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Pinecone Research: Earn money taking surveys (open for applicants!)

It’s been a long time since Pinecone Research has been accepting new applicants, so I was excited to find out today that they have some openings available for new applicants.

Pinecone Research is one of my very favorite survey companies and one that I found offered the most surveys for the best pay. Now, mind you, you’re not going to get rich taking surveys, but you can earn a nice little stream of income from it.

Other legitimate survey companies you can sign up for:

Synovate: One of the most highly-recommended survey companies. Lori from Moms By Heart says: “Synovate sign up is FREE and you’ll get great paying survey and product testing opportunities each month. This one is famous for frequently giving free full size products! Most recently I’ve tested diapers (got a full pack for FREE), baby lotion and toothpaste (got three tubes!).”

My Survey: You earn points for every single survey you take–even those which are just qualifiers! So you will never waste time and effort on a survey only to discover you don’t qualify. You can redeem your points earned for cash or prizes and every 1000 points equals $10. Go here to sign up.

Inbox Dollars: I used Inbox Dollars primarily for the money you could earn for reading emails. It isn’t a huge payout, by any means, but it also doesn’t require much more than clicking on a few emails everyday and earning a few cents. Go here to sign up.

MyPoints: This is a site that rewards you points for online activity such as reading emails, taking surveys and signing up for offers. When I was participating in this, I mostly just read the emails and clicked on the links and slowly accumulated points. You won’t get rich quickly doing this, but you can earn enough points by reading emails to get free gift cards each year. We paid for our few and far between law school date nights mostly with gift cards I earned through MyPoints. Go here to sign up.

SurveySpot: This company pays up to $5 per survey and you can request payout when you have earned $5. So therefore, it’s not hard at all to
earn enough to get a check. Go here to sign up.

CashCrate: Once you sign up, you can go to their “Daily Survey” tab and earn around $0.50 per survey you take. They usually offer 1-2 daily surveys. Go here to sign up.

iPoll: Pays in point rewards for every completed survey. You can cash these in for instant win opportunities, sweepstakes, or cash. There are also opportunities to do free product testing. Go here to sign up.

Toluna: When you sign up for Toluna, you will receive 500 points to welcome you to the site. When you have earned at least 60,000 points, you may redeem your points for a cash reward. Go here to sign up with Tulona.

LightSpeed Research: This survey site pays in points and they are fairly generous in their points given. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can cash them in for cash, online gift certificates, music downloads, and hundreds of other prizes. Or, build up your points for bigger prizes in your Lightspeed Points Account. Go here to sign up.

And don’t forget you can also sign up for the Money Saving Mom® Survey Panel.

(Note: Some of the links in this post are my referral links. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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  1. says

    I was able to get in @ Pinecone! Thanks for the tip. I love taking surveys and who doesn’t wanna make a little extra cash. Thanks again!!!

    • says

      I also am involved with Synovate – and every survey you get a certain number of points. I’ve taken about 4 surveys and am up to 3400 pts. Once you hit 5000 pts you get $5. Yay! And you can redeem if for amazon.com gift cards too which is great.

  2. says

    I’ve been unimpressed so far with Synovate. I signed up more than a month ago, and filled out all the first-timer surveys. I’ve only qualified for a few since then. So I’ve completed 5+ surveys, and I’ve only made 2750 points. At this rate, it will take me a very long time to make $5. :(

  3. Jennifer J says

    I didn’t qualify for Pinecone, either. White woman in her 50’s isn’t wanted right now – so what else is new?? I am on Synovate, but their surveys often take a long time, and digging through a month’s worth of receipts. Or they want one of my daughter’s opinions, which they aren’t interested in giving. But I am glad to see the list of other places to try.

  4. Amy says

    What about Charity Voice Online? I do surveys for them, which I thought I had found out about on here. I signed up, so I hope they are legit!

  5. Lauren says

    Just an update- i’ve been a member of mysurvey for a long time and they are no longer giving points if you don’t qualify for the surveys :( So you may end up wasting a few minutes.

  6. says

    I tried to sign up for Pinecone a while back when they were taking applicants and it said I wasn’t who they were looking for at the time…2 weeks later got a confirmation email that they wanted me :) Been working with them since December and I have made about $30 :)
    I think Opinion Outpost is losing their once decent reputation as their Amazon cash-out is usually down, you can fill out entire surveys before they disqualify you, and a host of other problems :o( I have $23 waiting to be cashed out when Amazon is actually up and working again…

    • Andrea says

      I know this is a round-about way of doing it, but at Opinion Outpost I’ve been choosing the Citibank virtual gift card option and then using it to buy Amazon gift cards. That way my money isn’t tied up while I wait for the Amazon option to come back online (it’s been down since before Christmas!) and I can use it to buy what I want from Amazon (or any other retailer for that matter).

  7. says

    I tried a couple survey companies, now I will only do the easy click through emails. Partially because I am way too busy (and lazy) and partially because I never qualified to take the surveys they invited me to! So frustrating and a waste of time. I really think these places should keep a database with your basic information so they don’t ask you to take a survey they don’t want you to take….

  8. says

    I didn’t qualify. I am currently earning an average of $50 plus a month in the form of gift cards doing surveys for 4 different companies, and also swagbucks. I do it all in my down time while having to field questions my kids have about school work and in between marking their books. I thought I should let you know My Survey no longer gives you points for every survey but instead, enters you in a monthly cash draw. I still get into a lot of their surveys though, and if you don’t qualify they tell you promptly so you don’t end up wasting a lot of time, so I didn’t mind the switch much.

  9. says

    I always loved Send Earnings and Inbox Dollars because it was easy to just click the emails and earn a little cash. They have both changed their policies and now if you don’t fill out a survey or fill out some sort of offer every so often, they stop sending the daily emails. Bummer. I do love Reward Port and My Points, though. They give points for clicking emails which you can build and redeem for gift cards or PayPal cash.

  10. Sharon F says

    I made around $100 last year with Pinecone. I always save my check stubs and keep them with my tax stuff then add them up when I do my taxes.

  11. lizz says

    I was w/ Pinecone for I think well over a year, and loved it!! I went away on vacation last summer and let them know, like they request, that I would not be available during that time. When I returned I emailed to let them know I was back and available again. I noticed I never was receiving surveys like before. I tried to login and I couldn’t. I contacted their contact person, who before was always a quick responder, and never heard anything back. Quite disappointed b/c it was the best survey group I have been w/. I was hoping to get back in w/ them but I guess the don’t want women in their 20’s.

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