Ask the Readers: Has anyone used Magic Jack phone service?

Today’s question is from Emily:

I am wondering about people’s experiences with Magic Jack or Magic Jack Plus phone service. Is it worth it? Is the service reliable?

I’d also welcome any other tips about how to get home phone service for less (our cell phones are extremely unreliable at home, so we need something, and the local cable company charges a lot for their “bundle”). -Emily

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  1. tamika says

    my family has used magicjack for 3 years and running…. WELL WORTH IT!!!! the only (catch) is you have to have internet service to use it. in my opinion there is no quality difference other than alittle more money in your wallet every month. i pay less yearly than most pay a month.- GOOD LUCK

    • Jim says

      Get Vonage. I have had it for many years now. I pay $10 per month plus local tax. With Vonage you get 911, with Magic Jack you do not get 911. This is important and not worth saving a few dollars.

  2. angie says

    I have not used magic jack…we use cell phones only and switched this year from verizon (good coverage but expensive) to tmobile cheaper but tons of dropped calls…
    tmobile sent me a text saying if I had bad coverage in my home they would send me a free signal booster… so we got that but have not installed it yet …but you might want to ask your cell phone co. for a FREE booster since they aren’t providing a good signal to your home

  3. Jessica says

    We have had magic jack plus for a year. It is a great option to save money and it works great. We have only had trouble with it once and it was because the internet was down! I wanted a land line, but couldn’t afford one in addition to cell phones until this option came available. I’m glad to have it for when our kids get a little older because I don’t plan to get them a cell phone for awhile :)

  4. Shea says

    We used MJ for about a year when we were in a location with only phone land line option but descent internet connection. We saved a ton of money and those out weighed the problems of occasional dropped calls and bad connections. When we moved to another town we had many problems with MJ. Some city numbers I couldn’t even call and people had a hard time calling through. It also burned our computer out quicker because we had to leave it on (before plus was released). It isn’t a bad option of it works in your area and saves good money.

  5. says

    We’ve had it for several years and love it. We do mostly use our cell phones, but MJ is great for giving out our number to people we don’t normally talk to. Also, free long distance in the US. Can’t beat that.

  6. says

    We used magic jack for a few months. A few things – they charge for everything – number transfer etc.
    It will not work with a security system, we did not know this and paid for the first year including number transfer.
    Had to cancel service – no refund, cost to transfer number back to Comcast – took weeks as they don’t easily release your number back.
    I won’t do that again.
    My advise – stay away from it.

  7. Marie says

    We had vonage for at least 4 years (no problems), but wanted to try a cheaper option. Heard negative reviews about magic jack, so went with Net Talk Duo. Some reviews said that the people that tried magic jack unsuccessfully were now happy with Net Talk. Upfront cost about $40 which included 1st year of service ($20/year after that). Have occasional static and occasional dropped calls, but I am not on the phone enough for it to bother me. We put up with poor reception and dropped calls with cell phone users, so my friends will just have to put up with my VOIP. We were able to keep our existing phone number for a $20 fee.

  8. Ally says

    My family has used the basic Magic Jack for 3 yrs. now, and it’s been such a financial blessing. Although an Internet connection IS required, if you have this already, I would most definitely recommend Magic Jack phone service. It is reliable, cost-effective, and user friendly.

  9. Kris says

    We have MagicJack and I absoutely hate it. First thing that is annoying is that your computer must be turned on for it to work. If your computer is off, no calls! Second, I had so many people complain that they couldn’t hear me when trying to use it while working from home, I don’t even bother using it at all, I just forward my office phone to my cell instead.

    We used to have Vonage and I liked that much better. We only got rid of it because when we moved here we originally had satellite Internet that the original owners were using, so it didn’t work with that. Trying to get my husband to switch back to Vonage for a while now.

  10. Diane says

    We’ve been using Magic Jack for about 4 years and are VERY happy with it. We are currently on the 5-year plan, paying $1/month for unlimited local and long distance. Initially, there seemed to be a slight problem with reception, but they got that straightened out a long time ago. We have no plans to switch.

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