Check your Kraft First Taste accounts: Possibly free Jell-O Pudding Mix-Ins!

Charity emailed in tonight and said:

Readers may want to check out their Kraft First Taste account. I had an offer for free Jello Pudding Mix-Ins in my account today! Free is always nice! -Charity

Let us know if you get this offer!

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  1. CJ says

    Never any free coupons for me but I got a $1.25 one a couple weeks ago. The Turtle Sundae and German Chocolate are both really good and there’s a .50 coupon printed inside each carton.

    • says

      I *knew* I should have gotten the Turtle Sundae! We got the oreo dirt cake flavor and weren’t too impressed. And I totally missed the coupon. Oh well, maybe next time- thanks for the head’s up!

  2. Diane says

    I can’t remember exactly how much they were, but it only looked like there were 2 pudding cups. I didn’t buy them. It just didn’t seem like a good value.

  3. Gail says

    Sale starts today at Meijer (check your local ad) – Not sure if the Mix-Ins are included .
    On sale 2 for $4 plus buy two get one free on Jello puddings, gelatins and mousse. Good price at 3 for $4, plus if you can use the coupon, even better! I doubt if I will buy these Mix Ins if there are only 2 in a pack as mentioned in another comment.

  4. teri says

    i had a 1.25 coupon. unfortunatly, my printer has stopped working, so i couldn’t print it. i’m not even sure how much they are anyway.
    oh well, maybe next time.

  5. Donna says

    Went to the site and sure enough…there was a notice about my $1.25 coupon on one Jell-O mix-ins! Thanks for the heads-up on this savings!

  6. jenn says

    I let my boy sucker me into these.
    Really, it’s a pudding cup with some stuff to dump in there
    2 to a package. I can get a 4 pack of plain chocolate and dump in my own cookies for $1.50!

  7. Meredith says

    It seems that no one got a free one but Charity! I got the 1.25 off. If it’s 1.50 at WM, I’ll give it a try but that seems a lot for two pudding cups!!!!

  8. Elizabeth says

    Yup only got $1/1 :( would have liked to try them but prices at my Kroger have been unbearable. I got all those Uncrustables coupons that were going out in September went into the store $4 a box…. and I hate Walmart with a passion it’s a cross town and they don’t double 50 cent coupons… *grumbles* I’m in a complaining mood this morning back to my coffee.

    • Jen says

      I have been a member of First Taste for about three years now (at least two) and I have NEVER gotten a coupon for a “FREE” anything. I did have a $1/1 coupon several weeks ago, but as stated, these are about $1.50 at my Super Target and $.25/cup isn’t that great of a deal. I did get them as my 4 year-old was with me and once she saw them, well…