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Freezer Cooking in an Hour: Southwestern Slow Cooker 2-Bean Chicken, Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

Posted By Crystal Paine On January 24, 2013 @ 8:52 pm In Baking Day,LITE Feed (non-deal) Posts | Comments Disabled

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Yesterday’s Freezer Cooking Session was so simple that it’s hard to even say it qualifies as a Freezer Cooking in an Hour session [3]. And I guess that’s the beauty of letting your appliances do the work for you [4].


I stuck all of the ingredients for the Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls [6] in the bread machine.


The chocolate chips sort of jumped out of the freezer while I was getting the yeast out… so I had to help the bag be a little lighter so it wouldn’t keep jumping out of the freezer like it always seems to. ;)


And then I dumped all of the ingredients for the Southwestern Slow Cooker 2-Bean Chicken [9] in the crockpot. That was just about the easiest recipe known to man… er, woman.


A little while later, I came back and rolled out the Cinnamon Rolls, let them rise, and baked them.

A few hours later, I turned off the crockpot. And I was D-O-N-E with this week’s freezer cooking. Talk about simple, it almost seems a little hypocritical to label it as a Freezer Cooking Session.

But hey, on a busy week like this week, I’ll take it. :)

Recipes I Made:

Southwestern Slow Cooker 2-Bean Chicken [9] — So easy, but we thought it was somewhat lacking in flavor. Anyone have suggestions or ideas on things I should try adding next time around?
Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls [6] — These are SO good. If you haven’t tried them, you are seriously missing out. Just sayin’.

Did you do any freezer cooking this week? If so, tell us about it!

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