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This Week’s Gluten-Free Menu (and anyone have great gluten-free lunch ideas?)

I didn’t completely follow the menu plan last week since we were sick. I just didn’t feel like cooking at all, so we made it through Thursday and then I gave in and Jesse brought home takeout on Thursday and Friday evenings. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and not feel guilty. :)

At any rate, I didn’t do my freezer cooking plan, so I moved some of that to this week.

Does anyone have great gluten-free, dairy-free lunch ideas? I feel like I’m running out of inspiration–we’ve been doing a lot of eggs, veggies, and fruit recently and I feel kind of stuck in a rut.


Cereal, orange juice
Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie (we’ll sub the chocolate milk for homemade chocolate almond milk)
Fresh orange juice, cereal
Coconut Flour Waffles, scrambled eggs, fruit
Oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins
Flourless Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, fruit


Scrambled eggs, carrot sticks, salad (for me), gluten-free cookies
Hard boiled eggs, sweet potato chips, applesauce
PB&J on rice cakes, carrot sticks, apple slices
Egg & Potato Hash, veggies
PB&J Milkshakes, carrot sticks
Leftovers x 2


Flourless Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
German Fudge Bites


Meatloaf, potatoes, steamed broccoli, gluten-free bread
Crockpot Chicken Fajitas, fruit
Goulash, tossed salad
Crockpot Chicken Tacos (we’re going to serve the chicken over corn chips with taco fixings)
Dinner out
Dinner with extended family x 2

Freezer Cooking

Flourless Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
German Fudge Bites

What’s on your menu this week? Share details and/or your link to your menu plan in the comments.

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  1. Kristina says

    My kids love Quinoa cooked up in water or broth with cut up veggies such as broccoli (frozen works well), carrots and sliced mushrooms (we add powdered garlic at the end). We then saute tofu or some sort of meat and mix it in. It is yummy and filling and best of all easy.

  2. Jeana says

    Chicken salad/tuna/egg salad on corn tortilla, tostada, or rice cake
    Salad w/chicken and veggies
    rice cake w/chicken and avocado
    quesadilla w/corn tortila, beans and chicken or beef
    beans and rice
    make a pot of soup and eat from it all week

  3. Kate says

    I totally understand the “do what you gotta do” sentiment! In my first trimester of this pregnancy (due in August), I also had mono. My poor husband did all the cooking, cleaning, laundry…sometimes my parents would come help him, but their were days I couldn’t walk to the bathroom, let alone do housework! He finally just bought his lunches for two weeks. It gets to a point where your health is worth more than the money you are saving. Glad you all are on the road to recovery!

    As far as gluten-free foods, I’m trying to think back to my GF days. I did lots of soups and stews. One of my favorites is homemade tomato basil. I would do a big (40oz?) can of tomato sauce and another of tomato purée. Then I would add in a lot of parmesan and basil and a little sugar (I have a terrible sweet tooth!). Cook for 30 minutes or so on medium heat.

    I also did lots of beef/pork/deer stew with lots and lots of fresh-grown veggies from our garden. Summer squash and zucchini are really good in stews in my opinion, but something my mom never used. Pretty much whatever I had in from the garden that night would go into the pot! :-)

    • Emily says

      If you use your bread machine, see if it has either a gluten free setting or if you can adjust the settings. There are parts of the cycle (like extra kneading) that aren’t needed with gluten-free breads.

      My mom has been gluten free for close to 10 years now, and I think she likes the Pamela’s baking mixes for pancakes and Jules gluten free for a lot of other things. It’s’ a lot of trail and error though, becuase a mix of flours that works for bread or even one type of cookie can make other cookies that just disintegrate (they tasted good, the texture was just so bad they were hard to eat). Unfortunately it’s expensive trail and error when you’re playing with gluten free flours.

      I eat mainly dairy free and just sub coconut/almond milk for milk, and use Veggie Shreds for things like pizza. On the veggie shreds, the only flavor I really like is the pizza blend. The other flavors are a bit bland. They may have some milk protein in at least some flavors though, so if you can’t have any of it check the bag first.

    • Carey says

      If your child is very sensitive, watch out for cross contamination though using a bread machine that has had wheat in it. I can’t use my old one because it has wheat bread crumbs stuck in it. I make my bread using Pamela’s Amazing bread mix and my Kitchen Aid. GF bread is actually easier than regular bread because there’s only one rise cycle and no kneading necessary.

  4. Marion says

    Thanks for asking for dairy, gluten free suggestions! My poor son eats the same foods over and over again! We just went gluten free last week but have been diary free for 1 month. May I ask what symptoms your child has?

  5. Bobbie Jo says

    My family’s handed down version of “goulash” is fried potatoes, sliced hotdogs and scrambled eggs all fried together :) Guess it was a WWII thing – goulash became whatever was available. Funny thing is its one of my family’s favorite meals :)

  6. Rachael says

    Bake 1/2 lb. Italian sausage, some potatoes, onions, and peppers on a baking sheet. Works great for lunch or dinner and the leftovers are yummy in scrambled eggs the next day.

  7. says

    I often have Mexican rice & beans in the fridge that can be heated up for lunch. (See Fish Mama’s recipe–it’s the best!)

    We also like these Nutty Blender Waffles for an occasional lunch. They’re hearty–a little more than we would normally eat for breakfast:


    And lately I’ve been making dairy-free soup using coconut milk. Here’s our latest favorite, Corn Chowder:


    And for a snack, we’ve recently discovered coconut oil on popcorn, who knew? I tried the DIY microwave instructions you posted:


    I hope that helps. I know it can be really hard to come up with new ideas. We can’t have anything with dairy or soy, and I try to limit the amount of gluten we eat.

  8. says

    Here is our delicious and simple-prep menu for the week:

    As for lunch ideas, GF Corn Tortilla Roll Ups, Baked Potatoes, Brown Rice Noodles with Spaghetti Sauce, Tamales (if your children will eat them), chicken salad or tuna salad served in lettuce cups, and these Coconut Milk Fruit Smoothies are a favorite in our house: http://www.savemoneylivejoyfully.com/2011/06/recipe-of-week-fresh-fruit-smoothies.html

    I also made the Energy Bites last week and we LOVE LOVE them. I’m already thinking of the next variation I want to try :)

  9. says

    I live alone so I only cook a couple of times a week and then freeze the left-overs in individual portions. This means lunch is usually left-overs. I do sometimes bring soup and a sandwich – I use either Udi’s bread for PB&J or Canyon Bakehouse makes a focaccia now if I go with lunch meat – usually turkey or roast beef.

    I’ve got some left-over turkey cubed from a turkey breast I made last week in the freezer that I’m going to make with asparagus and brown rice.

    I’m also planning on making my Arroz con Pollo Recipe: http://glutenfreedairyfreenj.blogspot.com/2011/06/arroz-con-pollo-recipe-chicken-and-rice.html

    I’ll probably finish out the week with GF pasta with tomato free pasta sauce (can’t have tomatoes either).

    Oh, and I think there is still another roast turkey, gf/df stuffing and df mashed potatoes meal in the freezer!

  10. says

    Great menu ideas!

    I hope my suggestions will be helpful to you for your lunches…

    Lettuce/meat roll ups – take your favorite lunch meat and a large leaf of lettuce. Roll together into a long tube (like a roll up). You can also add things like mustard, italian dressing, etc. Roll up and stick shut with a toothpick.

    Big, hearty salad. I chop up some romaine. Top with desired meat and dressing, and other veggies like cherry tomatoes, grated carrots, etc. For the meat, it works well if you use up something that is already cooked – leftover bacon from a breakfast meal, leftover baked ham, cooked and sliced chicken breast. Or, you can always do hard-boiled egg cut up and added to the salad.

    Soups! You can do a chicken tortilla soup – cooked chicken, diced tomatoes, chicken broth (Progresso is GF), onion, chili powder and cumin. Bake sliced corn tortillas at 400 degrees for 6-7 minutes, or until crispy. Serve soup topped with the crispies.

    I frequently make big batches of soup and freeze them in containers for lunches later in the week.

    Hope this helps!

  11. shannon says

    Something my kids love is turkey pepperoni and rice cakes/crackers, along with cheese slices and honey roasted peanuts. A weird combo!!

  12. Alison says

    Baked potato/sweet potato bar? Throw them in the crockpot first thing in the morning and they’ll be hot and ready by lunch.

    Tostadas or taquitos (FishMama has good freezer ones).

    Rice bowls?

  13. Susan says

    We do a lot of hummus (I like to make my own). We eat it with whatever we have on hand like fresh vegetables, corn tortillas, rice cakes or simply just over basmati rice. We all love it and its fairly inexpensive when you make it. Plus if you use plenty of olive oil when you make it it has the protein and fat that you don’t get when you can’t have dairy.

  14. Erin R. says

    Quinoa salads. I make a chili lime quinoa, santa fe quinoa, quinoa chili, quinoa with fruit, quinoa and red bean burritos (you’d have to use corn tortillas), etc. Pinterest also has a lot of quinoa recipes. Quinoa also makes a great porridge.

  15. Jennifer says

    chicken strips- slice chicken breasts or use chicken breast tenderloins, dip in egg and then seasoned gluten-free flour. bake on greased cookie sheet. My gfcf 3 year old loves em! gluten free spaghetti is good, extras freeze well.

  16. Laura F says

    We do tostadas alot! The round crunchy taco shells found at your local walmart (29th and Rock!) with refried beans, lettuce and cheese (optional of course depending on dairy). This is one meal all my kids can eat with different food restrictions.

  17. Holly says

    Does your family like fish or shrimp? Its a bit pricey but if you watch for a sale it won’t be that bad. Plus, it can mix up the menu and make for an adventurous meal!

  18. says

    I eat gluten free and my husband does not…this week we are having Chicken and Rice with Homemade Cheese Sauce (delish!), Fiesta Chicken with Rice, and a few other meals (plus 2 Lenten dinners at each of our churches).


    For lunch…for us, at least…the key is simple. We don’t have children yet. We eat leftovers quite frequently. My husband eats one or two sandwiches each week. I like to have grilled cheese (with Udi’s), cheese quesadillas (corn tortilla), etc. I try to save the creative meals for dinner and keep lunch simple. I don’t intend to change that too drastically when kids come along either! I think it’s important not to spend the ENTIRE day in the kitchen. 😉

  19. Ellen says

    We love baked potatoes topped with salsa, steak sauce, or steamed veggies. Add some dairy-free margarine or sour cream, and it’s super yummy!

    My kids also love taco salads or “nachos” which is really a taco salad with tortilla chips on the side 😉 We use refried beans (homemade from dry beans), black beans, leftover taco meat, plus lettuces, tomatoes, or whatever condiments I have on hand.

    My oldest is highly allergic to dairy, and for what it’s worth, she’s never even tasted cheese, but can’t stand the taste of practically any dairy-free cheese. I guess it just goes to show that sometimes there’s nothing better than the real thing :) But, Crystal, if you are looking for dairy alternatives, tofutti brand sour cream and cream cheese are excellent and pretty affordable.

    Good luck!

  20. says

    Just discovered an awesome gluten-free, dairy-free cookbook at our library.
    It’s called Cooking For Isaiah by Silvana Nardone. My whole family is drooling over the recipes. She has everything from breakfast to desserts.

  21. Laura says

    My favorite GF meals are salads. Anything you’d put in a sandwich, I throw on a bed of lettuce. Good luck! It isn’t easy.

  22. says

    I love spaghetti squash as a GF pasta substitute… and also, I had never heard of PB&J on rice cakes until I saw it here. I got rice cakes from the store and tried one and LOVE IT! I’m also going to try mini pizzas on rice cakes this week… a dallop of warmed sauce and cheese with a few pepperonis. My husband is also dairy-free so he’ll be trying his with soy cheese. We’ll let you know how they turn out. =]

  23. Jean says

    At the moment I am in love with plain corn tortillas. The soft ones. I use them almost daily. The secret I have found is to cook them. I pop them one at a time into a small skillet and cook until they are just lightly browned on both sides not quite crisp and nicely foldable. Then I usually use them for tacos of some sort, my current fave is Guapa Tacos. Guacamole on a corn tortilla, fold and add some lettuce, tomato or whatever other fresh veggies you have. I’ve also used hummus, refried beans, and nut butters. For the nut butter taco I use the white corn tortillas (milder taste) and top the “taco” with diced fruit. I also slice them up and use them as a noodle substitute in lasagna recipes. I don’t generally use the non dairy cheeses, most of them have at least some casein in them and those that don’t I just don’t seem to care for. I do make a parmesan substitute with nutritional yeast, garlic powder and sunflower seeds whirled up in a mini food processor. In the summer, Sorbet’s are naturally dairy free as are popsicles, etc.

    If you just have the one gluten free kiddo and don’t necessarily want to make all of your desserts gluten free for the rest of the fam, check out recipes for Microwave Mug Cakes. It’s pretty easy to whip up a single serve gluten & dairy free cake in a mug to serve your GFDF child or spouse or friend.

  24. Lisa C says

    Have you ever used the Chebe products? We love them in our home.

    A new fave for my girls is pizza balls.

    I use the Chebe Cheese Bread mix & make according to package directions (you can leave out the cheese if needed) adding in some chopped pepperoni & a little garlic powder if you like. Roll into balls & bake according to the directions & serve with a sauce of your choice for dipping. You can make a ton of these at once & throw in a bag & put in the freezer to have on hand.

    My girls can’t get enough of these.

  25. says

    My meal plan doesn’t post until tomorrow, but I wanted to go ahead and give you a few resources for allergy/gluten-friendly lunch ideas. I did a couple of posts on this issue back in the summer.

    This post is for packable lunches (school/work):

    These 2 posts are for lunches served at home (broken into salads & sandwiches, although you might have to sub corn tortilla, gluten-free bread, or rice cakes for the sandwiches):

    Finally, this blog has a link-up every Friday called “Lunchbox Love” where everything is allergy-friendly and packable.

    I hope those are helpful. I have a gluten-free bread recipe on my meal plan this week. If it turns out easy and digestible, I’ll let you know. :)

  26. Katherine says

    gluten-free lunch idea – tuna salad (made with hard boiled eggs and diced water chestnuts) served on rice crackers with carrots on the side.

  27. says

    Tons of great ideas. On thing I found that might work for y’all is when I wanted the creaminess of say cream cheese–I found that hummus was a nice way to add creaminess to rice/quinoa dishes. HTH!

  28. says

    Are you all trying to go gluten-free? The reason I ask is that I deal with a dairy and egg allergy here and I have gotten really good at making separate items for my dd. I make dairy/egg free muffins for her and keep them in the freezer to pull out when I make regular muffins. So is there some way you can maybe get gluten-free bread for your child and then when you have sandwiches, use regular bread for everyone else and the special bread for that child? Just a thought.

    Why not do baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes for lunch? It would pair well with cheese cubes or string cheese and a fruit.

  29. says

    I like to make a big batch of Taco Corn Fritters for lunch – they freeze well and warm up well as quick lunch leftovers: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/taco-corn-fritters. (Skipping the cheese and using rice milk as a sub for regular milk, of course.) Also, you might try CornDog Muffins for lunch http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/homemade-corn-dogs-and-corn-dog-muffins using only corn meal instead of a mix of corn meal and wheat flour.

    Here are all of the GF recipes I have on my site, although many of them o include dairy. http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/recipes-2/gluten-free

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