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Today’s the last day to get a copy of my brand-new Christmas ebook for just $0.99!


Crystal’s ebook [2]made me instantly relax about the upcoming holiday season. I now have a game plan for dealing with everything from decorations to our Christmas budget, and even my kid’s attitude, all without becoming overwhelmed. Brimming with practical information, this book lays out actionable steps so you can actually implement all that is learned.  Thanks to Crystal, I feel ready to make this Christmas one of our best yet! –Stacy

Have you purchased a copy of my brand-new Christmas ebook [1] yet? If not, today’s the last day to get it for just $0.99. After today, the price goes up to $3.99, so you’ll want to be sure and get in on this deal today!

What This Ebook Covers

Celebrating & Savoring A Simple Christmas [1] covers everything from setting up and sticking with a Christmas budget, inexpensive gift ideas, Christmas craft ideas, teaching your children the beauty of selfless giving, a list of our favorite Christmas music albums, free Advent resources and printables, ideas for freezer cooking for the holidays, ways to make sure your spouse is not overlooked during the busy Christmas season, and many ideas of how to simplify and stay organized during December.

Yes, It Even Talks About Christmas Decor

Believe it or not, there are also lots of Christmas decor ideas in Celebrating & Savoring A Simple Christmas [1]. Since I’m a little lacking in the art and creativity department, I was blessed to have Katy Macias, a woman who is much more gifted in the craft and decor realm than I am, help me with the crafts and decor sections of the ebook. I think you’ll love her ideas!

Did I Mention There Were Printables?

You know what one of my favorite things about this ebook is? The gorgeous gift tag, Christmas budget worksheet, and Christmas gift list printables you’ll get when you purchase it. There’s a link to the printable download page at the back of the ebook.

So don’t delay, go purchase your copy while it’s just $0.99 today! [1]