A Peek into Our Week

After a few weeks of sickness, we were finally all feeling better this past week and got back into the swing of normal life again around here. Here’s a little peek into our week…

Kaitlynn and I enjoyed a tea party together one afternoon.

I got the tea cups down and she fixed everything for us and set it up. It was so sweet of her and I’m trying to soak up these years when she just can’t get enough of time with me!

We recently got Skip-Bo cards and taught ourselves how to play Skip-Bo. Kathrynne picked the game right up and has become quite the fierce competitor.

We taught Kaitlynn how to play this past week and I think she’s going to be joining the “fierce competitor” ranks here quite soon, too! It’s so fun for the girls to be old enough to really get into playing family games together!

In other news, I had a pretty near flopped Freezer Cooking session this week. You can read more here, if you missed my post on it earlier.

And it “snowed” this week!!! It was actually mixture of rain, sleet, and snow, or something like that, but it stayed on the ground long enough for the children to play in it and make some snowballs. Since snow has been pretty much non-existent here in Kansas this winter, the children were ecstatic when they woke up to white stuff on the ground on Thursday morning!

Did anything exciting or interesting happen at your house this past week?

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  1. says

    I had a wonderful night out with friends celebrating my birthday. My 2 youngest children enjoyed sleep overs and my oldest child went to a youth event with our church that I think really got him thinking. Oh, and a friend of mine who always thought I was crazy for running the 26.2 signed up for one!!! I have pledge to run it side by side with her, or she can shave my head bald and post a picture on facebook with the words “bad, friend” written under it! because well I don’t have a great history of staying beside my friends during races, my competitive side always gets the best of me and I take off ahead, but not this time! This time its me my friend and 26.2 miles of memories!

  2. says

    We went to a butterfly house in traveling through town and it was amazing! Such an incredible experience for my kiddos. As someone still relatively new to sticking to a budget, I was awesome for me to get to take my family of four plus grandma to a fun, educational, and memorable experience for $10! It was such a great reminder that “special” doesn’t equal “expensive”. Here is my blog post about it:


  3. says

    I love these posts about your week. It’s pretty neat to see a little about the person behind the blog.

    This week, one of my best friends moved into town, so I’m looking forward to spending time with her. We also celebrated a coworker’s birthday last week at work with cupcakes and lunch out! And last night, my husband and I went out for pizza :).

  4. angela says

    Well the past week Mom and 3 kiddos have been sick. Only Daddy and one other daughter has escaped so far. When mom is sick.. the place shuts down! The piles got bigger and the todo list sat undone. But this morning the sun is shining and I have hopes of a better week. My youngest turns 2 today. Thanks for sharing your week and pictures.

  5. says

    I notice that your cookies spread all over the baking sheet. Next time, try refrigerating the dough for about an hour before baking.

  6. says

    Snow is the best when it doesn’t stay in the way long enough to keep you from getting anywhere! Though I can’t say I’ve missed it much after being in Florida so long. Had a tough week this week, but need to be strong to help out some close friends.

  7. PAULA C. says

    My husband and I took our son to see a Sid the Science Kid show at the California Science Center. It was my sons first time at the science center so when the show was over we walked around and he had so much fun playing at all the exhibits. He loved the air and space exhibit best.

  8. says

    We love Skip-Bo! As a matter of fact, our Skip-Bo cards have been used so much, they’re really pitiful and worn out. It’s time to spring for a new set. Another favorite game around here has become Guesstures. It’s another game that the whole family enjoys and it’s great for all ages.

  9. cheryl says

    We sent in our paperwork to host a 13-yr-old Ukrainian orphan for 5 weeks this summer in our home. Can’t wait to meet her!

    I would appreciate prayers for all the orphan children participating and the families hosting them. Also pray for the possibility of “forever families” to result from hosting.

    • lavender says

      If you don’t mind my asking, what organization did you use to do this? My boyfriend and I are interested in adopting in a few years but have been looking at information so we know what to expect, how much to save, etc.

      • cheryl says

        We are hosting thru New Horizons for Children (www.newhorizonsforchildren.org) but we adopted our Russian-born daughter thru WACAP (World Assocation for Children and Parents – http://www.wacap.org).

        I highly encourage you to research and pursue adoption down the road. There are millions of older orphaned children around the world who desperately need hope and a family to care about them. Sounds like you are part-way there! God bless you!

  10. jaclyn says

    My husband and I hosted a Heart Language Celebration! We had a great time of food and fellowship and opening the Word. It was great!

  11. says

    Kaitlynn looks so sweet in that top photo 😉

    We love Skip Bo too!

    Been working with Joy all weekend on my blog migration…it’s been LOT of work, but hopefully all worth it. It migrates tonight!

  12. says

    First, can I say that I appreciate that you share your occasional flops with us? :)

    Our weekend was busy putting the finishing touches on our spring gardening. I’m beyond excited that we bought a more mature ‘cocktail’ citrus tree that is grafted with Minneola Tangerines, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Persian Limes, and Navel Oranges. We also planted a younger Valencia Orange tree, but it will probably be a few years before it bears much fruit. I also fit in a 6 mile run yesterday, but took it easy today.

  13. kathy says

    Thanks so much for sharing some of your daily life and family with us. What a BEAUTIFUL daughter you have. She looks to be maybe close to the age of my precious grandson who just turned 5. Nothing real exciting this week but am beginning to feel better since my accident first Part of January ( hit by car and knocked down ). Got out more this week which was a blessing to me.

  14. says

    A tea party with your girl…very sweet and you’re creating memories for her 😉 :) I love that china pattern, too. Do you know who the maker is? It’s a lovely pattern. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  15. Sarah S says

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing! Glad sickness and left and it looks like you are enjoying that dSLR! YAY!

  16. Dee says

    My youngest daughter (almost 21 yrs old) is home for a few days on semester break during her junior year at Kyoto University in Japan. It has been lovely to have tea together. I put her on a plane back to Japan Tuesday morning. :-( But, Hubby and I go on March 28 to spend 2 weeks with her there. Very excited.

  17. says

    I LOVE Skip-Bo! I have so many great memories playing it with my Grandmother. Great tea party! My husband’s great aunt sent me the most adorable antique tea set when my daughter was born. I can’t wait to use it when she gets older (she is nine months now). Our excitement this week was Potty Training!!!

  18. says

    We sold our truck last week! Woohoo!

    My family loves skip-bo! We used to play it every night after supper with Dad. :) Good times! I’m gonna have to find the cards and take them with me next time I see him.

  19. Angie says

    My husband and I have a “friendly” game of Skip-bo every morning with our coffee before we start our day. Only difference is we call it Skip-bo On Steroids. We don’t take turns and we play at the same time to try to eliminate our own pile first. It really gets you awake quick. My sweet boys usually wake to hearing us getting too rowdy. When the boys want to play, we give them less cards in their pile so they have a chance with us. It is so much fun!!

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