A disciplined life is dependent solely upon you…

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  1. D'Net Layton says

    It is true that a disciplined life is based solely on our daily choices. I would like to add, though, that I firmly believe that weaknesses are God-given, and looked at in a certain way, they are great blessings. They allow us to receive God’s love and grace in a very personal way. As we turn to God and recognize the problem, it is through Him that we find the solution within us. Personally, it is a daunting task to see all of the “you” phrases, but suddenly it becomes possible with “you, through the power and love of God.”

    I know not everyone shares the same belief systems, and I know you’d be the first one to tell people to turn to the Lord first for help and solutions. Just helped me to write that and remind myself of it on a not-so-easy day.

    Thanks for all of you encouragement and example. You have truly changed my life for the better!