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Ask The Readers: How Do You Save on K-Cups?

Today’s question is from Elizabeth:

How do you save money on purchasing K-Cups for Keurig single-brew coffee makers? I have tried using coupons for K-Cups, but it’s often hard to find the specific brand the coupon is for. I have also tried ordering them online from different sites, but I found that the sites that offered coupon codes and great deals weren’t working properly and my orders did not go through. Does anyone know what the best sites are {with or without coupon codes} to order K-Cups from? -Elizabeth

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  1. Diane says

    I know many people have already mentioned that Bed Bath and Beyond is a great location to buy K-cups. I just wanted to add that many times they have free shipping on K-cups when you purchase them online. (Right now in fact they are offering it and there is no minimum order.)You can then bring in your receipt to the store with a 20% coupon for a coupon adjustment (if you do not have a coupon that you can use online). That way you have a vast selection online, you don’t have to pay extra for shipping, and you can still use your coupon!

  2. Sheila says

    I stack coupons (usually Safeway grocery and Target) with sales at those two stores. I also get the 80 cup variety box at BB&B with a 20 % coupon, or get them at Kohls when I have a 30% coupon.

  3. Jillian says

    I have tried the filters and refillable kcup for my Keurig and it never worked right for me. I would have to brew a cup three times with the refillable cup before it would fill up a normal size coffee mug. I buy my kcups in bulk from Amazon. $30 for 50 Donut Shop kcups. Not bad.

  4. Tami says

    I too use the refillable Kcup but enjoy variety so I scout Amazon and was able to buy variety packs of 35 for 17 with free super saver shipping when spending 25. I also watch at Target for the deal with their coupon, and $5 gift card. One other way to stretch is my husband loves strong dark coffee I prefer weaker coffee so on some of the K cups I have found we can pop it out turn it half way around and resuse for a second weaker cup. This works better when you let them dry before reuse.

  5. says

    I’m sure someone else has already said this but, we reuse ours. Once we have used once, we take the top piece of foil off, empty the coffee, rinse and let dry. Then we refill with coffee and use two small pieces of foil to cover and seal as well as possible. My husband has been doing it for over a year.

    We prefer this over utilizing our reusable filter

  6. Michelle says

    Last week at my Kroger, I found the 36 variety pack reduced to $8.59. I suppose this was a holiday clearance.

    I love my Keurig, and in the vein of the first article today about taking frugal too far, I have rationalized my indulgence.

    On a bit of a different note, my first Keurig “died” after one year of use, and after the warranty had expired. The company was wonderful when my husband called to see if it could be repaired. They replaced it with a new one! Incidentally, the new one has to be “repowered” after a spell vs. being ready to brew at any time.

  7. says

    I wish people who do not use or do not like the Keurig would refrain from getting in on this conversation. If you’re not a fan, then this conversation is NOT for you. Have some common courtesy. The woman didn’t ask what your opinion of the coffee machine was, just how she could get some good prices on the coffee.

    Anyway, I thank everyone for their tips and suggestions. I never knew that T.J. Maxx and Home Goods carried them! Awesome! And I never thought of getting them at JC Penney or Kohls’s when those $10 off of $10 coupons come out. CLEVER!

    Here’s my tip: Go to Walmart. Since the K-cup patent ran out, other companies can now make them and sell them for a competitive price. Walmart has hot cocoa, coffees, spiced apple cider, and cappuccinos for $7.98 for 18 cups! Best price I’ve ever paid!

    • Kate says

      You should have some common courtesy for your fellow man and refrain from shopping at walmart.

      There is nothing wrong ith expressing a contrary opinion. Some people honestly have no idea that the keurig has a huge environmental impact.

      We’re talking about how to get a good price on coffee. Many people consider their impact on the earth when determining what a good price is.

      • Erika M says

        Actually you are incorrect. The question was how to get a good price on kcups. The original question, was not asking how to save money on coffee. For some people, the splurge is on Kcups, for others, it is shopping at Walmart, and for others it is disposable diapers or not composting. I agree with you on the environmental impact and Walmart, but I also agree with this original comment, if you choose not to use a Keurig or do not like them, there’s no need to comment on this post, it is not helpful, which is the goal of the post. Those comments which say, “just don’t use the Keurig” or equal to me saying “Just use cloth diapers” when someone askes where to find a good price on disposable diapers. I just think that we could be helpful and stick with the question, not try to impose our views on others when they are not asked about.

        • Elizabeth says

          @Erika: Thank you for your comment. I was the one who sent in this question, and you read my mind…I love it how you re-iterated that I wasn’t asking how to save money on coffee, or what other options were. I do use one k-cup per day, and always will. So yes, I did only want to know how to save money on k cups and I do appreciate everyone who answered that question…lots of helpful answers!

        • Keri says

          I appreciate your response (& the original post by Free 2 be Frugal). Everyone has different areas that they splurge in, and shouldn’t be judged for them (see the recent article on this site about not being too frugal). I personally am not at a point of being 100% frugal with strict budgets and planning, etc, but I do enjoy saving money anywhere I can, and that’s why I come to this site. It’s always refreshing to see you won’t be judged for not doing frugal ‘right’ all the time.

          Thanks to everyone else for all the great tips!

  8. says

    I have friends that order their k-cups from an online janitorial supply company in bulk. They split the order and buy in bulk. I am ever so lucky to have a Starbucks Employee/Roaster as a husband- so I get Starbucks for free each week!!!! 😀

  9. Tracy says

    If you aren’t hooked on a particular brand watch for the clearance and daily deals at Amazon.com. I was able to get 2 packages, 12 cts, for a total of 24 k cups for $5.38 including shipping. In the past I have been able to get various sizes, ranging from $4.00 to $10.00. I never pay more than $10, and if I am paying that much it needs to be for the larger counts.
    When there is no good sales, I use the refillable cups. To clean easily, I let them dry a little, the drier grounds come out easier.

  10. Amanda B says

    We just found that our Costco is now carrying the San Francisco Bay organic french roast coffee in K-cups at a killer price of $25 for 80 cups! We used to buy the beans before the Keurig and are excited to find them in cups and so much cheaper than anything else I’ve seen so far.

  11. says

    I put tea bags directly into the reusable filter that came with my machine. For herbal teas I use most I buy bags of loose leaves that go into the filter. It’s WAY cheaper. I also use the same tea bag or leaves for several cups before the flavor weakens. It’s fun to have a wonderful treat for a couple penny’s expense!

  12. Evie K. says

    I got my Keurig for Christmas and I have done a lot of searching for the cheapest K-cups. I either get them at Target with a good coupon or at the Shoffee site. When I get it online at the Shoffee site, it comes out to be about 58 cents per cup. I get the bold or extra bold blends cause they make the best iced coffees at the lower water setting and really great regular coffee when I use the higher water setting.

  13. Val in MD says

    I’m chuckling at all the tsk-tsking from people who are not fans. The question was not “should one have/use a Keurig?” But I digress.

    It’s probably our family’s most-used and -loved appliance. We use it every single day, multiple times/day during the cold months. I make homemade hot chocolate mix and keep it on the counter beside the Keurig. The little ones (kindergarten age) can even make their own cups with the instant hot water. It’s a lot safer than getting stepstools and lifting hot mugs out of the microwave, or heating water on the stove. We drink a lot of tea as well, and instead of buying the tea K-cups, simply use a bag and the Keurig for instant hot water. I’d say we use it 5:1 for hot water:Kcups. It’s the best money I think I ever spent.

    Also they have superb customer service. Ours was giving us fits, even after doing a descale and going through all the troubleshooting. They sent a new one right out with no quibbling.

  14. KimH says

    For the most part, we have gotten ours from Amazon with Subscribe & Save though the cost has gone thru the roof in the last 6 months, Im not subscribed any longer.
    Now, Im getting them from Kohls when they’re on sale, plus Kohls cash, & a 30% (usually) coupon for using my credit card.
    We also get them at the Water Supply Co down the street from where m’honey works. They have machines that they lease & provide the coffee for, so he can get it there fairly reasonably.

  15. Pam says

    I LOVE my Keurig :). It’s just about the only thing my hubby and I splurge on. We were buying our coffee from Sam’s Club (80 K-cups for about $40). We had tried Keurig’s filter and it NEVER worked. So I was hesitant to try any other brands. But the cost was just killing me, so I took a chance and order somed Ekobrew refillable cups from Amazon. They are amazing!! I highly recommend them! They were a little pricey to start w/ $20 for the two, but then I bought 140 “cups” of my hubs’ favorite coffee for under $20..so they’re already cheaper than the K-cups!


  16. Jenn says

    K-cups can be expensive but they are so convenient. I frequently find bent(but unharmed boxes) at Bed Bath & Beyond. Tonight I walked in and found a box of 48 cups marked down to $15.98 – $5 coupon=10.98– that works out to less than 25 cents a cup. They also had a variey of 18 count boxes for $6-20% off coupon. I still use my regular coffee pot in the morning, when I and my husband drink several cups.

  17. Mary Collins says

    I buy my K-cups on Ebay and Amazon in cases of 100 – on Ebay you can generally find them for about $62 for 100. Make sure to look for sellers like idrugstore who has this price with free shipping. I also use the refillable K-cup – buying the actual Keurig one is totally worth the extra investment – it is heavy duty and the lid screws on. It has a metal mesh filter that you just turn over in the sink and tap out the grounds then rinse. It works great. The less expensive ones are a mess and make terrible coffee.

  18. says

    Amazon, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Kohls (only on sale with additional 30% off). Best place I found was W.B.Masons – a site I order office supplies – they just had a special 24 pk for 9.99 + free shipping…. can’t beat that! I stocked up! K-cups are my special treat..

  19. Anita says

    I own a Keurig for convenience. I try to recycle & reuse wherever possible. While I appreciate the ability to fill a reusable K cup… if I wanted to fill something, I would be filling a regular coffee pot. There are some days in my household where just refilling the water seems like ‘the end of the world’ type of task.

    I never thought about getting Kcups at Kohls… great idea! I’ve been getting them at JCPenney with a coupon.

  20. Jenni says

    Honestly, I make a point not to buy anything which requires a specific refill product. After doing the math, I’ve found that refills are where the true cost of a product is. Diaper genie? Expensive refills, so I bought another brand which uses any garbage bags (including bags from the grocery store). Same thing with an off-brand swiffer with refillable bottles and reusable cleaning pads.

    We won a Keurig from a giveaway at work and sold it in favor of a cheap 2-cup coffee maker. No regrets.

  21. Amy says

    I used to work at Macy’s and it’s a really good place to buy K-Cups when they are running a savings pass or coupon that’s good in the home department.

    My Macy’s had sale prices on the K-Cups comparable to Wal-Mart and also around the holidays Macy’s will frequently run them on sale for 40% off or B 1 Get 1 Free (we always sold a ton then!).

    I don’t recommend the off-brand K-Cups you can find at Wal-Mart – the coffee tasted terrible – like instant! We use the Keurig brand refillable filter with no problems for over a year now. We’ve brewed 8 O’Clock Coffee, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Caribou all without grounds in the cup or overflow issues.

    Hope this helps!

  22. Chrystelle says

    We get ours at coffeewiz.com. The boxes have 20 in them instead of 18 (like at BBB) and they don’t charge for shipping for orders $50 or more. We also buy at Costco, $37 for 84 pods.

    We got our Keurig when I was pregnant and wanted a cup of decaf while my hubby had a cup of regular coffee. Before the Keurig, we were wasting so much coffee because we were making two different pots for our two separate cups of coffee!

  23. Erin Rose says

    My goal for K-cups is 50cents/cup. I don’t by them if they are more than that. I have gotten them at Kohls mostly. Also Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, and sometimes Target with a giftcard deal. It is only me who drinks coffee in our house and I have about 2 cups a day so this works out fine for me. Also nice for when we have company.

  24. Tammy says

    Sams club has the best deal for me $40 for 80 Caribou or Donut shop coffee. Another tip for everyone is to register your Keurig online. I know that it’s a one time deal, but when you register it at Keurig.com you get 2 boxes free when you buy 2 plus free shipping. So in my example it cost about $30 for 4 boxes of 24, which was a very good deal!

  25. Elizabeth says

    Thank you, Crystal, for posting my question. Also, thanks to all of you who answered my question by telling me where and how you purchase your k cups for a great price. I didn’t know about a lot of the websites that were mentioned and some places I NEVER would have thought to look, like Staples, Christmas Tree Shop, JCPenney, etc… Thanks again to all of you who gave me great ideas so not now I have tons of stores to check out and pricematch!

  26. tricia says

    i just purchased from coffeeforless.com for the first time. I have a Tassimo, but they also sell K cups. The price for me to use a promo code and not spend gas getting to Bed Bath and Beyond made it worth while. They are 10 cents cheaper a pack, but I saved in other ways even though BBB has a 20% coupon. I will probably break even, but the convenience was great. I also had a groupon type deal for it, but I didn’t factor that in when I did the initial cost break down to see if I would want to use it in the future as well. The deal made it even better though for this first purchase!

  27. chelsea says

    I’ve found that you can re-use a kcup once. I just leave it in and pour more water, usually get at least 2 cups out of each k cup. I also watch amazon (got a set of 36 kcups for under $6 shipped the other day). I also use swagbucks to get amazon gift cards. Also, I turn in empty ink cartrdiges to staples (my friends give me theirs too) and you can get up to $20 in store credits each month for this, $2 per cartridge. They carry kcups in store and online. And finally, I watch on for them on clearance.

  28. Robin says

    I discovered greenmoutain.com. It’s free to join and member prices are $13.99 for a box of 24 with no sales tax. Order 4 boxes and pay no shipping. You can also set up a recurring order which you can change flavors, shipping dates, etc at any time. You don’t accumulate points like Keurig.com but I have received 12 free sample cups, an insulated tumbler and coffee cup. They also send a chart that tells you how often you should order depending on how many cups you drink daily. They have cups, bagged ground coffee and beans, cookies and more.
    I’ve also tried the filter to add your own grounds and gave it to my Dad because it leaked. Thanks for the tips – I think I’ll try it again.

  29. amanda says

    I figured out that I could use the 20% off coupons late last year to get T-discs for my Tassimo and started purchasing them as soon as the coupon came. However, since the beginning of the year, I haven’t gotten a single one in the mail. Anyone else noticed a cutback recently?

  30. says

    I LOVE my keurig!!! My husband bought on for me for Christmas, and it’s probably one of the best gifts ever (and he thought of it himself!). I’ve gotten several boxes at Office Max using my Max rewards. I also go to Walmart to get them, because they are cheaper there.

    And to all those who think K-cups are a waste of money, I used to spend $3-$5 a day at a coffee shop because I didn’t have the time to wait for a pot of coffee to brew at home. So for me, spending around 50 cents/cup is well worth it!

  31. Christina says

    If you live in PA, MD or DE, the best price on K-cups is at BB’s Grocery Outlet in Quarryville, PA. They sell a box of name brand k-cups for $3-$5 per box. I also found a STEAL at the Lancaster Outlets in a Kitchen Outlet store that was selling a box of 48 k-cups for $10 per box because they were getting ready to expire. My husband said the taste was still good.

  32. Marnie says

    My sister gave me her Keurig, and I love it. I am a one-cup-a-day person, so it’s perfect for me. I have gotten my K-cups cheap/free from Amazon using my Swagbucks. I have also gotten them at Penney’s when I have a coupon. My local Meijer store had a great deal over Christmas on a variety pack, plus I had a coupon. I have been getting a TON of free samples lately that have keep in stock as well. Watch for deals!

  33. says

    Check Mir’s website http://www.wantnot.net for deals. She often posts when there is a good buy on K-cups from Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon (use Swagbucks!).

    I am in no way affiliated with Mir (except that I think she is pretty) but I do love to see the deals she finds.

    Also… I was just at Bed Bath & Beyond and the fall K-cups were on clearance…. about $19.00 for 44 cups I think….. and if you have a $5 off or 20% coupon that is a good deal. AND they always take expired coupons.

  34. Natalie says

    Macy’s has been putting the K-Cups on sale for 30% off alot lately. Like this weekend!! :-) Plus you can use a coupon. Today it’s 15%…which you find on their website. The coupons are good in-store or online.

  35. Lisa says

    I combine with coupons and sales. The best I found was Bergners(CARSONS) you can use the $10 off $25 coupons on K-cups. And then at Target when they do the buy three get $5 gc back and along with coupons from inserts. I spend between .30-.40 a cup, but I only drink one cup a day. It has been much a money saver for us since I am the only one that drinks coffee and only one cup a day, I’m saving calories, water and excess coffee. And it is my treat to myself for all the hard work I do taking care of the house, kids and man :) Oh and facebook offers for free k-cups rock, I have numerous friends and family that sign up and give them to me :)

  36. Denise says

    Use an EkoBrew refillable cup (you can get them on Amazon) and fill with whatever type of coffee you like (fill only to the lower fill line to avoid backflow). I have several for when friends are over :-)

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