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Target: Chutes & Ladders for $1.04, Candyland for $1.79

Here are three more fantastic game deals at Target right now:

Buy 1 Chutes & Ladders game at $7.04
Use the $3/1 Chutes and Ladders Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Chutes & Ladders coupon (or in the 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.04 after coupons

Buy 1 Cootie game at $7.79 
Use the $3/1 Cooties Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Cooties coupon (or in 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.79 after coupons

Buy 1 Candyland game at $7.79 
Use the $3/1 Candyland Target Coupon
Stack with the $3/1 Printable Candyland coupon (or in 3/25/12 Playsaver Insert)
$1.79 after coupons

Thanks, For the Mommas!

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  1. says

    Perfect deals to stock up for those spring and summer birthday parties! My son is turning 4, and the number of birthday parties we attend each year has really astounded me! I had no idea 4-year-old could have such a busy social life. :)

  2. TANYA says

    I bought the Bop it XT, Scrabble, Boggle, Yatzee Electronics.. on sale for $15 from $25 and when you buy a $15 Hasbro Game you get a free Deck of Hasbro Cards (on sale for $6.49-6.89 now) and use the $5 Hasbro with the $5 Target Coupon getting the Game and Deck of Cards for $5+tax!! I just bought the Bop it XT and Scrabble Electronic and got a Deck of Hasbro cards for each. Total $10+ Tax=$11

    Also Princess Musical Vanity was $90 on clearance for $44.98 and Iused the 50% on Disney Princess item in Target flier making it $22.49+tax:)

  3. Amy says

    There are SEVERAL of the Hasbro toy coupons that match up with identical Target ones…$5/1 Nerf N-Strike Rayven or Vortex Lumitron, $2/1 Star Wars Fighter Pods $5+, and $5/1 My Little Pony Friendship Express Train or My Little Pony RC Vehicle, along with the ones you’ve already mentioned. This is AWESOME because now I can stock up for birthday parties. :)

      • Bobbi says

        Each coupons specifies the same two Nerf guns. Both were $24.99 at my target. I ended up getting one and left my other coupons for someone else :)

  4. Michelle says

    My kids are getting too old for these games, but I still like to stock them up and donate to Toys 4 Tots or similar during the holidays!

  5. janelle says

    Just a warning on these deals. . . I just tried to do the Candyland, Chutes and Ladders at Target and was told I couldn’t stack these coupons. Apparently it’s because both of the coupons aren’t for one specific product (eg. $3 off Candyland or Chutes and Ladders or Memory). I was only able to use one coupon (Target or manuf.) per item.

    • Bobbi says

      I think I would have talked with a manager on that one. I had no problem using 2 coupons (Target & Manuf) per game. Everything I bought today was stacked and not one question from the cashier.

    • melanie says

      I bought the candyland game and the chutes and latters game. you have to have a one target plus manuf coupon for each item for the coupons to work.. I was able to enjoy the savings today.

  6. Bobbi says

    I just got back from Target where I scored for birthdays and holidays!

    2 Monopoly Electronic Banking ($5 each after coupons)
    2 Chutes & Ladders ($1.79 each after coupons)
    2 Yahtzee Electronic ($5 each after coupons)
    2 Battleship Games ($7 each after coupons)
    2 – 24 packs of Playdoh (3.99 each after coupons)
    1 – Starwars Litesaber (Half off $7.99)
    2 – Starwars figurines – ($1.99 each after coupons)
    2 – Playskool Resure figurings (.99 each after coupons)
    1 – Laugh n Learn Lantern – baby toy ($7 after 50% off)
    1 – Nerf – ($15 after coupons)

    Plus 6 FREE sets of HASBRO game cards!!!

    I spent $87 — saved $235.00!!!

  7. Jen says

    My Chicago (mid-city on Addison) had Candyland and Chutes for $9.04. Still a great deal for birthday gifts. I had no problem using both mfr and target Qs –in fact, I was able to use multiples of the same Target Q in the same transaction (one per item, of course) even though I wasn’t sure if that was allowed.

  8. Dottie says

    My target didn’t want to stack the coupons until I complained and she said she would do it this time. I bought the gifts to use for Toys For Tots since we don’t have kids and got 6 items for $20.00. What a great deal! She said I wouldn’t be able to do it again. Thanks for posting the coupons! I really appreciate the savings and I was able to really get some great games for a worthy cause. Now I have another thing off my Christmas shopping list.

    • lisa says

      you know what you do if they ever give problems about stacking?….bring ina printed page of their coupon policy…they can’t argue with that when it is right in front of them…plus, it will make you smile in your head when they realize they were wrong. haha..ok, i should be nice.

  9. Shannon says

    So excited for this one! I have 3 kids and these will be perfect to stick in their Easter baskets! I try to do games or small toys instead of so much candy! Can’t wait to head to Target and try it out! Thanks so much!

  10. Julia says

    Even their own coupon policy says that you can stack a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon. I had no trouble today with all of my purchases and I stacked coupons for just about everything I bought. Take the coupon policy with you… they can’t argue with their company’s own fine print!

  11. says

    This is great! I’m heading to Target this week to stock up on some of these games. I have made it my mission to purchase one Christmas gift – even a stocking stuffer – every time I go shopping (about once or twice a week). Usually it is just an item from the dollar store but so far my Christmas stash is growing. By December I should be in good shape an in no need to stress out! These games will add nicely to my stash – thanks!

  12. Rachel says

    Target did not let me print anything!!! Ergh. I kept getting a message I had exceeded my limit, even though I hadn’t printed anything. Not sure why I have such bad luck.

  13. says

    Thanks so much for this offer! I was planning on giving my daughter’s BFF Candyland for her bday since my daughter loves it so much, and on getting my daughter Memory for her Easter basket (Memory was included in this deal, too). My husband and I just went to target and spent $1.39 on Memory and $2.21 on Candyland – and those prices include tax! LOVE IT!

  14. lisa says

    i’m reading the manufacturer’s coupon for chutes and ladd, cootie, or monopoly …in the fine print it says “coupon may not be used in cojunction with any other offer……does that mean can’t be used wih another coupon–a target coupon? :(

  15. veronica says

    Target run today:
    1. 2 Swirlin Play dough set $3.99 each (after $3 MC and $3 TC)
    2. Memory $1.04 ($3 MC and $3 TC)
    3. Cootie Game $1.79 ($3 MC and $3 TC)
    4. Monopoly Electronic $5 ($5 MC and $5 TC)
    5. Simon Flash $5 ($5 MC and $5 TC)
    6. Scrabble Flash $5 ($5 MC and $5 TC)
    7. 3 free card games
    Total $27.36 for 10 gifts for birthday parties and Christmas

  16. Patty says

    Thanks for the heads up! I ended up getting a Chutes and Ladders game for a birthday party coming up. My toddler is still too young to play board games.

  17. Tiffany says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I have two birthday parties for preschooler/toddler and a limited budget. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of these deals :)

  18. heather says

    shia – i’m having the same problem. i wonder if target takes them down if they’re being used more than they anticipated? also wonder if there’s a time each week they change them all out?

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