$5 off $25 purchase — hurry!

Amazon is offering a $5 off $25 purchase coupon. If you’re planning to make a purchase from Amazon by December 9, 2012, you’ll want to hurry and go get this hot coupon.

I’m guessing it won’t last long at all!

Thanks, Capitally Frugal!

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  1. Jaclyn says

    I JUST placed an Amazon order about 5 minutes before I saw this. So, I cancelled my order and reordered- the credit showed up! God continues to prove how faithful He is in providing for our little family on a tight budget! (I was ordering a gift for a friend who just found out she has MS and also a Whoopie Pie pan so I can more easily make homemade egg sandwiches for my husband!)

  2. Michele says

    I have an order almost ready to be placed, so I was excited. … until I saw all of the info. that the amazon facebook app. collects. Um… access to my facebook photos & acct. when I’m not online. That’s not worth $5 to me. Really Amazon??

      • Michele says

        Not all apps are as invasive as that one. I have signed up for deals previously, but in my opinion, this one crosses the line.

    • Deb says

      Sign up for the app, make your order, then go on FB and take off the app. I do this all the time, I think it is under privacy settings. I have all my settings on the most private ones possible, not that FB is private, but you do what you can.

    • Laura says

      I”m with you Michele – not GIVING anyone access to my photos and info like that (and friends info!)… maybe I need to set up a phony fb for stuff like this but for now – not worth $5 to me… will wait for another way….

      • Becky says

        I do the same thing. I have an email address and FB page that I use only for coupons and offers such as this one. I have no friends on that FB page so I don’t worry about anyone being annoyed by posts from an app like this. I never even look at the page.

        Thanks Crystal for another money saver!! I was just waiting for my Swagbucks Amazon cards to arrive. They showed up today, so I was able to apply them and the $5 credit to my planned Christmas purchases. Yay!

    • private mama says

      I totally agree — I immediately clicked away from this when I saw they wanted access even when I am not on line. WHATEVERFOR?!?! While I would love the $5 off coupon, I am not willing to sell my soul (okay, my friend’s data as well as my own) for that.

      And I’ve tried to unlike/delete a company but couldn’t do it. Maybe I was just doing it wrong or you can’t unlike but you can delete, I dont know. In any case, I’ve simply not accepted any apps that asks for info even if it means I miss out on a bunch of coupons.

  3. Jess says

    Thanks! I was able to qualify for free shipping and I used swagbucks gift cards for the rest! Free gifts for my baby! YAY!

  4. Jessica says

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! So much! had 4 things sitting in my cart for about 3 days now.. this brought my total down to $20 and free shipping!
    thank you for always blessing us with these deals!

  5. Kami says

    It worked on diapers too!! I placed a new “subscribe & save” order for Luvs and it took the $5 off in addition to the 20% off for being an Amazon Mom. Plus there was a $1 off coupon for Luvs, making my box of size 4 diapers .11 each!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  6. Lynn says

    For whatever reason, it will not allow me to use it and still receive free super saver shipping? It shows the $5 being taken off, but not the shipping even though all three items qualify and the order even after $5 off is still over $25?

  7. Mary says

    I never received any credit. Some readers were commenting that is only for items sold and shipped by Amazon. My cloth diaper wet bag has started to leak so I was about to order a new one, but there aren’t any sold and shipped by amazon.

  8. Blaire says

    This was so perfectly timed. I already had 2 items in my cart, for a few days actually, waiting to purchase for Christmas presents for family who live across the country. Just hadn’t gotten around to actually doing the checkout process. My total was just over $30, so I was able to get the $5 off. And through your post about shop runner, I could ship them by UPS for free. They will arrive tomorrow at my family member’s door! Huge savings! Thanks!

    • Catherine says

      I got the $5 credit, but couldn’t use it because it was only on items Amazon sells & ships. So I thought if I searched for just those items, maybe I could find something that was on my list of gifts to buy. Unfortunately, Amazon makes it near impossible to search for items. It would be great if they offered a way to search for those items, or to have items show up in a format from least to most expensive, or sellers in US vs abroad, etc. I plan to delete this app today from my fb account… have been very leery of all the posts from fb friends who have “claimed offers”. Too invasive if you ask me.

  9. says

    Hmmmm. Mine isn’t showing up at all and I’m trying to place an order. My item IS sold by Amazon, so that’s not the problem. Anybody else have this problem and get it figured out?

  10. Elizabeth says

    The $5 promo came through easy as pie. Combined with a sale price, the promo code, and free shipping, I got a $112 cast iron pot for $37 in swagbucks gift cards. Woohoo!

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