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Avodah Coffee: Free shipping through Monday (November 26, 2012)!


I just found out that my new favorite coffee company [2] is running free shipping through Monday night (November 26, 2012) when you use coupon code FREE at checkout!

If you’ve not heard of Avodah Coffee [2], let me be the first to introduce you. Here’s their intro from their About Page [1]:


It’s more than a groovy name.

The word Avodah is Hebrew, and describes action that is simultaneously work, worship and service. It means that the work we do is more than a job – that bringing the awesome to our customers is about serving you, the farmers who grow the coffee, and those who benefit from the organizations we support [3]. All this combines under a lifestyle of Avodah, through which all we do becomes an offering.  When you see Avodah, you know you’re getting great coffee with a great purpose.

I bought some Avodah coffee awhile back because I had some extra money left in my “blow” budget and loved the mission of this family’s company and wanted to support them in it. Truth be told, since I’m kind of fussy about coffee, I didn’t expect that Avodah coffee would really hold a candle to my beloved Breakfast Blend or Pike Roast from Starbucks.

But the coffee came and I discovered that Starbucks has found its rival. The Mocha Java coffee [4] is absolutely fantastic — especially freshly-ground and made in a French Press! In fact, I just took advantage of their free shipping special to buy five more bags of coffee so that we’re stocked up for awhile. :)

In addition to the Mocha Java, we enjoyed the Pumpkin Space and the Java coffees [2] best, of the others I ordered. And they just added Ultimate Chocolate to their line-up, so of course I had to buy some of that tonight to try, too. 😉

If you’d like to try some Avodah coffee and you aren’t sure which kind to go with, they have a Sample Pack you can purchase [5] that allows you to try five different kinds! And don’t forget to use coupon code FREE to get free shipping!