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48-Hour Giveaway: Financial Peace University (25 Winners)

Posted By Crystal Paine On December 4, 2012 @ 1:29 pm In Giveaways,LITE Feed (non-deal) Posts | Comments Disabled


If you’ve read this blog for even a short while, you probably know that I’m a Dave Ramsey fan [2]. Truth be told, my husband was a fan first and he tried for months to get me to listen to “this Dave guy”, as I called him. :)

Here’s what I wrote almost three years ago about how Dave Ramsey changed our lives:

During the last year of law school, we discovered this guy named Dave Ramsey [3]. Jesse started listening to his radio show and kept coming to me all pumped about what he was learning.

I really wasn’t too excited. After all, I stubbornly thought, weren’t we pretty smart when it came to finances? Did we really need some guru with a radio show to tell us what to do? I mean, c’mon, we were debt-free, we were living on a budget, we were living beneath our means, and we were giving–even on a very small budget. What more could some guy on the radio really teach us about money?

I stalled and made up excuses. But Jesse persisted in encouraging me to listen to Dave Ramsey. So I finally gave in and said I’d go through Financial Peace University [1] with him. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything. And maybe, I’d learn something new.

Boy, was I ever stubborn and proud.

After the first week of Financial Peace University [1], I understood why Jesse was excited about this guy! Dave really knew his stuff, he thought a lot like us, and he was a great communicator. And believe it or not, I was getting a little hooked.

As we went through the next 13 weeks of classes, I learned all sorts of stuff I realized I had no clue about when it came to finances. Things like the various pros and cons of different kinds of insurance, what exactly mutual funds are, and how to wisely prepare for retirement.

But more than the typical financial terminology, I had a complete paradigm shift when it came to money.

I’d always thought it was great to live beneath your means and it was good to give generously, but I’d never really thought extremely long-term concerning money. Nor, had I ever had a strong reason for practicing frugality other than that we had to—or else get ourselves buried beneath loads of debt.

Dave Ramsey gave us a vision. He inspired us to think big, plan ahead, and dream big dreams. Most of all, we were motivated to get our family in the best financial shape possible so that we could bless and help others by being generous givers.

When we were finished with Financial Peace University, we sat down and made some big goals. In fact, the goals were so big, they seemed impossible to us at the time. But we decided to aim for the stars. After all, we figured that even if we didn’t hit them, we’d likely make more traction than if we hadn’t aimed at all!

One of the seemingly-impossible goals we made at that time was to buy a house debt-free within five years of finishing law school. It felt so far-fetched that we didn’t even have the courage to tell anyone else about it. However, we thought that if we really scrimped and saved, we might be able to squeeze out enough extra from our budget to buy a small, very basic fixer-upper home at an incredible deal within five years.

With Dave’s inspiration and the blessing of God, we went on to pay cash for our first house [4] — in half the time we thought it would take! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dave for how he challenged us and motivated us to dream big dreams, set audacious goals, and work with gazelle-like intensity toward them. [1]

And that’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this giveaway today for 25 Financial Peace University memberships [1]. This recently re-done program (it’s now only nine weeks, instead of 13 weeks) has changed and is changing hundreds of thousands of lives around the country — and the world.

Dave walks you through all the basics you need to know to pay off debt, get on a budget, get on the same page financially with your spouse, save for college and retirement, invest your money wisely, and be in a place to give generously. He makes it fun, engaging, and doable. While the investment of $89 for the membership [1] might seem expensive, I promise it is worth every penny — and then some.

Your Financial Peace University membership [1] gives you free lifetime access to any FPU 9-week class, plus the following items:

  • Member Workbook
    Bring this to class each week. This workbook is packed with good stuff and will soon become a close companion.
  • Envelope System
    This is Dave’s easy-to-use cash management system. Put money in. Take money out. Stay on budget!
  • Complete Guide to Money
    This book will track along with your workbook. You’ll read a little each week and learn a lot.
  • Audio CDs & Case
    Listen to Dave’s teaching over and over as you take the class and after!
  • Budget Forms Folder
    Wait! Don’t let the B-word scare you! This folder will give you a place to file away your forms.
  • Progress Poster
    Post this on your fridge or on your closet door as a fun reminder of where you are and where you need to go!
  • Free Lesson Tickets
    Pass these tickets to anyone you feel could benefit from FPU.
  • Access to FPU Central
    Sign in to FPU Central using your member ID to access powerful tools and resources plus two bonus lessons!

I can say without any hesitation that we wouldn’t be in the financial position we are today if it wasn’t for the things we’ve gleaned from Dave Ramsey. The principles he teaches really work — we’re living proof of that!

Would you like to win a free membership to Financial Peace University [1]? Just click on the graphic below, type in your name and email address. 25 winners will be chosen and posted next Monday. This giveaway ends Thursday, December 6, at 11:59 pm, CST.

Enter the Giveaway [5]

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