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Lunchbox Freezer Cooking: Mac N’ Cheese Cups (Day 3)

So, I was excited about this idea I had for making Mac N’ Cheese Cups, inspired by this recipe [1] from Once a Month Mom. Only my idea pretty much flopped.

You see, I had some boxes of Annie’s Mac N’ Cheese on hand, so we used that instead of making the sauce from scratch. But then, since I never use muffin liners, I decided we’d skip using those and just put the mac and cheese directly into the muffin tins.

I was hoping that these would pop right out after baking. But they didn’t. In fact, it didn’t really stick together at all.

Oh well. I guess we saved you having to try it yourself — and it’s not like the Macaroni and cheese isn’t edible, it’s just not real lunchbox-friendly. :)

Live and learn, right?

Oh and I also wouldn’t recommend turning your back when your 3-year-old is in the kitchen helping you.

Because you might end up finding him painting the sliding glass door with mac and cheese! :)

Check out this recipe on Once A Month Mom [1] for a more tried and true Mac N’ Cheese Cups recipe [1]. You can also find a Dairy-Free/Wheat-Free Mac N’ Cheese Cups recipe [2] over on Milk Allergy Mom.

Are you joining us for Lunchbox Freezer Cooking? If you’ve blogged about a lunchbox recipes you’ve made for your freezer, leave a link to your post and recipe below. I can’t wait to see your yummy recipes and ideas!