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What is your biggest clutter hot spot?

Many, many of you have written in or commented in the last few months that you are really struggling with home organization. So I’m excited to let you know that I’ve teamed up with Andrea Dekker from Simple Organized Living to bring you a brand-new monthly feature called called “Ask the Organizer“.

Each month, we’ll feature one organizing question and let you weigh in your thoughts, answers, and opinions. Then later in the month, Andrea will pick one or two of the most popular responses and share her tips, ideas, and suggestions for dealing with those issues!

So, to start things off, this month’s question is:

What is your biggest clutter hot spot?

Leave your answers below and then check back in a couple weeks for Andrea’s expert organizing advice!

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  1. Sheila says

    My desk. I try my best to keep the top of the desk clear but somehow, I can’t and one drawer in the desk seems to be the place that the cleared desk top finds it way to. Sometimes I feel like the paper is going to overtake the room and I will suffocate in paper.

  2. Jan says

    Kitchen counter – it gets full of papers I don’t know what to do with – we don’t have an office or any filing system – I’m drowning in paper help!

  3. Mimi says

    It’s a tie between the dining room table and the kitchen countertops (we have a galley kitchen, so it’s small!) When I clean the dining room table I make a box for each family member and put their stuff in it. It’s up to them to figure out what to do with the contents. Usually it’s magazines, books, mail, crumbs, coupons, free samples, school work that ends up on the table.

    The kitchen counter tops are much more difficult. I think the problem is usually the stuff that would normally go into a junk drawer that is already full but shouldn’t be thrown away…chargers, receipts, more coupons, samples, medicine, notes, buttons, loose screws and parts, etc.

  4. Toby says

    We stopped putting as much stuff on the kitchen counter, instead put it in the laundry room and now it is…..ARGH!

  5. Joy Francis says

    My extra bedroom was being used as a office until I retired. Now that room collects everything from books to papers to mail to investments to anything I don’t know what to do with. Can you help me?

  6. Lara says

    My man’s office/room. It’s sooo hard telling guys to be organized for one thing and maybe figuring this one out alone can help! In the end no matter how organized you are, if the people around you are still messy then you are only solving half of the problem.

  7. Anna says

    Papers are my problem! Papers, papers, papers! This whole house is going to go up in flames from all the papers everywhere!

    I have a great filing system for my receipts. A good one for monthly bills. An okay one for important papers like transcripts. And a decent method for event invitations.

    We use one bank for everything- checking , savings, IRA’s, car insurance, life insurance, oh my. And it all gets put in the same pile. I don’t like that.

    The papers that get left out the most are grocery coupons, weekly ads, store and online coupons/codes, recipes to try, catalogues, magazines, interesting articles, pretty decor photos. To do lists. Thank you notes to write. Brochures.

  8. Kathy says

    Every room has clutter. Mostly the kitchen shelves, dining room and our spare bedroom which is a dumping ground. We only have 1 closet outside of the small ones in our bedrooms. We have no attic and our unfinished basement is a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t fit anyplace else. The garage is full of outside stuff so we are stuffed to the gills in our house!

  9. Elisha says

    our shoe area, by the door and in the coat closet. they all end up in a big heap. what’s a good way to nicely keep shoes organized, especially the bigger bulkier boots and sneakers?

  10. Angela says

    I’ll second so many others and say my catch all spot on my kitchen counter! Mail, uncut coupons, bills, phone chargers…

  11. says

    My dining room table and my desk. Both are an endless battle to keep under control. They are both very scary right now. Sometimes other places get cluttered, but the dining room table and my desk are the places I put the other clutter.

  12. Jennifer Ernst says

    I have trouble with my counter and my couch. I get school papers and mail and those that are important (right away) get taken care of, (generally), but those that aren’t due or are not real important sit on my couch until I have time to get to them. I am trying to pack to get ready to move and the piles are getting worse not better.

    • Donna C. says

      Amen, sister. Do you live down the road from me? As this is my home…except I have 3600 sq ft of clutter. I try but no one else does a thing…except leave things laying around, piling up, on the floor, on the bed, on the tables, on the stairs, on the counters, in the garage,etc. We have a 3 car garage and can only park one car in there. It is CRAZY insane.

  13. Carol says

    I’m able to keep everything in my house organized except my home office. It becomes the dumping ground for everything! I’m struggling to organize all of the supplies in a way that makes sense for all of the different activities the room is used for: studying, working out, couponing, paying bills, (and all of the electronic gadgets, wires, chargers, connectors, etc.!)

  14. Marlo says

    The worst is my “center of operations”, the living room coffee table and couch. I feel like getting rid of the table.

  15. Donna C. says

    Every room in my house has clutter, except for maybe 2-3 bathrooms out of 4 baths.
    But our biggest problem areas are probably tied with the kitchen counter tops, office area/desk area, & the garage. All are awful and the rest of the house is pretty bad too.

    I have to ask, do you all have kiddos that are having the worse problems? Because before I had children, I use to be a true “neat freak” and my house was perfectly organized and always clean AND I worked a full-time paying job AND I still enjoyed a good, happy life. (Of course now I am certainly happier with my children in my life….but I do wish the mess and chaos of clutter would GO AWAY!)

  16. Wendy Jahns says

    My kitchen counter top, and dinning table. It just seems like a never ending clean empty spot. Thanks for the encouragement!

  17. Jackie says

    Ugh. Anywhere the toddler cannot get his tiny little hands! If it’s unreachable, there’s probably a pile of stuff sitting there, trying to stay safe.

  18. Anitra says

    My worst spot is my bedroom dresser. It’s where all the stuff ends up that is the “I need to get rid of this, but don’t have the energy to sell it / find someone to give it to” – old clothes, baby stuff that ISN’T clothes, toys that are being rotated out or have been taken away temporarily because of misuse… plus there’s always stuff that’s in progress: 3-4 books, mending, a basket of laundry…

    There’s some clutter on the kitchen table/counters, too, but my husband helps me keep that under control. The dresser is where my stuff has completely taken over and my husband won’t touch it.

  19. Shelley C says

    Kitchen table. The door opens directly into the kitchen…no entry way or mud room so everything gets dumped on the table…mail, books, lunches, groceries. I tend to shove everything to one end to eat dinner. 😛 Moving it just makes piles (like three others at least) elsewhere.

  20. says

    We have exactly one spot in our house that the kids and the cat can’t reach — on top of our china cabinet. So everything that we don’t want them to touch gets shoved up there until it all topples down and I deal with it.

  21. Carol says

    LOL I knew everyone would say the kitchen counter or island and that WAS mine, too. But I have a combo kit/liv room in our small Florida home and I didn’t want the Clutter Island to be the first thing seen coming into our home. So I put a shallow basket on one stool under the island and when that gets full, off to the office it goes w/ mail, newspapers, things to do lists, misplaced objects. So I changed it from Clutter Island to Clean Island……now……how do I conquer Disaster Office????I have stacks of things to do: my ancestry stack, my pictures I want to upload to cloud storage, stack of magazines to read, clippings from magazines to sort away, stack of books to read, recipes to file to looseleaf cookbook, etc., etc…..BUT, (sigh) the Island is clean!!

  22. Vanessa says

    Office/incoming mail area is definitely our clutter hot spot. Have tried a few organizing ideas but nothing has worked for us in that area yet.

  23. Nichole B says

    The entry way, right as we walk in the door. Everything gets left here. Mail, shoes, coats. we don’t have a “coat closet” so everything just gets left. And of course, the stairs are right there, so things get piled on the stairs and just lead all over the house.
    I never seem to have motivation to clean and organize and I think thats my biggest problem. Get home from work and all I want to do is crash after fixing supper for 3 grown men.
    They say “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. well…I’ve classified cleaning as that! Doing the same thing (aka cleaning) over and over and expecting it to at least stay clean for an hour…or half hour! Anyone have any tips for that? I thought about creating an iphone app lol like “scramble” or “words with friends” except its clean with friends…challenge people to clean and have a contest to see who gets done first…

  24. Melissa says

    My biggest clutter hot spot is the back door. It’s the main entrance we use into our home and enters immediately into the kitchen from the outside-no attached garage here :(. I have no mudroom or utility room, either. I hate to use the breakfast nook table and the counter to hold all our incoming clutter.

  25. TZ says

    My kitchen…a constantly struggle to keep things organized with my small cupboard space…..don’t know what to throw out…And I am getting a bread-maker today to add to the cluttrer!

  26. Kim says

    Kitchen Island – it is where all the kids school papers and mail comes into. I do sort and throw away/ put away things that can be put away….but there is alway a pile of stuff that is stuff that needs action in the next week or so (tests, upcoming events, longer term homework, my household notebook). If I put it someplace else I will forget about it…..out of sight, out of mine!!

  27. Danielle says

    Kitchen table (no dining room) and the desk! It doesn’t have much storage space built in and we’re in a tiny apartment.

  28. says

    Sadly, it’s MY craft space (spaces would be more appropriate). Oh dear! Also the children’s toys need alot of help with INEXPENSIVE (free would be better) organization ideas. We’re on a super tight budget, but those really need to be organized!

  29. says

    my desk and side table. We dump everything on the side table during the week and I spend time cleaning it every weekend. The desk just keeps piling up!!

  30. Angie says

    In agreement with a lot of the gals on here!
    Kitchen counter and table!
    Interferes with family meal time~~~~not good!

  31. says

    Our biggest clutter hotspot (of many) is the kitchen counter. It’s a peninsula counter that’s right by the back door (which we use more often b/c our garage is in the back) & everything gets set down there. Everything! I like the ideas of everything coming in the house needs a home & “don’t put it down, put it away,” but with a 2yo it’s just not always possible. Plus, we tend to leave things there for each other (& then forget to say “hey, I wanted you to look at this.”)
    Personally, I don’t mind the clutter that much. It keeps the cats off the counter. 😉 It stresses my hubby out though & when he stresses, I stress. So, it’s got to go!
    We clear it off all the time, but it usually only takes a couple days or so for it to build up again!

  32. says

    Our second desk. Oh man that sounds bad, because it’s mainly just around to hold clutter. It was a desk I didn’t want to get rid of. First I was using it as a vanity, but then we moved it to the den to be a desk for writing or the laptop. Now our printer sits there because it’s too big to fit where our old one used to be. One on side is a shelve that is piled with mail (after it sits in the kitchen a few days, my husband is really good about keeping the front of the apartment clean since it’s also his office), church handouts, etc. On the other sits my coin collection in one drawer and magazines & ministry newsletters in another. We have a spot for magazines but they come in so fast; I don’t want to change them out until we are done reading them. We don’t pay for a single one either, they just come. The only part i’m proud of is a shelf with a door that holds business supplies. Then there is a shelf on top, the bottom of which holds disorganized mess of copy paper, software, and texts from a seminar, and the top of which is a favorite place for our cats.

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