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4 Weeks to a More Organized Home {Simplified}: Day 4 Update


If you missed this morning’s assignment, you can find it here [2].


Today’s To Do List. Yes, it’s very similar to yesterday’s list [4]. It seems like my weekdays often are very similar at this point in my life, especially now that I’m homeschooling all three children — which takes up a good chunk of each day.

I love the rhythm and hum of my life right now. Each day is filled with the people and things I love the most… my family, homeschooling, writing, running, reading with my children, learning together as a family in the evenings (we do some of our homeschooling in the evenings when Jesse is home as he loves to be apart of it!), and getting to share things I’m passionate about online and via radio.


Bathroom, pre-cleaning.

By the way, don’t get white hand towels in the bathroom — even if it’s the master bathroom. Just trust me on this. It’s not a smart idea.

{By the way, if you have any brilliant ideas for keeping white hand towels looking fresh and white without resorting to bleaching them every time they are washed, I’m all ears!}


Mommy’s little helper.


Bathroom, post-cleaning. I love me a shiny sink… actually, make that two shiny sinks! :)


I dug under all the couches and beds and this is my loot. It’s actually nothing near as bad as last time [9].

But after last time’s shriveled up carrot [9] and this time’s apple and a very shriveled up pear, I need to investigate who is hiding the remnants of their lunch underneath the couch when I’m not looking. :)

How you do on Day 4? I’d love to have you share your progress and success with us so we can be inspired. Either post a link to your blog post below or leave a comment with your update.