• Jodi says

      did you try clicking on the actual picture of the crock pot? I clicked on the link and it didn’t work but the picture is a button as well and it worked…

    • Kim says

      I received an error message the first time I tried the link. I immediately tried it again & it worked!! Then later, I tried it again & got the same error message, so I tried a second time again & it worked again!! Just try again immediately after a failed attempt, if it doesn’t work for you the first time.

  1. says

    AH! Was hoping to find something similar the other day! Thanks!

    tip: If you have the famous Fix It and Forget It cookbook, take a little time flipping through it one day. As you do, jot down the titles and page numbers of recipes that catch your eye. Store your list in a home management binder or in your recipe box. That list will save you a ton of time in the future! :-)