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Lunchbox Freezer Cooking: Mini Lasagnas (Day 8)

Ever since I saw this recipe for Mini Lasagnas [1], I knew I had to try it.

It’s not the simplest or most inexpensive recipe out there, but it sure was fun to make. And it’s definitely a more unique portable lunch idea — especially great for those of you who have access to a microwave.

I added salt, pepper, parsley, and two eggs to the ricotta cheese. This is how I always make lasagna [2], so I thought it would make these a bit more flavorful than just using straight ricotta.

I also added canned tomatoes to the pasta sauce. I attempted to save myself from having to dirty up another bowl by pouring these two things in the empty ricotta container. But, as you can see, that idea didn’t go over so well… actually, I guess it did go over — over the side of the container, that is! 😉


[3] [4]

I thought these turned out beautifully and they tasted really delicious. I’m freezing them in airtight ziptop bags and am thinking I can just pull out however many I need at a time and let them thaw for a few hours before warming in the microwave.

You can find a Dairy-Free version of these Mini Lasagnas [5] over at Milk Allergy Mom.

Are you joining us for Lunchbox Freezer Cooking? If you’ve blogged about a lunchbox recipes you’ve made for your freezer, leave a link to your post and recipe below. I can’t wait to see your yummy recipes and ideas!