Free product from Goat’s Milk Soap, Happy Baby Puffs, + more! (Facebook offer)

You can get a completely free product that is $2.99 or less from right now. Here’s how:

::Sign up for the $5 off coupon here (must connect with your Facebook account).

::Go to and add something to your cart that is $2.99 or less. Here are a few ideas:

Bic Silky Touch Razor — $0.89 (you should be able to put three of these in your cart and get all three free)

Li’l Goat’s Milk Soap — $1.99

Happy Baby Organic Puffs — $2.89

Perio for Kid’s Toothbrush — $2.39

Organic Ginger Root Tea — $2.39

Yummy Earth Organic Vitamin C Pops — $1.99

You can also get a box of Clif Brownie Bars for about $0.45 after the discount codes.

::Go to checkout and use promo code Swan199 to get $1.99 shipping. Then, put your Facebook promo code in the coupon/gift certificate box.

::Your order total should be $0.00. You will need to enter payment information to checkout but you shouldn’t be billed.

Let us know if you’re able to get this to work and what you get for free with it!

Note: You may be offered another $5 coupon code if you opt to not set up an account. Amanda commented on the Money Saving Mom® Facebook Page:

I got two bars of shea butter soap. Yay! When ready to checkout, I opted to continue without creating an account. After I paid for my order, there was an option in the upper right hand corner to get $5 off next order when I finish creating an account. :) -Amanda

And Terri said this: After you make your first purchase and create an account. Add another item to your cart, then click on “Your Current Offers” at the right and you will have another $5 to spend and the $1.99 shipping offer will still be available. -Terri

Thanks, The Freebie Blogger!

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  1. Nicole says

    Crystal, when I clicked on the link for the Z Bars, it said the price was $3.45. Was the 0.45 price after a discount? My kids love these!

  2. Emily J. says

    I was not able to use the codes. After typing in “ULTRA” the last page did not take off shipping even though it said the code had been applied.

    The code from Facebook is giving me an error and not working at all.

    I don’t have the time to try and mess with it.

  3. April M. says

    I received another $5 for registering an account with them like Lisa did. ULTRA goes in the promo code, your coupon code from FB goes in the coupon code area. If you click Offers you have, it will add the extra $5 if you created an account. Thanks very much-I was able to get a 32 oz refill bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena All Purpose cleaner and a Carmex lip balm for 19 cents.

    • Becky says

      I followed & created the new account after checking out to receive the extra $5 but didn’t receive any notification of the credit. How do you find the 2nd code? Does it come by e-mail?

  4. says

    It worked for me! I got my quadruplets the baby puffs. I’ll probably do the same thing with my second $5 off since they go through them so quickly!

    • Allison says

      It took me a few tries, but eventually it allowed me to combine the codes. I’m not sure why I had to try it several times.

  5. Beth says

    I just got some all-natural cherry lip balm (which I needed anyway), on sale @ $0.97 ea … bought 3 and my total was $4.90 after discounts … thanks for the heads up!!!

  6. Sarah L says

    Thanks for sharing. I was able to get xylitol gum and some coconut oil for very low prices. These are two health items my husband and I like to use, but our budget has been very tight lately. I was able to buy them today since they were such a reduced price with the promos. :)

  7. Linda says

    Update to my last post!! Was able to apply both codes. The “catch” is that you can only put ONE item in your cart for under $5. I tried to put two items in my cart for under $5, and it wouldn’t let me use both codes. Hope this helps!!

  8. J. Whittier says

    I signed up for an account but can’t seem to find the offer for an additional $5 off…. Where are people finding the code for it? Thanks!

    • becky says

      In your cart there was a note at the top of the “cart” that mentioned that I had an offer, click to redeem.

      • J. Whittier says

        Thank you Becky! I was able to order Canus Goat’s Milk Soap Original Fragrance (5 oz) great for my daughter’s sensitive skin, Organic India Red Chai Masala Tulsi Tea (18 ct) — for hubby, and Un-Petroleum Natural Lip Balm SPF 18 Tangerine for me all for FREE and that included shipping!! Thanks MoneySavingMom!

  9. becky says

    Hmm, my coupon code generated an error, but I still was able to use the 5 off first order for creating an account.

  10. Teresa says

    It worked! I got flaxseed for $1. I created an account and used the extra $5 to get the goat’s milk soap. Thanks!

  11. grace says

    I got Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap for .55!! I love that stuff. Look forward to getting the $5 coupon on next order. Thanks :-)

  12. Jessica says

    Thank you all for your advice. I was able to order 2 FREE HappyBaby Greens puffs–my son’s favorite snacks–first using the Facebook offer, then making an account and repeating the process! Thanks!

  13. Jessica says

    I did a bag of wheat germ and a sauce mix on my first order and then a bag of flaxseed meal with my second using the offer they gave me after my first.

    They asked for credit card info even though my total was $0…?

  14. Jenna says

    Just did 2 orders and got the Happy Baby puffs and Organic Pops for free. FYI the puffs are on backorder, but hopefully not for too long.

  15. Robin says

    They have deodorant crystal sticks! Priced at $2.97! I’ve been wanting to try this! I guess I’ll have to use the $5 coupon for creating an account on it. Check out was a bit of a hassle the first time around, hopefully it is worth it!

  16. Jen says

    I got big pack of organic gummy bears and smaller pack of gummy worms. Ended up paying 1.62 because it didn’t take off the shipping but used the two $5 coupons so still got $10 off. Thanks!

  17. Jennifer says

    I was able to get berts bees lip balm free with my first order, and Kiss My Face Olive and Lavender Soap with the second, all free! Thanks!

  18. Jenele says

    I bought 2 bottles of 60 ct. lemon flavored fish oil capsules for $0.89! I also then created an account to use the next discount on organic coconut oil! Thanks to all the contributions on this one to give us so many codes!!

  19. cathy says

    Just got organic gummy bears for FREE! Love this deal:-) ULTRA worked just fine for me. I got the FB error, but after you click ok and scroll down, your coupon is there.

  20. Ilka says

    Thanks so much. It worked great. I got some organic Chamomile tea for 0.07 and used the 2nd $5 for the same product again.
    You are awesome!

  21. Amanda L says

    I got free puffs for the baby. That made my day! I tried to do the second offer but it told me page not found and never gave the me second code for $5. Oh well, at least I got a free thing of puffs! :) :)

  22. Tina says

    Woohoo! Got two bags of organic C pops for free! I put two in the cart, thinking I’d have to pay $1 after the coupon and ULTRA $1.99 shipping code, but it gave me free shipping instead.

  23. Didi K. says

    I signed up, then got my $5 for signing up

    Then, my husband signed up, then he got his $5

    So altogether we got –

    3 bags of rice puffs

    1 bag of kamut puffs

    1 bag of corn puffs

    1 cocoa butter stick

    1 “splurge” chapstick or face mask or something that i would never buy full price :) (Im doing this lastorder right now. It locked up, so hopefully it did not erase my coupon)

  24. Lydia says

    Site is down for maitenance…I was in the middle of my order when it happened. I’m wondering if they are going to change things so that we can’t do this deal?

  25. Heather says

    I got an error when I signed up on the FB page, but it still gave me a valid coupon code plus the second code for creating an account. Everything worked as described; and thanks for the tip about Mrs. Meyers! We’re trying to go natural with our cleaners.

  26. Mandi says

    It accepted the code “ULTRA” yet is not taking the shipping down from $4.99. I wonder if the site was down for that purpose.. :(

  27. kristi says

    I also got an error when signing up but was able to use the code anyway. The FB code goes in the coupon/gift cert area and the “ULTRA” goes in the promo code. I had no problem combining the two. When you finish checking out as a guest you see the $5 bonus for completing your sign up. If you redeem it immediately the ULTRA code is already applied. I got two boxes of the Clif KidZ bars for $0.44 each!

    • kristi says

      Also, I noticed the $1.99 shipping didn’t show up until I was farther along in the checkout process. I don’t remember which step but I do remember thinking about cancelling the order if the shipping didn’t drop.

  28. Heather says

    from their facebook page: OUR APOLOGIES: the offer that went out yesterday was incorrect. $1.99 shipping is only valid on orders of $25 or more. We sincerely apologize for this error on our part.

    P.S. all orders placed before we caught our error will be honored.

  29. Leah H says

    They posted on their FB page that ULTRA is no longer working for $1.99 shipping. It will work only for orders $25+. They will honor those that got the $1.99 shipping though!

  30. Jennifer Torres says

    Telling me, even after registering, that I am only able to get 4.99 shipping, not 1.99…. is that because the order total is not over $25??

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