Free Ultimate Math Invaders Software Download ($49.95 value) — first 10,000

Download a free full version of the Ultimate Math Invaders Software. This offer is only available to the first 10,000 people who download it.

Thanks, The Freebie Blogger!

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  1. Karen says

    This is awesome. Thank you! I just downloaded mine and wound up playing for ten minutes. I can’t wait to get my daughters and students on here!

  2. Jo says

    This doesn’t work for me.i tried a million times, a million ways. Maybe because inamon an ipad? I was hoping it worked, now I fear by the time i get home, andon a laptop, the free offer will be gone. (First 1,000 only)

  3. Laura says

    I keep getting this error message:
    “While processing your details, we ran into a little bit of trouble…
    Please use your ‘Back…” button and try again.”

  4. Jamie says

    Got it ~ Thanks!
    It did say in the terms “TRIAL OR EVALUATION USE: If, with the Licensor’s consent, you open this package or use this Software on a no-cost, or a no-cost limited-time evaluation basis, then the only right granted to you under this Agreement is the right to access the Software for trial or evaluation (no licence is granted). You must return the Software to the Licensor and/or uninstall it from the relevant computer immediately upon the end of the evaluation period or upon the Licensor’s demand or otherwise pay the relevant licence fee…”

  5. Gillian Wenger says

    I’m bummed! I can’t download it! I keep getting an error message when I try to download. I don’t know if it’s because I have a Mac, but it says it is compatible!

  6. Melissa says

    I got a link after I submitted 5 friends’ addresses, but I’ve tried 3 different browsers, a mac and a pc, and their website is just dead – nothing at all. Now I’ll probably miss being in the 10,000, too.

  7. Anna says

    I can’t even get the link to open up so I am guessing they are all gone. I was hoping it would work. Would have been wonderful for the kids. Oh well, maybe they will do it again sometime.

  8. joyce says

    i’ll just throw this out for those of you who had difficulty getting this program to work, or didn’t like it once you downloaded it. i use for my 4th grader. the drills are simple and timed. i like the progress charts available on the parent page. the student starts with addition, and works his/her way through subtraction, multiplication, then division. it’s very effective for what we’re doing. the program is free. i encourage you to try it.

    • Amy says

      I downloaded it, but it only has x and division for ours… which is a bit above my 6 year old. Any idea how to change it?

    • joyce says

      ok, so my comment got partly deleted. i use a program called ‘xtra math’ which is an online thing, not a download. if you type the address into your browser, put the www. at the beginning and then spell the words ‘xtra math’ without a space. and then add .org to the end

  9. Sharon says

    I’ve been trying all day to download but the page never opens. I was on iphone and got it to open and they said would send a confirmation email, but I never got it. Has anyone else had trouble?


  10. Demaine says

    What a bonus! Downloaded and can’t wait for the kids to play! Thanks for your super deal, Demaine