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Reader tip: Earn gift cards with Crowdtap

Here’s another way to earn free gift cards, submitted by reader Ilyssa:

I had an idea to offer for your 31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas series. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with, or have joined, Crowdtap yet. It’s a newer website that allows you to complete actions (very unique actions) to earn points. Your points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. I’ve only been a member for 5 months and I’ve already earned $75 in Amazon gift cards.

The actions are pretty fun actually. First, you can answer “Quick Hits” that are quick questions like, “What is your favorite fall accessory?” The Quick Hits range in point value from 10-50 points each. They also give you challenges which are worth 1,000 points to 40,000 points.

Recently, I’ve been challenged to make an AT&T themed pumpkin (1,000 points), have an Old Navy party where Crowdtap provided me with free coupons for 4 cardigans, skirts, and scarves (10,000 points), tweet about Woolite (1,000 points), share things on my Facebook wall (800 points) and the list goes on.

The Old Navy party has been my favorite action so far. I got to invite 3 friends to shop with me at Old Navy. Crowdtap provided us each with a coupon for a cardigan, skirt and scarf. We took tons of pictures and truly had a wonderful time.

I’ve had a great time on the site. I find the creative challenges fun and interesting. It’s really easy to join. And you can earn gift cards quick. A $10 Amazon gift card is only 20,000 points.

If you haven’t joined yet, it’s totally worth your time. Here’s my referral link, if you’re interested. They give 100 points for each person you refer. -Ilyssa

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  1. Rae says

    Just to put this in perspective, 1,000 points is only $.50. I passed up that pumpkin challenge as I thought it was nowhere near worth it. Also, a little over a week ago, webshares changed to 100 points (a measly $.05) so people should not expect to get that much money that quickly anymore. And Old Navy usually only is available for female 25-35. I’m not sure if that is the actual cutoff but I only see people those ages in the Sample Shares. So it is something to consider if you are not in that demographic. Redeeming your points is also a hassle now as well. They are only available one day of the month (12pm and 8pm that day) and sell out within 2 minutes. Getting there right on the dot doesn’t guarantee you one either because many people get the “tapped out” error and are unable to order the giftcards. Considering you already did the work to earn these giftcards, these new changes to the redemption are ridiculous. I used to love them (and still love the Old Navy parties and shares) but do not recommend the site anymore.

  2. Elisha says

    Crowdtap is an awesome site. I’ve done a few sample and shares through Old Navy. I would recommend joining this site. I do need a few people who would be willing to click on my webshares via Facebook : ) I would be willing to return the favor. With webshares on Crowdtap you generally get 1,000 points when 5 friends click on your webshare plus 25 points per view. This is a really easy way to earn points but I don’t really have any friends that click the links. My email is jayden11805@yahoo.com if anyone wants to become webshare partners.

    • Rae says

      you don’t get 1,000 points after the 5th view, you get 100 ($.05 worth). They used to be $1 bonus then went down to 800 points ($.40 worth) and now a little over a week ago, they lowered it to 100 points.

  3. Claudia says

    I haven’t had a good experience with CrowdTap at all. I agree with a previous poster that it is nearly impossible to cash out any of your points.
    I have applied for at least 10 Old Navy parties, but I haven’t ever heard back from them.
    I think the only people that are doing really well on CrowdTap are those that have a ton of referrals.

    • Stephanie says

      I do not mean this maliciously, but this reader tip from Ilyssa sounds like someone who just wants a lot of referrals.

  4. says

    I just signed up…then I read your comments.


    This is probably just like a similar website where if you did good deals, you could rack up points. At first, I was getting $10 amazon gift cards every month – now you can only get them every 30 days and it’s the same deal where they’re only available a few times a month and are gone within minutes.

  5. Dylan says

    I have been on Crowdtap for just about a year and its recent changes are quite unfortunate as mentioned in the other comments. It’s not nearly as good as it used to be and quite honestly with all the point reductions they’ve been doing its become a nuisance to earn points not worth the amount of time and effort it used to be. Keep in mind these changes were recent probably right after this month began its pretty unfortunate because it was one of my favorite legitimate surveying / hosting website. Yes, guys got to host too! Video game hosting and barbecue hosting as well.

  6. says

    I have been trying Crowdtap out for about the last 2 to 3 weeks. It seems easy to earn points but the commentors above are right it does seem like you need a whole lot to get the $10 gift card. I also noticed you need to enter a cell phone number to be eligible to cash in, and since i have a pay as you go cell, I am concerned about receiving unwanted texts. Can anyone tell me do they text a lot? I recently got invited to the selection process for a party, so I don’t know what I will think of that yet. With most of these companies I like to earn up to the first cash out, then evaluate whether I think it was worth my time or not. So far Swagbucks, Mypoints and Mysurvey have been the only ones that have been but I am also currently impressed by Bing, and trying Jingit.

    • Allie says

      I was interested in Jingit, too, but I noticed on their site that you have to have a mobile phone, and you mentioned you have a phone similar to mine (I have Tracfone, like a pay as you go plan). Or maybe I am wrong….can you still do Jingit if you don’t have a regular cell phone plan?

      • says

        I too have a Tracfone, and yes Jingit did require me to enter my cell phone number, I thought I would take a chance and see if they text message a lot so far just the first primary text message (but it has only been 2 days). I did notice somewhere in the sign up a tiny message that said once you are a full pledge member you can switch over your preference of communication t0 e-mails. At least I think that was Jingit. With this series I have tried out so many new ones I might have it confused! LOL (loving this series)

    • Elisha says

      I have only recieved 1 text from Crowdtap and that was when I added my cell phone number. I have been a member for a couple of years. I don’t have any referrals under my name. I have done a sample and share for Old Navy for winter outerwear (I got to pick a new winter coat), Old Navy Swimwear (a new swimsuit), and a dress from Old Navy. I haven’t been picked for a sample in share for Old Navy in a while though. When I did those sample and shares, I also recieved anywhere from 5000-25,000 points. I didn’t even notice that the webshare changed to 100 points : ( Thanks for bringing that to my attention Rae. I don’t think your going to get rich on Crowdtap but I have done pretty well. I cashed out 2 $10 Amazon Gift cards at the end of August and I’m almost at another $10 now. I visit the site maybe 1-2 times a week for about 5 minutes. I have tried Jingit, it sucks. I have been a Jingit member for about 2 weeks and have made 52 cents. There are never any new ads.

  7. Celia Husmann says

    I’ve been using Crowdtap, and it’s pretty ridiculous how many points you need to cash out. I agree with other posters, save your time. The original poster sounds like she just wanted referrals.

  8. Ladonna says

    I’ve earned quite a bit of money with Crowdtap. Like with most of these companies, you get what you put into it. It’s not a guarnateed big money maker for everyone, but I’ve found it to be fun and worth my time. Here’s my link: http://bit.ly/RPDcBE. (Thanks!)

    • says

      I am not a fan of crowdtap, either. Unless you want $$ off of a purchase then it’s not worth it. I haven’t been able to snag a Amazon gift certificate, yet. In fact, I just wrote a post about how I wasn’t singing their praises, anymore. I have a couple of favorites I might submit.

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