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Today’s shopping trips: The health food store & Walgreens

We went to the health food store and Walgreens today. Here were our purchases:

The Health Food Store Shopping Trip

Ezekiel Sprouted Tortillas –$3.99
Raw Cheddar Cheese from a local farm — $5.93
Quinoa — $2.42
Pears — $0.99/lb. — $1.69 total
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (we’re going to use these for some Olympics-themed activities — I was looking for an alternative to M&Ms and these fit the bill!) — $6.70

Total with tax: $22.24

I’ve never purchased quinoa (can you believe it?!) and have been wanting to try it. I was surprised at the price tag on it from the bulk bins, so I’m going to be on the hunt for a better deal on it since I’ve heard it’s really good and good for you. If you have a recommendation for where to get a good deal on it, I’d love to hear!

Walgreens Shopping Trip

10 Memo/Composition books — $0.20 each with coupon
5 Highlighters — $0.19 each with in-ad coupon
Glue — $0.39
Jumbo Glue Stick — $0.39
Erasers — $0.39
2 packages Sticky Page Markers –$0.39 each
2 packages of Wexford Dividers — $0.39
3 Clear School Boxes — $0.49 each with in-ad coupon (2 not shown as they were snagged to be put to use by two eager kiddos as soon as we got home!)

Total with tax : $8.21

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  1. says

    I’ve found that if I like something enough to store a bulk amount on hand, it’s often worth it to buy an entire bag. Most of the bulk items sold at health food stores come in 25 or 50 pound bags, and most (especially locally owned ones) health food stores will sell you a sealed bag for 15% over their cost. I empty the bulk bag into food grade 2-5 gallon buckets (which I get free at the bakery section of a local supermarket) for storage.

    I have not purchased quinoa in a long time because I bought a 50 lb. bag of it – organic – for $35. I’m sure the price is more than that now because it’s so popular.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Diane says

    Azure standard sells quinoa for the best price I’ve seen. It is a very good grain, We love it with pulled pork or really in place of brown rice in almost anything. I know a lot of people who make quinoa salads, too. Sometimes I like it just with melted cheese on top.

  3. Sarah says

    We buy it from Azure Standard too! I’ve had mine for several months so I have price compared lately, but the last time I checked it was the cheapest place to find it. It is SO good. We use it in place of brown rice quite a bit too. It tastes awesome with spaghetti sauce and we also like to use it to make a meatless fried rice. :)

  4. Angie D says

    No bacon? 😉

    I am on a quinoa kick just this week! I could probably eat it daily for lunch with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, onion… put it in your salads….make patties…limitless options! Sign me up for splitting a bulk order!

    • says

      I was going to look at it, but I completely forgot with the kids in tow, trying to figure out the prices on the stuff that wasn’t marked –which was about everything! — and while talking on the phone at the same time. I’m not as good of a multi-tasker as you! 😉

      My poor family will have to survive without the bacon… or I might go back tomorrow for it!

      If you decide to order it from Azure, I’m in for half of it — especially after choking on the price of it locally today! But let me cook it first and make sure I actually like it. :)

  5. Lisa says

    Quinoa is my favorite grain!
    I have to share what our family thinks is a super-yummy way to eat it….we call it Crispy Quinoa. Cook up some quinoa (at a ratio of 1.5 cups of quinoa and 2 cups of water-cover and cook for 20 minutes) Let it cool. I sometimes spread it on a cookie sheet to do this. You can also cook it ahead and have it in the fridge. Melt some coconut oil or butter in a skillet and add your chilled quinoa. Spread the quinoa out in the skillet so that you have a fairly thin layer. Put the lid on a bit sideways and turn it down to a low temp to let it crisp. DO NOT STIR IT! Let the quinoa cook until it’s nice and crispy on the bottom of the layer and still a bit moist on the top ~ sometimes I let it cook for 20-30 minutes. (You want it to cook very slowly) Sprinkle on some sea salt and you’re good to go! Sometimes I’ll add some minced garlic with the oil…makes it even yummier!

      • Brighid says

        Yup! I was going to recommend Costco also. They have a surprisingly large number of organic and minimally processed foods also.

      • Anna says

        I got a 2 lb. bag at BJ’s, and I think it cost $5 (it is also organic). Personally, I think it would take a long time to go through a 25-30 lb bag, unless that is the primary grain you’re eating and you have a large family. Quinoa is pretty hearty and filling.

  6. says

    I wish we had a health food store near us like yours. I have given in and added quinoa to my grocery list for this month. I have read the health qualities and seen some great recipes.

  7. Mandy says

    The cheapest place that I’ve found Quinoa is Costco… I can’t remember the price, but I know that I got about 10x the amount of quinoa at Costco as I did for a super small box at Meijer.

  8. Rachel says

    Hi Crystal,

    Quinoa is a wonderful grain (seed) and counts as a complete protein. I have found it works great when you rinse it before even if it says it’s pre-rinsed. Even rinsing it a few minutes aids in digestion. My mom cooks hers with homemade bone broth, it’s incredible!



  9. says

    Quinoa tends to expand enormously when cooked, so a little bit goes a long way. The first time I made it, I made the mistake of cooking 2 cups at once because that is what I normally do for rice or cous cous. Ha! We were eating quinoa for a week in everything I could possibly think to put it in. In the end I made up 3 large meatloaves with it and stuck them in the freezer. I felt like the leftovers would NEVER end LOL.

  10. Kristin says

    I’ve found that Costco has the best price by far for quinoa. They sell organic quinoa in a 3 lb bag for $10. The best part, to me, is that it is already well-rinsed, so you don’t have to mess with that step like you usually would. I don’t have a membership to Costco, but I just ask my friend to pick me up a bag when she goes 😉

  11. K says

    Awesome savings!

    Have you ever eaten Ezekial bread, before. A friend of mine told me about it and said that it’s definitely an acquired taste. :) I’m interested in trying it out, anyway….. and quinoa, too.

    • Kim says

      Here’s my Ezekiel Bread recipe. I make it every 1 1/2 weeks & eat it for breakfast every day. I’ve never tried freezing it. It is not a sandwich or toast bread like the frozen in the health food store. It’s kind of quick bread consistency, but not really. It’s very high fiber, so I don’t recommend an adult eating more than 2 slices per day until you see how your stomach does with it.

      Ezekiel Bread Makes 2 loaves Preheat oven 375°

      2 ¾ c unbleached whole wheat flour
      1 ¾ c unbleached rye flour
      2 tbsp spelt flour (optional)
      ¼ c millet flour
      ¼ c lentil flour (I grind red lentils in coffee grinder)
      ½ c barley flour
      6 tbsp garbanzo bean flour
      ¼-1/3 c sunflower seeds (optional)
      ½-1 c raisins (optional)

      Mix dry ingredients together. Can make ½ recipe to make one loaf, then store remaining flour in refrigerator.

      3 tbsp honey (amount will vary with different brands)
      2c very warm water ( I heat in microwave 1 min 45 sec)
      3 tbsp yeast

      Blend honey, water, & yeast in large mixing bowl. Use ½ liquid ingredients if making one loaf. Let sit 10-30 min to let yeast rise. *You can use more honey to make it sweeter, but will need to decrease the water–you’ll have to guess by how much–it took several attempts for me to figure out how much liquid I’d need. Using 3 tbsp honey does not make a sweet bread.

      Mix in ½ c Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil or cocnut oil to liquids. Blend flours, seeds/raisins into liquid mixture. Dough will be very thick & sticky. Spread dough between two prepared (sprayed with non-stick cooking spray) bread pans. Place immediately in 375° oven & bake 60 minutes.

      This bread does not raise much & crumbles easily!!! It will be less crumbly if sliced at least 8 hours after removing from oven. I usually let it sit over night before slicing. It would probably slice better if refrigerated 1st–I’ll have to try that! It does taste great warm if you don’t mind more broken pieces!! It tends to mold if not eaten in 1-1 1/2 weeks, so I store mine in rubbermaid in the frig, then heat in microwave every morning.

      I purchased the lentils & some of the flours from Vitacost when they had free shipping.

  12. August says

    Is there a difference taste wise on the raw cheese? We’re huge dairy people (7 gallons of milk a week for a family of 3) and tons and tons of cheeses. I’d love to switch to organic/raw as long as it was worth the price.

    As far as I know, raw cows milk is illegal to sell in NC, but I’m not sure on the cheese. Where can you get it aside from healthy stores? We have Lowes, Target, Wal Mart, Just Save, Fair Value, and a Galaxy, but that’s it.

    • Jenny says

      One note on quinoa (which I love, but have had to work with), if you cook it in something without a lot of flavor, it can taste really bland/earthy—no matter what you top it with.

      I’ve actually cooked it in pineapple juice to serve with a stir-fry. That was a hit around here. But even if not going for something that fancy, cooking it in stock is much better than water.

  13. says

    Make sure you cook that quinoa in chicken broth, and not in water as the directions probably state. It makes a huge difference!

    • says

      This is good to know; I didn’t care for the quinoa when I made it, but used water. I want to try again and appreciate the comments on using something other than water.

      • Antonella says

        A good way to cook quinoa is not boiling it! But cooking it as a traditional risotto dish: a bit of oil, onion cooked until translucent, raw quinoa (well rinsed in water) toasted a few minutes and then cooked in a bit of broth, added slowly when needed.

        I love it this way!

  14. Melody says

    I like buying a large bag of quinoa from Costco. I don’t remember the price, but I think it is better deal than Trader Joe’s.

  15. Pamela J says

    how funny that I bought quinoa at Food for Thought today… have you checked their bulk bin price…I can’t remember off the top of my head… love that store…got lots of other bargains, too:)

  16. Niki says

    Quinoa is amazingly good. I use it all the time in any recipe I’d typically use rice. It’s also a complete protein so it’s an easy/cheap way to go meat free. ANYWAY…I’m not sure if you have a Whole Foods anywhere near you; but, the cheapest I’ve seen quinoa is Whole Foods’ bagged organic quinoa. It’s a 1-lb bag for $3.99. It’s actually cheaper than Whole Foods’ bulk quinoa (go figure).

  17. Emma K says

    I bought quinoa today too for the first time. Unfortunately the only one I found was $7 so I am definitely needin to find a better deal online I it’s something I’ll end up using a lot. I saw a Mac and cheese type recipe on pinterest using quinoa instead of noodles

  18. Jen says

    I get my quinoa from Cotco. I think it is albs for $10. I could be wrong but I think that is right. We always have it in the house. :)

  19. lexee says

    costco in colorado has 4 lb. of bob’s red mill organic quinoa for $8.99. by far, the best deal there is!

  20. Lora says

    At the moment, the Kindle version of “The Quinoa Cookbook: Everyday Superfood Recipes for a Gluten-Free Diet” is available for free.

  21. Missy says

    Sam’s Club is a great place that I just found that has a decent deal on Quinoa. It’s expensive either way but that is the best deal I have found. It is .15 per ounce. The cheapest I have found is around .30 per ounce. I hope that helps!

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