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Download the Funnix Beginning Reading Program for free ($38 value)!


Download the Funnix Reading Program for free. [2]  Here’s some info on this program from their site:

The free version of Funnix Beginning Readingis downloadable. You fill out a form. Then, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the entire 220 lessons onto your computer. You will receive everything you need to teach the program, including daily workbook activities and guides to help utilize the program effectively.

When you teach Funnix Beginning Reading, [3] you and your child sit next to each other and watch the computer screen. A narrator presents a series of fast-paced exercises in each 30-minute lesson. The narrator asks questions, and your child responds out loud. Your job is to reinforce correct responses and correct any mistakes by following simple rules for “navigating” through the program.