps you spend time where it counts, and have more time for goals that genuinely matter.

The Goals & Priorities Diary [1] is interactive – you can type, save, search, and edit. Save it to your desktop so you’re reminded every morning to open it and get to work on your goals and priorities. You can also view your Goals & Priorities Diary from your iPhone or iPad.

Or print it out and write in it, if you prefer pen and paper.

The Goals & Priorities Diary [1] is a structured and motivating way to organize your life, achieve your goals, and get important things done.


Want to get organized in 2013 but feel cramped for time? Get Organized Wizard [1] has a fantastic resource to help you out — and it’s available for just $4.95 right now!

The Organize-In-5 2013 Diary [2] gives you a 5-minute organization task for each weekday in 2013 and then you’ll get a 5-minute relaxation task for Saturdays. This plan tackles your home, closets, computer, health, finances, work, time management, relationships, family, and more! Even if you have a very full schedule and little extra time, you can still get your home and life in order with the Organize-In-5 Diary [1].

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