Ask the Readers: Is a Vita-Mix worth the money?

Today’s question is from Amber:

Is a Vita-Mix blender worth the money? If you have a Vita-Mix, what do you use it for? -Amber

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  1. Lo says

    I have the Blendtec which is similar to the vitamix and use it – literally – everyday! I had a hard time spending the money at first but then once I got it, can’t believe I waited! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    • Autumn says

      We use ours daily as well. Smoothies, homemade salad dressings, pretty much anything. I blew up 8 blenders throughout the years so Yep, it’s definitely worth it!!

  2. Megan says

    I have a Kitchenaid blender, 100$. It blends really smooth green smoothies and frozen fruit and bananas also do great in there. I don’t make my own pb, nut milk, or grind my own wheat though. Just a brand recommendation! I use it at least once a day for a green smoothie and it does a great job! If my hubby bought me a Vita-mix for Mother’s Day I wouldn’t return it though. :)

  3. says

    Best purchase this tight cheap-skate has ever splurged on!! I use it several times every day to grind grain, make muffins, breads (mostly gluten free), soups, sauces, pestos, refried beans, etc etc. and to feed my children veggies, fruits, and superfoods via 10 minute green smoothies.

    I couldn’t live without this time and money-saver: we can make our own healthy versions of applesauce, ice cream, dressings, fudge, and numerous other convenience foods that cost so much in the store. I can avoid all kinds of additives, sweeteners, and other ingredients I don’t want by just ordering bulk foods from places like Azure Standard, harvesting things from my garden, and making my own whole foods in the Vitamix.

    Quick to use and clean, it’s a lifesaver for this busy homeschool mom of 5!

    • Caroline says

      Tell me about vitamix fudge. One use I found was it will turn slices of raw unpeeled pumpkin into pie filling in about 90 seconds. Add pie spices before you blend. I used apple juice for the liquid.

    • Angie Kuch says

      Hi Kim – I’d love to learn more about all that you posted! We just went gluten-free. We eat a lot of whole foods, but I want to do more. I am interested in hearing about how you do it…the grinding, Vitamix and Azure Standard. Even a quick 10 min on what you typically buy and from where and make would be so awesome! I need to make sure I’d use a Vitamix before investing in one! Thank you for your time in advance!

    • Stacey says

      I have been looking at both blendtech and vitamix. I seen the blendtech in action at my local Sam’s. For the use of grinding wheat etc, how does your machine fair? Does the motor get hot? If so, how many cups of flour will it grind before getting hot? (previously used kitchen aid with grain grinder attachment but after about 6 cups it HAD to cool, or it could have just been my machine).
      Crossing my fingers these machines will do at least 6-8 cups without motor getting hot…

  4. Laura says

    We just found a VitaMix 5000 for $3 at a yard sale. I don’t think it has all the accessories, but it’s working great as a blender!!

    • Alyssa K says

      vitamix doesn’t have attachments, etc. Just the wet-blade containter/blending container can do so many things. Go to their website and watch the videos :).

    • Martha says

      Are you KIDDING ME Laura? WOW. That’s all I can say. What a find! I love my Vita Mix, use it every day, and think it’s worth every penny I paid for it, but you sure saved a lot of pennies!

  5. Debbie Miller says

    I have had my Vita Mix for over 15 years too! I have used it for everything from grinding grain, ice cream, fruit smoothies, making bread dough, soup, etc. It is well worth the investment. I have only had to replace the rubber seal in the lid once. I just made fruit smoothies today after school and it is still working great!

  6. says

    I purchased a Vitamix 2 years ago. Due to the cost, no one in the house was allowed to use it except me lol. A year later when I bent the rules and decided to let the hubby use it, the 1st time he used it, he left a spoon inside and bam the blade completely chewed it up and I had to buy a new container! You can imagine my pain. I bought the replacement through Amazon, my blade was fine. Originally I got it from QVC the first time they showcased it. love it for everything named above. I use it for juice feasting too but I strain my juice with a milk bag/paint strainer bag to get some of the extra fiber out when doing green juices. All other juices the extra fiber doesn’t bother me. So far the milk bag works well and i’m happy with my Vitamix!!!

  7. Aubree Berry says

    Yes! We saved bday, random change, ect for 6 months to purchase a BlendTech and they are the best!!! Worth every penny. I make smoothies everyday, dressings, sauces, soup, ice cream. I also use it as a food processor.

  8. Jaime Layton says

    I found mine on Craigslist for $30. So, it’s hard to think about spending full price for one. I really wanted it so I could have one machine to grind wheat and blend. I too use it everyday. Not sure it’s the best wheat grinder though. My flour seems a bit more nutty than I would like. But for $30 it was worth it! :)

    • Whitney says

      All Vitamix models make what everyone is describing, except grind flour, which requires the dry blade container. If you are buying a new one, it will be a model 5200, and if used, it might be a 5000. The differences are minor (old one is supposedly louder, plastic container is a different kind of plastic, lid is shaped differently, newer model has a pour spout) but they should both function the same way. When buying a new I believe there is a 5200C model available, which just has a smaller capacity.

  9. says

    so very worth it! probably more than anything in the kitchen, as long as you use it. you can make smoothies, soups, grind grains and other dry ingredients. when you use this to make fresh food, you are saving more money that in it worth in your health care costs for sure.

  10. says

    Nope. They are just waaaaay too expensive. If you have the money to blow, go for it, otherwise there are better options available. Or scour the ‘net for a good condition used one. That’s just my opinion, but I’m kinda cheap… 😛


  11. Jacque says

    We L.O.V.E. our vitamix. We waited to get one and finally bit the bullet. We did buy it at Costco, which saved us a little bit. It is one of those kitchen tools we use a LOT. I just said this week, that if it ever dies, I will definitely have to replace it right away. We make healthy smoothies, ice cream, shakes, margaritias, and there are still a ton of recipes in the Vitamix cookbook that I would like to try. I highly recommend it!

  12. Rebecca says

    Like anything it depends on your lifestyle and your needs. I am dairy free and gluten free, and I can honestly say that the Vitamix has saved me hundreds of dollars in just the two years I’ve owned it. (It was a gift I’m eternally grateful for).

    I crave ice cream, but can’t eat “real” ice cream, and “fake” ice creams are $3-8 depending on what size you get. I bake often and therefore use large quantities of “milk” which will run between $2-4 per half gallon depending on what you get, where you get it and what coupons you have on hand. Which in my family translates to $6-8 per week on substitue “milks.” It all adds up. Owning a Vitamix I have cut out $5-15 per week from my grocery budget, no that is savings! At this rate you’ll pay for the blender in 6-12 months, and everything from there is money in your pocket. Even better if it’s a gift, refurbished, or a second hand steal.

    With the Vitamix I make my own milk from 1/2 cup of brown rice and water. So pennies verseus dollars. I also make my own sorbets and ice creams and never feel like I’m missing out on treats. The list could go on, but if you actually cook / bake often AND are on a restricted diet this will not only be an emotional lifesaver it will pay for itself and pay you back in a short amount of time.

    If you are allergic to dairy and yet still want a “normal” lifestyle and diet it’s hard without a very powerful blender. I had 2 kitchenaid blenders and both burned out (each after only one year). The Vitamix will last when other less industrial strength ones will fall to the wayside.

    Is it right for everyone – no. Is it amazing if you need to make your own dairy products – yes.

    • Jennifer says


      I have a Blendtec and whole heartedly agree. I’ve yet to try to make dairy-free milk but would like to. Do you have any tried and true dairy-free recipes for ice cream that don’t involve non-dairy creamer or soy? We too are dairy-free and are still working to find a good recipe with these exclusions.



      • Rebecca says

        Jennifer –

        I tend to make sorbet because it’s naturally dairy free and delicious. My favorite recipe is as follows:

        * 1 pound frozen fruit
        * 1/2 cup water
        * 1/4 cup agave / honey if desired (I never do, but others like it)

        Blend in a Vitamix or really strong blender. You will need to use the tamper to push down on the frozen fruit often, it will be loud, but in 2-3 minutes you’ll have frozen, creamy, fresh sorbet. It’s ready when the texture turns from chunks to creamy-goey goodness.

        You can alter the recipe this way:
        * 1 pound fruit (not frozen)
        * 4 cups ice

        Blend in Vitamix or other really strong blender. Mango is my absolute favorite because the texture is delicious, and well – I like mango. Other great combinations are: strawberry-mango, pineapple-strawberry, pineapple-mango, blueberry-blackberry …or whatever you love. Throw in a chopped up carrot for extra sweet, yet healthy addition.

        I also make non-dairy ice cream:
        * 3-4 cups rice milk (freeze it first, then thaw a little bit to make it really cold right away)
        *4 cups ice (if the milk is not frozen already)
        * 1/2 – 1 cup flavor

        Once blended split into individual portioned containers and freeze. Or, use frozen rice milk and enjoy right away. Too thin? Needs more frozen ingredients (add a frozen banana or more ice). Too thick? It needs more liquid…

        For flavors add your family’s favorite: chocolate bars/syrup or pure cocoa powder+sugar, berries, peanut butter, peanut butter + chocolate, your favorite chai tea mix…whatever your family loves. Tweak the portions til it tastes “just right.”

        I hope this helps!

  13. Ilene says

    It depends on what you think you will use it for.

    I LOVE mine!!! I use it everyday for at least one green smoothie or juice. I love it because it thoroughly grinds up the entire fruit/veggie so I get all the pulp and fiber.

    I use the dry blender to grind grains for my homemade bread. I grind soybeans to make my own soymilk. One can also use it for other nut milks.

    You can turn veggies into wonderful soups quickly. I use a can of tomatoes, some spices, and a half can of water or (soy)milk to make tomato soup. There’s so many recipes for quick and easy soups.

    You can make your own ice creams, fruit slushies and fruit pops for the kids.

    My hummus and baba ganoush turns out incredibly smooth….better than when I used to make it in a blender.

    A VitaMixer gives you the ability to control what goes into your food. I wish I had been more evolved when my son was born and I would have made all his baby food.

    I think that if you’re interested in making a lot of your own food and doing juices/green smoothies, you will be very happy with a VM.

    The only thing I regret is not getting mine sooner.

  14. Kate says

    I’ve had my Vitamix since Christmas of 2000. LOVE it!!! Use it EVERY day! Mostly smoothies, but I also chop carrots, blend soups, make corn gravy, etc. It was actually a gift, but I’d totally buy one again.

  15. Alyssa K says

    I love ours and think it is is worth every penny. In college I tried to make do with various cheaper versions, and they all burned out. I finally now have a vitamix and we use it almost every day–making everything from smoothies to hummus and grinding flour!

  16. WilliamB says

    I consider Vitamixs to be high quality but overpriced. I’ve had a $50 Krupps blender/4c. food processor for about 12 years, it’s never needed a replacement part or fix. It’s blended frozen berries, smoothies, breadcrumbs, soups, and so on quite nicely. Great bargain.

  17. Barb says

    I am not much of a cook but I think it pays for itself in smoothies alone. I love it and would buy a replacement one in a second if needed but it is TOUGH so I don’t expect to have to replace it anytime soon.

  18. Heather says

    Four hundred+ dollars for a blender is crazy to me! I use my oster blender to make green smoothies every day and it works just fine. When I really want something but I’m not sure if it will fit in my lifestyle I go for a cheap version. Sometimes the cheap version works great, and if not I know more what I’m looking for when it’s time to spend the dough.

  19. Emily says

    We love our vitamix that we have had for 4 years and use it almost every day. We make smoothies, soups, salad dressings, baby food, etc. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

  20. tiffany says

    We’ve had ours for two years and I use it at least once daily. I use it for all the things people say above. If you are trying to be cheap it is a lot cheaper to make your own nut/seed butters, nut milks (coconut milk, yum), ice cream, etc. It’s just way healthier and cheaper to feed yourself healthy food with a Vitamix.

    I have two material loves in this world that I will tell anyone about given the opportunity: my Vitamix and Nike free running shoes (I’ve been running anything from sprints to 1/2 marathons in them for 4 years, LOVE them, but not as much as my Vitamix).

  21. Stephanie says

    I got a Ninja Blender for about $80 after sales and it will blend ANYTHING! I’d say it’s a good second option and honestly might do just as good a job or better than a Vita-mix.

    • Lynda says

      I bought the Ninja about a year ago and it is much better than my Oster for smoothies and such, but I have not tried it for grinding grain – maybe I should. From what I have read the Vita Mix goes way beyond a ‘blender’ and if I did as much as some of the commenters say they do, it would be my go to machine too. Too pricey as a smoothie maker though.

    • Rosie says

      We’ve been looking into a good blender at our house, but, since we have small kids who help with the dishes, we ruled out the Ninja. Too scary for our house of little helpers…

  22. Amy says

    Love it–you can grind up wheat berries to make awesome bread in less than 5 minutes, no kneading.

  23. amy says

    I purchased a Vitamix on a promotional sale at BJs a couple years ago, and besides my kitchenaid professional level mixer, this is the second best kitchen purchase I ever made. I use it just about daily, and often several times a day. It has saved me so much time and clean up is a breeze. I bought it to replace a kitchenaid blender and food processer that were fizzling out, and these were the second ones I had owned after my first burned out. The vitamix can do far more than both those appliances combined. I HIGHLY recommend investing in one, it’s worth every penny!

  24. says

    If you can pay cash – yes, yes, yes and yes it is worth it – saves lots of money in the long run – it saves on baby food, ice cream, bread, smoothies, nut butters, soup – and most importantly TIME!

  25. Heather Morgan says

    I use my vita mix all the time. One of the best purchases I have ever made. Some good advice someone once told me “If you buy it and put it out on the counter it will get used but if you put it in a cabinet it is often forgot.” We make applesauce, smoothies, soups, sauces, spaghetti sauce, butter, ice cream, breads, baby food (when we had a baby in the house), peanut butter, salad dressing, and so much more. We love it and have had ours for probaby four years. Oh did I mention their whole fruit margaritas are awsome.

  26. says

    I’ve owned a Vita Mix for around 14 years now (you can read about my adventures with it at my blog: I’ve read all the comments (right now, about 124 and counting) so far. I don’t think that I’ve read that anyone bought theirs because they were sentimental for the Vita-Mix brand. Kind of like when many women pine for a “KitchenAid” (stand mixer). I also owned one of those for awhile, but I didn’t do a lot of baking, so I sold it (attachments and all), believe it or not. I actually liked kneading my bread dough by hand anyway.

    I pined for a Vitamix for a few years after I was married. When we finally bought one, I didn’t use it as much at first as I do now. It’s been through 2 babies, many moves (including to Ghana, West Africa and back), dietary changes (from ovo-lacto vegetarian to vegan, to gluten free, from more processed foods to more raw and whole foods based), . We literally use it more that our stove and oven. Yes, and daily green smoothies too, complete with apple & pineapple cores, chia/flax seed, entire whole leaves of both collards and kale. Smooth as silk. We like to make a vegan “cheese” sauce with it now and again. Soups, sauces, salsa, etc…

    I have never owned another blender, so I couldn’t tell you how it compares (I was blender-less for our first 5 years of marriage). I have never owned a microwave either. Owning a Vitamix is fast food at it’s finest! =)

    I had my eye on a Vitamix for awhile before we bought ours. It is an investment. One that I don’t mind making. They have excellent customer service and a great warranty. I’m actually on my second one. Although I like to think I put it through it’s paces, the reality is that I took my originally refurbished one overseas and had to use a converter to run it and I think the non-stable electric current did a number on it. I actually now live less than 2 hours away from the Vitamix company. So when we needed to replace ours, they were having an open house and gave a nice discount for turning an old one in toward another, so that’s what we did.

    There are some things that it does better than others. It’s great at blending. I recently bought a food processor to handle the dry chopping of veggies (like for chunkier cole slaws or nice carrots shreds) and mixing fruit & nut mixes better (think homemade larabars). I make my almond butter with my Cuisinart food processor. I do use the vitamix for making non-dairy milks (almond mostly). I still own a juicer, so I don’t have to strain things out, but it all depends how much you use things and what foods you eat or would like to make.

    I’ve ground wheat (before going wheat-free), but you can only do about 2 cups of grain at one time in the Vitamix. If you want it fine, you must run the Vitamix longer, which translates to a much warmer flour than I like. I think stonemilling for grains is better, personally. A metal blade (Vitamix) running that fast will always heat up your grain much faster.

    Anyway, just wanted to put my vote in for happy customers. I hear a Blendtec is very similar. I just hadn’t heard of it until just a few years ago.

    If the money isn’t there to buy something like this, then don’t. Try the other machines based on what they work best for. I have to say that unless you want a blender, don’t buy a Vitamix just for the kneading/grinding grains ability, or veggie chopping ability, etc. Buy it first and foremost because it is a good blender. Everything else it does is just gravy (a nice benefit).


  27. dawn says

    i really encourage you to evaluate why you want one- what do you want to do with it and do you have other machines that will do the job? we bought one last summer at costco. we had looked at them for a few years and i decided i would not buy another cheap blender. i had looked at food processors but also decided that i would not do that because i felt saving that money for a vita mix would be a better investment. i really like it. i am dairy and wheat free. it makes great whole food smoothies/juices and is simpler than using a juicer (thou they have their place). i make sauces and soups sometimes. I’ve concocted some dairyfree shakes and “ice cream”. i’m thankful we had the money to get one. but i did look around at the costco demo and wonder if some people who were buying would really use it or if it would become just another fad appliance.

  28. Margaret says

    I have owned my only Vitamix for about 10 years – it took me 3 years to decide to buy it due to cost. I can unequivocally say it is the best tool I have ever bought. If you only want to use it as a smoothie machine or blender, there are less expensive options that probably do a great job – but I will say that there is absolutely nothing that I have put in my Vitamix that doesn’t come out silky smooth. And truthfully, this is what I used it mostly for the first few years. Lots and lots of smoothies. But then I gave it a place of honor on my very small counter, and I use it everyday, 2-3 times a day. I make coconut or nut milk a few times a week, ice cream, soup, grind my coconut flour, make hummus, grind coffee, make batters, chop hard cheese or the occasional onion (I still like to chop by hand), make coleslaw, etc. I have ground wheat in it, but I am not using wheat right now, and I second the commenter that said it is a little nuttier and it gets warm.
    Because I am able to make so many items from scratch (and I personally enjoy doing it) I have saved and continue to save untold grocery $ (we buy copious amounts of fresh fruits and veggies). And the convenience cannot be beat.
    For those posters that say that the Vitamix is too expensive and they wouldn’t recommend it – there is no doubt it is an investment, but I noticed that none of them mentioned that they have one or have used it. It is in the using that that you realize the power and versatility of the tool, so unless you have used one, it would be very hard to genuinely assess its value to someone else. I know that I would replace mine in a heartbeat if something happened to it. And it would certainly be a $ pinch. I bought mine for about $375, have had it about 10 years, so I figure that is $37.50 per year, or $3/month and its still going strong.
    One last thought – because using it is so easy and we have the habit of using it so much – much of our diet is fresh. I am 48, my husband is 64 and neither of us are on any medication, we are at normal weights, have far more energy than many of the folks we work with, and the we are often asked what we do to stay so healthy looking. I attribute much of that to our diet, and the impact that the Vitamix has in that.
    If it is on your budget, and you plan to explore the uses of the tool – you’ll probably be like the rest of the owners, and be very pleased with your purchase. :-)

  29. Heather says

    Our Vitamix is a life saver literally. My 2 and half year old son was diagnosed two years ago with a chromosome deletion along with failure to thrive. He was on commercial formula which was causing him to be severely constipated and his tummy would get really really bloated. If it was not for a Vitamix he would still be on the formula, but the blender is so high powered that it can puree anything and he is able to eat all of his food, at one point through a feeding tube, and now through a bottle. He has gained about 5 pounds from making the switch when before the food he was still not gaining weight and was so skinny. We use it too, each morning I make a juice for me and my 4 year old and it gives us our fruits and veggies easily in a sweet juice with everything still right there the pulp and everything. Whereas a juice would remove the skin and pulp which is where a lot of good nutrient are at.

  30. says

    I inherited a Vitamix when my mother passed, and I have to say it’s by far my favorite appliance. It’s about 10 years old and still runs like new. I use it to make smoothies, blend soup, make hummus, grind stuff – you name it. I definitely think it is worth the money if you can afford it. I can’t imagine going back to a regular blender after owning one of these. As recommended previously, leave it on the counter and you’ll find a use for it almost daily!

  31. lexee says

    i should have added… we got ours from my mother-in-law… it’s over 12 years old and still can handle anything! look on craigslist or at garage sales, like some of the others have mentioned :)

  32. Miranda says

    Would you be up for starting a recipe list? For Vitamix users? :) Would love some tried and true suggestions for gluten free and dairy free options!!!

    Thank you!

    • Cindy says

      I’m with you on that! I never realized people made their own dairy-free milks and all the things that people have mentioned here! I would LOVE to know how to do that since we are gluten-free, dairy-free for my daughter. If I could make more, it would save us more money since several things we buy are a bit expensive.

  33. Sarah Saville says

    YES! Although I don’t actually get to use it. My husband bought it and I about fell over at the price. However, he is extremely healthly and makes veggie/fruit drinks in it almost daily at his fire stations. He totes it around everywhere with him in his truck. He did allow our friends to use it for a special 2 week diet they did and then promptly picked it back up. They were so sad because they loved it too. :) I will have to begrudgingly say that it really has been worth the money. He used different blenders and juicers in the past and unfortunatley they have all been sold in a garage sale.!!

  34. Jennifer says

    Def worth it!!!!! We have had ours for about 7 years now. And my grandmother had one that was over 30 years old and worked. We bought it for my oldest son who is fed thru a tube in his stomach. The Vitamix blender was the only one that we found that could blend anything fine enough to go down his tube. And of course we use it for the smoothies!!!!!

  35. Whitney says

    I haven’t read EVERY comment, but I think the bottom line is this: I haven’t found anyone who has a Vitamix that doesn’t love it. Everyone who says they are too expensive, or that their current blender works just fine, has never tried one. Basically, I’m saying that they don’t know what they are missing.

    • KJ says

      That’s exactly what I was thinking as I read them. I’ve been trying to decide about a BlendTec for about a year now…but after reading these comments I’m now wondering if a VitaMix is the way to go. I need a BlendTec vs. VitaMix post now. :)

  36. bgere says

    I’ve had my Vita Mix for 28 years now. Have had to replace the rubber gasket once. Which I DID NOT have to pay for. Love the machine. Use it pretty much daily for all these years and with eight kids thats’s a lot. Smoothies shakes, dressing, our family favorite, cottage cheese pancakes, peanut butter, etc. Definitely well worth the money.

  37. says

    The Vitamix can replace a lot of appliances: blender, grain/seed grinder (both dry and oily), coffee grinder, ice crusher, juicer, food processor. You can even make liquid compost and natural pesticides if you have a dedicated separate container. I do have the dry blade container and for a year ground wheat. I found that grinding 2 cups at a time gave me the best consistency. The flour does get warm but I’ve ground several batches at a time without the appliance getting over heated. After a year I got a Wondermill for grinding grain and honestly the Vitamix is able to give me a finer flour, but I am doing very large quantities if flour now and the Wondermill is quicker and easier. Part of the selling point of the Vitamix is the “whole food” concept. The blender is able to handle things like peelings and seeds you would normally discard that have nutrients that are beneficial.

  38. Deanna says

    Yes! Other lower priced blenders will not liquefy till smooth. it will also emulsify oil and make hot soup out of whole ingredients. Like fresh peanut butter? I could go on…

  39. Birgit says

    We love ours! We use it EVERY DAY and it can chew through whole frozen strawberries without a problem. I bought a refurbished one, and it has the same warranty, and I’ve been very happy with it (and saved $$). Also, beware that the costco and shopping network versions have a shorter warranty, so check! If you buy from Vitamix, it’s a 7 year warranty. It made sense for us after burning out about three $80 blenders.

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