Reader tip: Making Jingit Simple

Here’s a great tip on Jingit from Victoria who blogs at Snail Pace Transformations

I joined Jingit after you featured it in your 31 Days to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas series. At first, I found it difficult to view the videos more than once to maximize my earnings. I would click and past the URL’s to my browser like you suggested and found most would not work.

Then Jingit sent me a “New Earning Opportunities” e-mail, and after I clicked through to earn, I then saved the e-mail and have used it every day since to click through to the videos and earn. No pasting needed.

Now I am LOVING Jingit! -Victoria from Snail Pace Transformations

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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    • says

      If I am remembering right, I did not give them my email, the email was sent to the box that works with my personal facebook page, same one I used to sign up. You could click around the site and see if there is a place to enter e-mail though because I have tried so many new programs lately I might be mixing it up. However, I do know it took about 2 weeks before I received my first email from them.

  1. Amy says

    i literally just signed up 15 minutes ago and was trying to figure it all out! this is helpful!! thank you! i’m already at 1.50 for just linking through crystal’s past posts plus what they offered me to watch when i signed up. love this!

  2. Katie says

    With Jingit what do they use a text enabled phone for? Do they constantly send you texts? Also, Can you use a facebook acct. that isn’t your real name – (I have one just for deals and special coupons?) Is that allowed? I would love to do Jingit but those two things are holding me back. Any thoughts?

    • Emily says

      I don’t know about the Facebook account, but they do not send you texts. You will get 1 for set – up and that’s all I’ve received.

    • Stefj says

      Same here, i have not gotten any texts since the first one to verify. Its been almost 2 weeks for me on jingit and not any more texts. I finally got my card yesterday oct 22. I signed up on oct 10.

  3. Laura says

    I wish I was having your success! I got the same e-mail but none of them would play for me I sent them an e-mail telling them such. They said they got the connection fixed, but yesterday I tried playing them again and all the ones in Crystal’s post and NONE would play! :( Not quite sure what to do next!

  4. Courtney says

    Is there anyway to do this without going through facebook? Like Katie, I have a dummy account but that doesn’t always work with payouts.

  5. Emily says

    I don’t know if a dummy account will work if it’s not your real name because you have you request a Visa Debit card for your earnings and your name on your account probably have to match?

  6. jamie Serna says

    The dummy facebook accounts do work. Just make sure when you get your debit card from jingit you use your real name.

    • Elizabeth H. says

      Isn’t it against Facebook policy to have an account that is not under your real name? I think if they find out they will disable it. Not positive on that though.

  7. Kim says

    I have better luck doing Jingit if I wait until mid afternoon or later in the day than in the morning. I’ve been successful with the Smores & Elmer’s videos each three times a day (at least 2 hours apart) & the others posted on Money Saving Mom once a day. Here’s the Smores link that’s been working for me three times a day:

    • Pamela says

      @ Jill – thank you for posting a link and I was able to earn some on my computer since I could not earn on my smartphone! I will save this link and continue to check on the updates to earn some! Thanks!

    • Meagan says

      I bookmarked that page and it works wonderfully for me! I’ve been jinging-it for 2 weeks now and have made $20!

  8. Lee says

    Freebies4mom has been updating the links everyday. I just bookmarked her site and click through them everyday.