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We Paid Cash: Living Room Chairs


Guest post by Rachel from Frugal and Simple [2]

When we were married, almost all of the furniture in our first apartment with was second hand. And after five years of marriage, our home is still furnished with those same cast-offs!

The couch that my husband brought into our marriage is a nice black leather sectional that is comfortable and still has many years of wear left. We have been talking about purchasing coordinating chairs for a few years now; however all the new chairs we liked and agreed on were way too expensive.

We scoured Craigslist and thrift stores for many months without any success. Again, the things we liked were way too expensive and the ones we could afford were way too dated!

Since we had recently started hosting a small group in our home and we had some excess money in our savings account, we decided to go ahead and use this money to purchase living room chairs. We agreed on budget of $600 for purchasing chairs and we started seriously looking.

One weekend, not long after we sat the dollar amount, we stopped in a small furniture store just two miles from our home. At the front of the store there was a red leather chair with a price of $229! We both loved the chair but red didn’t go with the existing decor in our living room.

We inquired and learned that particular chair did not come in black, which was the color we preferred, but that we could order similar chairs made by the same manufacturer for the price of $229! This was by far the best price we found for chairs that we liked. Also, by paying cash, we didn’t have to pay sales tax!


We ended up paying $458 cash for our two new black chairs. With the $142 we were under budget, we purchased an apple green leather ottoman for $104 so we could kick up our feet and have an additional seat for times when we have a house full of friends.

We now have two chairs that we needed and an ottoman–and we’re $38 under budget!

Rachel loves living a frugal and simple life with her husband and toddler and new baby. She blogs about saving money, contentment, and living minimally at Frugal and Simple [2].

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