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Educational Election Day Freebies for Kids

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The elections are a fantastic way to teach your children about politics, differing world views, and the electoral process. Our girls have watched all of the debates with us and we’ve had some great discussions on the issues presented afterward. I love how they are both learning to analyze and think for themselves, as a part of this.

Both girls really excited about watching the election returns tonight, so I dug up some educational election resources and freebies for kids:

Election Day Freebies from Apples for the Teacher [3] — Coloring pages, word searches, crafts for kids, and more.

National Student Mock Election [4] — Teach them about the election process by having them vote in the National Student Mock Election.

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids [5] — An explanation of the election process for Federal officials.

Tracking the Electoral Votes [6] — Daze of Adventure has printable pages your children can color to keep track of who wins which state. In addition, she has free printable pages for your children to tally up the Electoral votes as they come in.

Path to the President Educational Ideas [7] — A long list of links, resources, and ideas for helping your children understand the electoral process and path to the presidency.

Thanks, Saving Dollars and Sense [8]!