Reader tip: I earned $20 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks in the last week!

Here’s an email I received from Chelsea who blogs at Stay-At-HomeMade Mom about her recent success with Swagbucks:

Just wanted to let you know that I had signed up under you for Swagbucks two years ago, but I stopped using the site due to my frustrations with the usability of the program. After your post on making money for Christmas, I decided to give it another try.

I was surprised to learn that since I last used the site, changes have been made. It’s much more user-friendly, and there are more ways to earn. I’ve earned $20 in Amazon gift cards in the last week!

On top of that, one of the Swagbucks offers I took advantage of was applying for a Wal-Mart panel (60 Swagbucks if you qualified, 3 Swagbucks if you didn’t.) Much to my surprise, I qualified for the panel — which earned me an additional $5 Walmart gift card. Now, I have the opportunity to provide monthly feedback for Walmart in exchange for a $10 gift card, plus additional offers that come available.

I’m pretty sure that getting back into Swagbucks is really going to help our Christmas budget. Thanks for the friendly reminder! -Chelsea

Looking for ways to earn more Swagbucks? Be sure to read how to earn 400 Swagbucks by signing up for Credit Sesame, how to earn 43 Swagbucks by signing up for Flixster, and how to earn 60 Swagbucks by downloading the app. Plus, check out my series on 15 Ways to Earn More Swagbucks here.

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  1. Ilyssa says

    I did the same thing. Signed up for Swagbucks long ago, but started really using it when I read your original post. I’ve earned $15 so far this month (and I’m almost to my next $5 Amazon gift card). I am in LOVE with your 31 Days To Earn Money before Christmas series!

  2. says

    I, too, signed up for swagbucks a long time ago but hadn’t used it in quite some time. After your Christmas money posts, I started back up again. I haven’t made near that much but I am surprised at how quickly I am racking up the points.

    • says

      The Walmart Panel opportunity came via one of the Swagbucks messages (I usually get one to two messages from them a day). Through that little envelope at the top of your homepage that shows a red number with the messages you have? It’s not available anymore, unfortunately, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer it again.

      Also- I didn’t know it was a Wal Mart panel until after I was accepted- although I kind of thought it might be when the survey started asking me how often I shopped at Wal Mart and Sam’s Club. I think they referred to the panel by Spark Space in the message.

  3. Rebecca says

    I’m curious to know how you earned so many points in such a little time. I only seem to earn a few points each day, so it takes me at least a month to earn a $5 gift card :(

    • says

      Crystal is right, I’m always on the lookout on her page for big-earnings opportunities. I also signed up for a free 1 month trial of Netflix which was 1,300 swag bucks- a huge chunk of my earnings. I cancelled that after 1 week so I wouldn’t forget to cancel and/or be charged.

      I also just make sure to do the daily search and polls. Occasionally, I watch some videos, but my computer is usually too slow to mess with the hassle of loading and playing. If it encourages you at all- I don’t have any referrals. And I usually just check the special offers once a day to see if something seems worth the time. If a company is offering something for 400 swagbucks or more, and they have good ratings on the BBB, I usually sign up for the offer figuring it’s worth 5 bucks to do so. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the offer, and that you mark on your calendar any trial offers you need to cancel.

    • Lee says

      I signed up for the netflix trial, it earned me enough for 2+ cards. I earn the daily goal each day(or at least try to since you can earn bonus points from it). Most of my points come from surveys. I don’t spend a ton of time doing it either, I try not to spend over an hour or up to 90 min. I make $25 a month in Amazon cards plus a little extra to cash in towards a bigger card every few months.

  4. says

    Love Swagbucks too! But I am earning much more slowly than $20/wk :-p

    Wondered where you found the opportunity to apply for the Walmart Panel?


    • says

      It was a Swagbucks e-mail offer, and if I remember correctly, it was called “Spark Space Panel.” It’s not available anymore- but keep your eye on those emails for future opportunities!

  5. Sarah says

    I’m also earning very slowly. I just tried taking a survey and after 5 minutes of checking boxes, assuming I had qualified and was actually taking the survey, I was told I hadn’t qualified and was only given 1 swag buck! It was such a waste of time that I’m hesitant to do any more surveys.

    • andrea C says

      I don’t have ANY luck with the surveys. I used to try all the time, and have spent 20 min on the same survey only to find out I don’t qualify :(

  6. jerilyn says

    I’ve used swagbucks on and off for almost 4 years… I think I’ve earned $65 dollars in gift cards. How can i get more without spending all day on the computer? or giving away my personal information/signing up for things I don’t need?

  7. CJ says

    I’ve been using Swagbucks regularly for a couple years. I dont seem to earn as much as others do but I redeem my points for Pay Pal cash, usually $150 a year or so. I search for all of my favorite coupon blogs including MSM every day so it’s easy to win searches and do other activities on the site.

    • Jaclyn says

      I would love some tips, too… I only get about $5 a month- which is nice, but I would love to (obviously) get more. And without staying on the computer all day.

      One thing I have done is use the coupon feature. If I see a coupon deal (like Crystal posts) I will go look on Swagbucks for the coupon. It is powered by If you print through your Swagbucks account you can earn 10 Swagbucks per coupon redeemed (used at the store). It’s not much, but every little helps!

  8. Jamie says

    I earn approximately $5 per week in Amazon gift cards with Swagbucks. What I would recommend for those wanting to ear more is always check your Swagbucks homepage. Sometimes there are short videos to watch to earn more. Also do the daily poll and NOSO every single day. That will give you 3 extra swagbucks a day. Check your Swagbucks e-mail as there is frequently a way to earn another 3 Swagbucks per day plus more sometimes. Then, I try to do some surveys. You get one swagbuck for every survey you’re disqualified for up to 5 per day. But, sometimes you qualify for them and they don’t take much time. I only do the ones that are around 15 minutes or less. I’ve earned 100 Swagbucks before for a 2 minute survey. You can also do some of the special offers, but I generally only do the ones where I don’t have to sign up for anything. I don’t need more spam e-mail. These tips should earn you about $5 per week at least with only a few minutes per day.

  9. says

    I have used Swagbucks for years and I love it! What I do is set my homepage to Swagbucks and then instead of typing in the website I want to go to I put it in the search box instead. It is a very easy way to get free Amazon gift cards with very little effort. I also utilize their referral program to increase my Swagbucks.

  10. Alison says

    What is a good amount to earn each month with no referrels? I have been earning $25 to $75 dollars each month by doing surveys searching and other things on swagbucks. Is this good? I have been doing swagbucks for a long time and I think it is worth it.

  11. Kim says

    Has anyone tried the samples on Swagbucks? If so, what was your experience? I’ve been hesitant to sign up for them. Thanks!

  12. Mandy says

    I’ve already earned the max of $25 in Amazon giftcards already for the month! It’s exciting to see what a little time, that I would’ve been spending doing nothing anyway, can earn me!

    • Lee says

      me too! I am trying to save towards next months cards and a $25 amazon card. I am trying to get enough to get a kindle fire for me for personal and homeschooling use. I have been a member for over 2 years, not always as active, but have made over $300 dollars.

  13. Kim says

    I read somewhere that you can earn more search swagbucks by logging out & logging in several times a day. I do this when on the computer for extended periods of time & “seem” to earn more search swagbucks. I’ve averaged 10 swagbucks per month over the last 6 months. I just got my first gift card & it’s a $50 gift card. This required fewer swagbucks than 10 $5 gift cards would have required.

    Thanks for doing this 31 Days to Earn Money Before Christmas!! What a blessing!!

  14. Becky says

    I love Swagbucks. I think Swagbucks has improved since I started a couple years ago. I do the 10-20 Swagbuck special offer stuff. If you use another junk email for that, it helps to not clutter your regular email. Then just check it now and then to see if there’s anything you need to “confirm” to get your Swagbucks. Doing the Daily Poll, NOSO, searching for any website you go to, and then doing Special Offers here and there will get you going. Referrals is the very best though, b/c you do all of the above, plus get your referrals Swagbucks. It really helps things move along!!

    • Wendy says

      That’s why I deleted my swags bucks account. When it says “What do top earners have in common—they let their referrals do all the work” then it goes on to tell you how you can get people to sign up under you–I figure it’s not worth all the time a non blogger with no referrals would put into it. It would mean spending a lot of time on the computer to earn pennies. No thanks.

      • says

        You should definitely try Swagbucks again! There are many, many people who are earning multiple gift cards each month with just a few minutes’ worth of work each day and no referrals! Referrals help, but they are not at all necessary, as many of my readers here are testifying to! :)

  15. Michelle says

    I actually have an e-mail account just for Swagbucks. Any opportunities to just sign up for a newsletter, I just put that one in. (You can get one on gmail for free.) I find it really easy to sign up for some of the specials that just require an e-mail address, but that way I don’t have my regular e-mail bombarded with the spam.

    As a side note, if you find a video on the homepage (usually they’re 1-2 Swagbucks), watch the video and then refresh the page. Sometimes it pops back up, and those are quick Swagbucks.

    • CJ says

      I do Swagbucks every day, somedays for 12 hours at a time since I have access to it at my desk at work and can do it in between calls. On my days off I have to use wi-fi at the library so cant stay on as long. I earn around 100 SB a day which doesnt seem to add up as fast as what other people get but I cash it in for around $200 Pay Pal a year. I dont have any referrals and I dont play the games, tasks, or do any Special Offers that require credit cards or giving too much personal info. But I do all the surveys and videos I can, I get the codes when I know there are active ones, I win 2-3 searches every day, and print and use several coupons a month. I recently started trying the Peanut Labs surveys, many of which give 1SB just for trying them, and the Lab 42 and Daily Survey in Trial Pay. The Swagbucks Facebook page is a great source for SB info – people post which Special Offers are working well, where to find codes, which surveys are good, when searches seem to be working the best, etc.

  16. Emily says

    I also love swagbucks. I do not have referrals but average $75 a month. Daily Polls, NOSO, home page videos, surveys, mobile tv. SBTV games and searches. I also check the Swag Buck facebook page to look what others have posted that I may have missed. Surveys is where I tend to make the most points. You just got to keep trying.

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