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We Paid Cash: Our Home’s Foundation

We paid cash!A testimony from Becky

Working in the field of architecture, it has always been my husband’s dream to build our own home. In 2008, we felt like God breathed life into that dream and said, “Go for it!”

Umm… remember 2008? Financial catastrophe for most investors living in our abundantly blessed country? We were currently living in Uganda and watched from afar as people’s investments plummeted – including our own.

Upon our return to America in 2009 we began renting a home. “Still build?”, we tentatively wondered, and we felt calling us to build — and to do it debt-free.

Thanks to so many encouraging testimonies from people on this blog as well as friends in our community, we knew we could do it!

Phase 1: Buying a Lot & Laying the Foundation

We started by making an itemized list of all that we would need and what it would cost —  from soil samples to yards of concrete. My husband kept everything well organized and looked around for the very best deals on everything – both labor and supplies. He would also be able to do some of the labor himself because of his background and experience.

The Fun Begins

We pulled out what little of our investments were left – believing that if we could truly pay for a house debt-free we would quickly be able to refill our investments after a year or two of being mortgage-free. My husband worked side-jobs for close to a year, and these two amounts combined gave us what we needed to lay the foundation of our future home.

Bulldozers and construction workers descended upon the little lot we had purchased for a great deal, and we saw everything we had on paper becoming a reality. It seemed almost too good to be true! 

$400 Short of What We Needed to Pay the Bills

When the last bill came in we realized we were $400 short of what we needed. We had a garage sale, and some friends and family pitched in their “treasures” to help us out.

Do you  know how much we made? $420! – exactly the amount of money we needed, plus a little extra for pizza for dinner. :)

And Now It’s Onto to Phase 2…

We are full of faith that God will help us see our home to completion. It’s not the quick and easy way that we would sometimes prefer, but it is definitely the path we want to take as we have seen it increase our dependence on God and build our character for the life we have to live here on aarth.

The saving for Phase 2 has already begun. In the next two years, we hope to complete the framework of the house. Our kids are helping us keep track of the money we need this time. What fun!

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