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Get rid of fruit flies with vinegar

According to Mavis from One Hundred Dollars a Month, you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of fruit flies. Has anyone tried this before? I’d love to hear if it’s worked for you!

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  1. Carol says

    My daughter was having problems with fruit flies. My son in law put out plain apple cider vinegar and that took care of some. He had a glass of grapefruit juice set out for breakfast and the stubborn ones that they still had went right for the juice and drowned. Ruined his juice but it took care of the rest of them. I’m thinking he said someone told him there are 2 kinds of flies, one likes something in the vinegar better and the other likes something in the juice.

  2. Rochelle says

    My husband uses vinegar all the time with great success. Secret is to use a funnel-style setup so that the fruit flies can get in but not out! I also agree with using red wine!

  3. WilliamB says

    Works for me, every time.

    I use red wine vinegar in a small glass dish because I like how it looks, and add a couple of drops of dish soap to break the surface tension so the fruit flies fall into the water and drown instead of lying on top and getting away.

  4. Heather T. says

    This is how I get them, except I use an empty plastic container and just poke holes in the lid. Its very gross how many you get.

  5. Linda says

    apple cider vinegar in a small dish with just a small amount of dishwashing soap (like Dawn). Do not cover it – just leave it open. It’s on my bathroom counter right now and it works GREAT! Straight up apple cider with seran wrap (as shown above) did not work for me at all.

  6. April Tozlowski says

    Apple cider vinegar with a couple drops of dish soap swished around in it works all the time for me. Love this trick!

  7. says

    I gave this a try today after I saw your post. It worked! I added the dish soap as many suggested. I caught way more than I thought was in the house! Kinda gross, but kinda awesome too!

  8. Whitney says

    I’ve used this with great results BUT the key is to put a few drops of dish soap into the apple cider vinegar. The sweetness of the vinegar attracts them but the soap makes ’em stick! It totally works!

  9. deanna says

    I’ve used red wine vinegar and it definitely works. I just put a bit in a small shallow bowl and place it in the problem area. I’ve never covered it or added dishsoap, but be sure to check it every day or so. You may be scarily surprised at how many you catch!

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