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Get American Girl dolls for just $50 today (this will likely sell out quickly!)

Update: I’m having trouble getting the site to work, but it looks like both dolls may be sold out already!

The Today Show has teamed up with American Girl dolls to offer the Marie-Grace and Cecile dolls for just $50 each when you use coupon code JILLOFFER at checkout.

This still sounds really, really high for a doll, but I’m being told that this is an incredible deal. :)

*To redeem this offer, enter “JILLOFFER” in the box marked “key code” in your shopping bag or at checkout. Discount will appear at checkout. Discount applies only to the retail price of the qualifying items in your order. Qualifying items are: Cecile Special Offer (F8500), Marie-Grace Special Offer (G1479), and Canopy Bed Special Offer (G1498). Promotional items limited to 3 per item. Discount does not apply to non-qualifying items, charges for shipping and processing, sales tax, or gift wrap.

Thanks, The Modest Mom!

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  1. Dana says

    I agree, very high for a doll. My girls don’t have much interest in AG other than the mail catalog we get. I’ll save my $$$!

  2. says

    I had an American Girl doll growing up and loved it- I still have her at my parent’s house, her name is Molly and she’s a historical doll. That is a great deal for one, even when I was a kid they were almost $100. They’re worth it though- they are well made and also a great way for kids to learn about history.

    With the price, I will say they’re for older girls who know how to take care of a doll like this. I think I was 8 when I got mine.

    • Katie says

      I have Molly too, from my childhood back when it was just Kiersten, Samantha, and Molly :) and when it was still Pleasant Company! I have all the books, that is why these dolls are so worth it, they are great quality and last forever!
      Between my 2 daughters and including the 2 I had we have 9 dolls!!
      They want the “me” dolls this year!

    • Kate says

      I have Felicity and Kirstin — the early ’90s one from well before the company was sold. When I went to the AG store in NY several years ago, I was SHOCKED to see how much the quality of the dolls had declined. I did get a brief look at the Chicago store last year and it seemed like they might have improved a bit, but still not as nice as they used to be. The sad thing is they’re still better quality than so much of what’s out there. And the historical concept is great — even when I was a kid the books inspired me to read nonfiction related to the time periods, and I still do.

      • says

        Yup- mine was from the Pleasant Company era, when there was only Felicity, Molly, Kristen, and Samantha. It saddens me that they are retiring the historical dolls too- I loved my Molly! The movies are good too.

        • says

          My nieces are grown and have handed-down their AG dolls! We give our daughter (age 7) one each Christmas- Samantha last year and Molly this year. Santa brings clothes and books (from those cousins and yard sales). And she read and re-read every Samantha book last year- we found the ones we didn’t have at the library. I’m so glad to hear the movies are good since I found the Samantha movie at a church sale!

    • Mandy W. says

      I’m glad you mentioned this. My dad took my little girl birthday shopping a few months ago, and she came home with one of these. It is a “Our Generation” doll, and I have been pleased with the quality especially considering the price.

      I found a deal a month or so ago at a store called Tuesday Morning, and they had the Our Generation dolls for $15, so she is getting two more for Christmas.

    • cathy says

      The Target dolls are ok, we had one–but if your daughter wants to do their hair or doesn’t take the best care of their hair it is not so great. they have ‘barbie’ hair–which means they get ratty looking pretty easily.

    • Christy says

      I have friends who have bought the target ones cause they couldn’t afford the other, but they just don’t last the same as an American Girl. AG dolls hair doesn’t get nasty from combining and quality is completely different. I would agree with others that they are for older girls that know how to take care of dolls.

  3. DEBBIE AUEN says

    I got Marie~Grace to donate…..Thank you! I have grandsons now…..still waiting on a grand~daughter…..I just put JILLSOFFER in the search box up in the top right corner……

      • Carrie says

        Debbie Auen,
        What an awesome donation that will be. It is nice to see there are people out there who, at Christmas, think about blessing others less fortunate. I think my kids have too many toys to begin with and would like to think that my first thought would be to do as you did and buy to donate. I feel myself get caught up in the whole retail hysteria but reading posts like yours brings me back to the real reason for Christmas.
        Thanks for being an inspiration to me today.

        • Katie says

          I agree, it was a beautiful, self-less thing to do and she can know on Christmas Morning that some where some kid will get something they weren’t expecting!! What a beautiful thing, that made me smile!!

        • DEBBIE AUEN says

          Your very welcome my dear……I have grandsons whom have more then they know what to do with and to some kids maybe to have something nice that they can take care of and love and call their own is that little boost they need…..I collect a few things and I live in a really small town,so I kinda have a clue who could really benefit(and I like it to be someone who is really trying and just cant seem to make ends meet) and Christmas Eve. I drop gifts on porches without being seen at all……so they can wake up to a SUPRISE!!!!! We are not rich people,I lost my job 3 years ago when my company closed….my hubs makes an average wage and most of our stuff is used and our house is 854 square feet….I didnt share this to be praised,just to share and was suprised at the really rude comments I got on another website……but I refuse to let it get me down……Blessings and Merry Christmas!

      • DEBBIE AUEN says

        Thank you Katie and Carrie……I hope a really special little girl recieves and loves her…..Their was a place and a time in our past that we would have been speechless for an act of kindness from a stranger and really could have used it….as we are high school sweethearts and had all 3 of our now grown children before we were 22 and know what its like to go without …..Andrea….sorry you missed out it sounds like( OF COURSE THEIR WERE PEOPLE TRYING TO GET THEM FOR THEIR OWN KIDLETS) no need to state the OBVIOIUS! The deal was posted for a few hours…..sorry you didnt get uo in time and missed out :(

        • says

          Debbie – I was ungracious earlier. I was disappointed – having had an AG Doll myself growing up and knowing how my parents scrimped and saved to afford Kirsten and her outfits for me one year, I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to buy Marie-Grace for my own Grace this year. I did not mean to take away from your deed – many of us give, not only at Christmas, but remember that need knows no season, and you sound like one of those people. We givers keep the world going round. I am positive the little girl that receives the dolly you are donating this year will have a Christmas to remember…and her parents will too, trust me. It’s fun to give with anonymity – I’d rather not be recognized for the hordes of shopping bags full of food, school supplies, clothing, etc I donate on a regular basis to Love Inc.

          I was just disappointed, as this was a once in a lifetime sale. That being said…I AM curious as to how many of the dolls that were ordered today will show up on Ebay next week with people trying to take advantage of others and make a quick buck. I’d like to believe in the goodness of people, and while there are many who ARE kind, there are just as many who are not. :( From what I was seeing on other sites as well as this one, it seems as if a few people were buying for the sake of “It’s a great deal” – akin to the whole, “I’m going to clear the shelf because I’m donating it all to charity!” Again, I apologize – I typed the note pre-coffee. Publicly eating your words is never fun. 😉

          • DEBBIE AUEN says

            I forgive you and apologize to MSM(you can delete this from your page) I hate to see a forum that does such good work get people acting rediculous on them…..I understand your frustration not getting a doll….after having one yourself.I was raised in a home with a single mom with 8 kids no car,public projects at one time was home,gone without food several meals a doll was only dreamed of…I am not telling you this for sympathy or to make you feel bad…..but this is why I do small things when I can(annonomous here)we cant always assume everyone is out to do the worst or make a buck…..There are people doing good works in this world and (I dont think we deserve rude remarks from someone acting spoiled because they didnt get their way or a material item)I refuse to believe that everyone has an ulterior motive,I will continue to do any small thing I can even if it doesnt make any difference,because that is what are calling is and that is the real reason for the season!I apprerciate you being big enough to apologize and wish you a very Merry~Christmas and Blessings to you and your family!!!!!

    • Ginger says

      I think it’s wonderful and generous that you chose to purchase this doll to donate to a little girl who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to enjoy an AG doll.

  4. Ann Marie says

    So glad I stumbled upon this offer. Both of my daughters love AG and Marie Grace and Cecile have been on their wish lists since they came out! I don’t mind paying a little more because they are excellent quality and my girls take very good care of things so I’m sure eventually they will get stored away and passed on to their daughters. The site was running VERY slowly and it took a little searching to make sure I chose the right doll option for the special but I was able to order both dolls at 10:20 am Eastern. The canopy bed was already sold out.

  5. Trish says

    Being a frugal person I always thought it was a ridiculous price for a doll, however both my girls received one from “Santa” when they were 8. They LOVE them! Very well made and my girls play with them constantly. My younger one plays school with hers almost everyday, and she loves to read the American Girl books. This is an extremely good deal as they never discount their dolls. They occasionally will discount the movies to $5 which is a good deal and they are good wholesome movies for girls to watch.

  6. Katie says

    YAY!! Great, great deal!! Thanks for sharing, these are the ONLY dolls I buy my daughters and at $50 it’s like a steal! Thanks, I am so excited!!

  7. cathy says

    I think of an AG doll as an investment toy :-) It is actually a toy that your daughter will be able to give to her daughter and maybe even on after that. They are so well made that they can be passed as handmedowns to younger children or to the next generation.

  8. Melissa says

    Awesome deal! I was able to snag one of each. My daughter gets the catalogue and has been asking for 2 years now. One from Santa and the other one will be for her 7th birthday in January.

  9. New MOM to 3 says

    I just got my confirmation 3 hours later. I have 3 boys but I am still hopeful and I take this as a sign to hold on.

    • Diane says

      My son asked for one years ago – a friend of his had several. He now is a teenager and still has his 2 from years ago. I think I loved them as much as he did!

  10. Angie Evans says

    Thanks for posting this deal! I will be the Aunt of the Year when my niece opens this doll at Christmas. Thanks!

  11. marie says

    I am so glad I saw this post. I wasn’t able to get it online but happened to be at mall of America and they honored it!!! I was able to tell another customer and she was blessed!

  12. nicole deitrick says

    thanks so much for posting this MSM! I ordered a doll & canopy bed for my almost 5 year old as well as a doll for a friend’s daughter(she was in a meeting for work & couldn’t order it herself)

  13. Elaine says

    I’m confused about whether or not this deal is sold out? When my order went through, it said sold out, but then I got a confirmation e-mail several hours later. Maybe they don’t want you buying any more once you’ve brought one?

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