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The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree

When I came back from Texas last week, I found this list that Kathrynne had written out for herself to accomplish the day I was gone. She’s since started writing a list for what she needs/wants to accomplish each day (with a little help from me to make sure all her chores and homework projects make it on the list, too!).

I’ve been amazed at how motivated she’s been by having a list to check off every day. Hmm, I wouldn’t know where she gets that from! :)

My husband was just shaking his head when I showed Kathrynne’s list to him. I’m pretty sure he was thinking, “Oh no, not another Type A woman in this house!” 😉

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  1. says

    I keep waiting for my girls to start making list too. I love the play games, play legos, play and eat on the list. That’s a girl who knows what she likes. =)

  2. Alyson says

    My son made a list the other day. It was (in his spelling):
    1. Brecfist
    2. draw
    3. viode game
    4. lego
    5. lunch
    6. viode game
    7. lego
    8. diner
    9. time to bed

    Clearly video games and legos were high on his list that day. So funny!

  3. Shannon Fox says

    Too cute! I wish my oldest was that motivated. Instead of making lists for himself, I find random items added to MY list. Such as: Buy Ethan a pack of gum. ;o)

    • says

      That’s too funny! Last time my husband left a list for my kids to do (which doesn’t happen very often!), my 10yo daughter left him a note back explaining why they didn’t have to do the chores and signed it from me! 😛

  4. says

    How cute! C likes to do that, too. She is actually using one of those Well-Planned day student planners you gave out at the conference to write her list in each day! It’s nice so we don’t have little lists everywhere — although I do still find random papers around the house. She might be a mess like her mom. 😉

  5. Kim says

    So cute! Reminds me of the frog and toad story. Toad loses his list and then can’t do anything all day without it. Finally frog says its time for bed and toad is so excited because that was the last thing on his list. So he writes it in the dirt with a stick, crosses it out and goes to sleep!

    • Ann says

      EXACTLY. My son’s fav story. He wrote like literally HUNDREDS of that list,and eventually turned into HIS OWN list. And This was BEFORE he could read. Ultimately, Frog and Toad taught him to read and write. After copying SO MANY times, it gotta sink in right? :)

  6. says

    Lists are great! They’re even better if we ever accomplish anything off of them! lol I find my daughter does better with her schoolwork if she has a list to go by, a list she made herself with boxes to cross off. The crossing off is very therapeutic I think.

  7. Joan says

    That is funny! It scares me, but is SO funny!

    Makes me also realize that my children will also pick up on my bad habits too! I better get it together, soon!

  8. says

    Love this! I think this might be just what my son needs. He tends to “forget” all the little things he should do – like change his underwear LOL. Maybe I should suggest a list he can cross items off as he goes, then he will feel a sense of accomplishment with each item he crosses off!

  9. Laura says

    Cute, Cute Cute! That childish handwriting is so precious! Thank you for sharing little snipets of your family life with your readers!

  10. Jeannine says

    Actually I think this is great. I recently started using lists more often here and it is catchy. The list helps to stay organized and on track. I like it!

  11. Amanda says

    I love this! I did the same thing when I was a little girl. The women in my family are list people for sure!

  12. Sherri says

    Love it! My 5yo made his own list the other day, though I think the only thing on it was to play Kung Fu Panda. He didn’t even cross it off after we had done it, so he still has a long way to go.

  13. Toni says

    Oh my goodness, that is soooo precious. Kudos to her momma for leading by example. I don’t project fault on to anyone in my life, but I CAN say that time management, organization, etc., were not well modeled to me (and definitely not taught). No blame. Just learning and moving forward. But you are indeed teaching/modeling these things to your children. Good job, Crystal.

  14. Liz says

    The first thing I thought when I read the post is how much I wanted to do her list for a day. Sometimes we forget the simplicity of things!

  15. Melissa says

    That is so cute! My daughter, who is 8 years old, just started making lists as well! My husband said to her ” You are your mothers daughter that’s for sure!” I was impressed that she added pray twice to her list, once in the morning and once in the evening!

  16. says

    I love it. My teenager is a chronic list maker, like me. She will ask for list note pads as gifts! She has a whiteboard in her room too. She purchased that with her own money.

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