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JcPenney: Free Kids’ Haircuts During the Month of August

JCPenney just sent out an email today announcing that, during the month of August, they would be offering free hair cuts to all K-6th Graders.

This free offer is available by appointment only, so I’d recommend calling very soon to book your appointment.

Thanks, Bravely Frugal!

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  1. Stephanie C. says

    I just called our local JCP salon in Wheaton, MD and they didn’t know anything about it. She was actually quite rude and said that I would have to call back later. I hope that noone else has an experience like this.
    I think I’ll just pay for my son’s next haircut at Great Clips on the Hair Cuttery…

    • sarah says

      I’m in MD too and would rather just cut their hair at home, as usual, than try to find a participating location!

  2. Toni :0) says

    Just made one for my daughter! Thanks MSM, awesome freebie and it will make her feel so special!! Yay! :0)

  3. Jennifer M says

    I’ve been cutting my son’s hair (and my husband’s too) for the past three years! We purchased clippers and have saved lots of money over the years. Even a free haircut some place still costs the GAS to and from and the TIP. And I love that doing it at home means just that… we stay at home so we can do it when it we feel like it, rather than by appointment.

  4. sherri says

    Bummer, making it as a local business is getting harder and harder. I own a salon & my stylists depend on repeat customers. I know that sometimes deals are too good to pass up, especially depending on an individual’s financial situation. Still though, I have mixed feelings when I see deals like this one. Our salon does try to support community events and programs & hope that the people who enjoy those things will also be our customer. We really want to be an asset to our community, but could not ever offer this type of deal like how a corporately owned salon can.

    If you do take advantage of this deal, remember to be courteous and tip your stylist :).

  5. Katie says

    Ughhhhhhh!!! Does my husband count as a kid?!? He acts like one sometimes…and he’s losing his hair, so he probably has less hair than most kids! Lol. I cut my husband’s hair myself, but I’m 37 weeks pregnant and he’s looking pretty scraggly. I am just to hot/sick/tired to cut his hair right now. He really needs a cut before the baby gets here. I’m just embarrassed to send him to a shop because I don’t know how to cut hair, so I don’t want to hear about all the mistakes I’ve made over the past three years! 😉

  6. joan says

    Please have some respect for the stylists working at these salons. I’ve been standing behind the chair for 23 years and i hate to see something like this. It completely degrades my profession/career. Would you work for no pay? Thats what these stylists will be doing. I’m all for charity, helping people who face difficult finances in this economy, but the people that take advantage of promos like this are as bad as the extreme couponers that clear the shelves…. just my opinion. If you take your kids remember that the stylist giving you a free cut might have a mortgage, rent, car payments, kids, and/or even medical expenses…. and be thankful for the free haircut!

    • Kristen says

      Won’t they still get paid hourly, plus tips? I doubt it’s legal to force them to work for no pay. I bet they will make better tips though, I know I’ll be tipping more than I usually would since I won’t be charged for the cut.

    • Lisa says

      Not to be a butt by any means, but lots of workplaces do charity things like this. Most of the time there’s some sort of company provided income given to the employees(even those who are comission based), plus you see tips regardless for most ppl. I’d guess that penney’s is probably only doing so many appointments per day for this deal anyways, which would leave plenty of free time for the other services they provide. I applaud the company as a whole for doing a service for the community that many simply cannot afford. I know right now it’s hard for us to keep our son’s hair cut, and cutting it for me is difficult. He’s lived through many many mommy mess-ups, because I am just no good with the clippers. My husband’s hair I am great with, his-not so much. I made an appointment for august 5th.

      • Shawna says

        I just called our local JCP salon to schedule an appointment for our two youngest children. Because of this post, I specifically asked if the stylists were losing out because of it… absolutely NOT. She said they are still receiving their credit/pay just as they normally would. She said she is actually disappointed that people are discouraging others from taking advantage of it as it is intended to give them MORE income prior to school starting. So call and make your appointment, parents! Of course, we should tip them :)

        • Laura says

          I called our local salon and was thrilled to see they had appointments still available. They have a special for Mom too. If you get a regular cut (think it was $22-26), you get a free deep conditioner or eyebrow wax. They asked if we have been there before. We haven’t. I hope the JCPenney stylists look at this as a way to increase their customer base. I’m glad they are receiving their regular pay.

  7. Staci says

    Thank you. I called today for August 15th back to school haircut. I got 2 stylist for my 3 Kids in elementary school. This helps the budget and all the school supplies we have to buy this year. This was in Utah

  8. Tammy says

    Wow what a great deal just made an appointment for my 3 kids at the JCP salon in Canton:) Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Kelly says

    I think this is pretty clever! They say… come get a free hair cut for school. So I come in with my kids, get their free hair cuts, see that they look so nice, tip extra because the hair cut is free, but someone is still doing a service for me. Then in a month or two… school pictures come around and I think, “that professional hair cut was so nice.. I don’t want to screw up my kid’s hair doing it myself, I had better get it done just for the pictures” Then I come in and pay for a hair cut… a few months later, it’s time for Christmas card pictures… and BAM!!! They have snagged a new repeat customer, by offering a free hair cut… that ended up just being a discounted hair cut because of the extra tip I gave.

  10. Marie says

    Thanks for posting this deal. I called and got two appointments for the end of August for back to school.

  11. says

    Thank you for sharing Crystal! I’ve forwarded it on via Facebook to my friends and readers. I’ve already booked the boys for the first week of August. I love freebies, especially free haircuts!

  12. Liz says

    I just called in Richmond, KY and made appointments on the 1st for my 2 girls… they were very nice and accommodating!

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