Do It Yourself: Homemade Deodorant shows you how to make homemade deodorant.

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  1. Rachel Emrath says

    It is unfortunate that none of these homemade recipes seem to work for my post baby odor! I’ve tried several and they don’t seem to be strong enough.

    • says

      I don’t miss that joy of new mommyhood! Increasing your magnesium intake should help with the mama funk. Magnesium deficiency is one cause of body odor, & the increase in mg will help balance your hormones again. You can use a good quality magnesium oil (or make it) or take detox baths with magnesium chloride flakes. A twenty minute bath with one cup of apple cider vinegar should help too.

      Hope that helps!

  2. says

    Yeah for homemade deodorant!! I’ve been making mine as well (the Crumby Hubby just can’t get behind the idea!) :)

    My only issue is that mine melted in the summer. Maybe this recipe would address that problem?

    Thanks so much for the ideas!!