Do It Yourself: Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Adelyn shows you how to make homemade eye makeup remover.

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  1. says

    I made this with olive oil and it did NOT work very well at all. I wear waterproof mascara and have been a faithful buyer of Clinique’s Take The Day Off for years. It works amazing and this didn’t even come close : ( So sad because the Clinique is expensive!

    • tonja says

      It might make a difference as to the effectiveness if you used baby oil instead of olive oil. I just looked up the ingredients and price of the Clinique. It would be worth a try anyway. :)

    • Brandi says

      I have been told that Clinique’s and Mary Kay’s are very simalar and both work great! Mary Kay’s is is $3 less per bottle. If you buy a few a year, that can add up.

  2. tara says

    I have sensitive eyes and have used baby shampoo as eye makeup remover for years! That’s what my doctor advised. A bottle will last forever!

  3. tonja says

    Thanks for this! I am just about out of eye make up remover, so it’s very timely!
    I like natural stuff, but I do think that the baby oil would be most effective. And it certainly is going to be better for you than most commercial products. I don’t think coconut oil would work very well in a mixture…at least not up north where I live. My coconut oil is pretty hard this time of year!
    Thanks again!

  4. Susan C in NY says

    I’ve recently been using olive oil, completely by itself, and it’s taking all my makeup off even my waterproof mascara. You only need a little and then use a super warm washcloth to give yourself a little steam facial and wipe off (you may need to wash a few times–I usually do it twice).

  5. Mandi says

    Vaseline works fabulously!!! It is cheap, lasts forever, and works great. I learned the tip from an All You Magazine and will be forever grateful!

  6. Leisa says

    What is the uproar on her page about the baby oil? I’ve used baby oil (by itself) to remove my eye makeup for 20 years and have never had a problem. I also don’t have any crows’ feet – which I give baby oil the credit for. I wasn’t able to find any comments on her page about why NOT to use baby oil…

  7. says

    Over the years I have tried vaseline, baby oil and olive oil, and found that while vaseline worked well it was pretty thick and left a film around my eyes. The baby oil worked very well, but the olive oil wasn’t very effective. I’m going to try a dab of grape seed oil the next time I wear eye makeup though….hopefully it won’t be anytime soon – I LOVE not having to wear makeup everyday!

  8. Jennifer J says

    Baby oil leaches fat soluble vitamins out of your skin. Anecdotally, it might work well, but the science says not to use it. Has anyone tried almond oil? My mom has been using it for 20 years and it works well for her.

  9. Taylor says

    the absolute best eye-makeup remover is the homemade face wash that crystal plans to make this year (i believe in march?)! not only does it effortlessly remove even the most stubborn eye makeup, but the castor oil in it makes your lashes unbelievably long and thick!!!

  10. KimH says

    ANY oil will remove dirt & makeup.. so will any lotion or body butter.. You can use pure olive oil, pure shea butter, coconut oil, or any other.. For that matter, so will motor oil, though I doubt anyone would want to.. but it works..
    Use something good for your skin and you’ll be doing it a great service..

    • Debbie says

      Good point about the motor oil! Apparently baby oil isn’t too far off from it. Jojoba is another to try. Seems like naturally derived, single ingredient, cold pressed oils or butters would be the healthiest choices.

  11. Jen says

    Just five minutes ago, I made my first batch of homemade eye makeup remover! It was just equal parts olive oil (or baby oil) and witch hazel!

  12. Debbie says

    You can always substitute jojoba oil. It is very similar to skin’s sebum and it doesn’t contain petroleum byproducts such as baby oil (mineral oil) or vaseline. I am guessing that is what all the uproar was about? It goes without saying “to each his own”, but I would never put baby oil anywhere near my baby or myself for that matter and I also wouldn’t judge anyone who does because maybe they don’t have all the information about these ingredients.

  13. Shirley says

    I have found using castor oil and jojoba oil or castor oil and olive oil work really well. I do not have any greasy residue. Also use this to wash my face as “oil cleansing method”. I have to say my pores are very clear and my skin is very soft even in the dry, winter months.

  14. Pat says

    You don’t need a recipe for eye makeup remover! I have been using strictly baby shampoo for over 20 years! I have tried other methods, and this one is the best as far as I’m concerned. I put it in a small pump bottle to make it easier to use.

  15. Heather says

    Ive been using just watered down baby shampoo for years to wash my eyes (shampoo and water) for years per my ophthalmologist’s suggestion.

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