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This Week’s Menu

Freshly-made Orange Carrot Juice

I’m back to posting regular menus here again, after taking four weeks off. Here’s what we’re planning to eat this week:


Fresh Carrot/orange juice, toasted bagels
Waffles, oranges
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, fruit
Raw Veggie Cereal (this sounds so intriguing that I just have to try it!)
Toasted bagels, eggs, fruit


Tossed salad with sliced chicken
Macaroni & cheese, peas
PB&J, carrot sticks, apple slices
Refried beans with cheese, carrot sticks
Cheese quesadillas, carrot sticks, fruit
Leftovers x 2


Chocolate Granola Bars
Healthy Chocolate Mousse
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins


Steak, potatoes, broccoli, fruit
Black Bean & Taco Bake, tossed salad
Hamburgers, tater tots, steamed veggies
Cheesy Chicken & Rice Bake, tossed salad, grapefruit
Build Your Own Haystacks, fruit, brown rice
Dinner out
Dinner with extended family

Freezer Cooking

Beef and Black Bean Taco Bake
Chocolate Peanut Granola
Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

What’s on your menu this week? Share details and/or your link to your menu plan in the comments.

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  1. Tracy says

    I’d love to make the Black Bean and Taco bake, but got a suggestion on a way to make it low-carb? (Weight loss surgery patient) Same with the cheesy chicken and rice dish? Thanks.

  2. says



    late breakfast/ early lunch- Banana Cream Cheese Muffins,
    Dinner- Salmons patty, Green Salad, Rice with herbs and Brussels sprouts

    Breakfast- Banana Cream Cheese Muffins,
    Lunch- Egg and cheese burrito, oranges and pineapple
    Dinner- Ham and Roast Beef sandwich on an Onion Roll, Cucumber Salad


    Breakfast- Hot Oatmeal and Scrambled Eggs
    Lunch- Ham and Roast Beef sandwich on an Onion Roll, with carrot sticks
    Dinner- Grilled Cheese and Potato Bacon Chowder

    Breakfast-Cold Cereal and Bananas
    Lunch- Tuna Salad Sandwich, Chips and Cucumbers
    Dinner- Grilled Chicken Breast with Spinach and Mushroom sauce, CousCous and Green Salad

    Breakfast- Cold Cereal and Bananas
    Lunch- Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, apple slices
    Dinner- Michael Angelo’s Lasagna, Bread Sticks, Green Peas and Green Salad

    Breakfast- Blue Berry Breakfast Cake
    Lunch- Green Salad with Candied Pecans, crasians, and carrots.
    Friday- Went out to eat with a Gift Card at IHOP

    late breakfast/ early lunch-Blue Berry Breakfast Cake
    Dinner- Vegetable Cheese Soup and Bread sticks

  3. says

    This year I’m trying to do a little freezer cooking. Two weeks ago I made double or triple batches for all dinners; this week–we’re eating them! I’m using the 4-5:00 hour when I usually cook to work out or write this week. Yay!

  4. says

    Hmm…Raw veggie cereal ??? I’m intrigued as well…I think I might need to try that this week. You’ll have to let us know what you think…

    Oh, and the healthy chocolate mouse…definitely gonna happen in my house this week. Thanks for the link. Yum ! :-)

  5. says

    Thanks for linking to my Beef and Black Bean Taco Bake. I’m impressed that you plan out breakfasts. We’re such boring breakfast eaters. Bagels or toast, juice and coffee every morning. It’s easy though and that’s why we stick with it.

  6. says

    Your menu looks great! I haven’t written out my plan yet. I was sick over the weekend and yesterday my mind still felt fuzzy so I didn’t attempt to write up a plan. Today I will most likely plan for the rest of the week.

    The healthy Chocolate Mousse looks divine!! I think I will have to put the ingredients on my shopping list. My oldest is allergic to milk so this would be a great dessert that even she can enjoy. :)

    • Jen says

      I usually mix up the wet ingredients, then mix in the dry ingredients one at a time starting with small amounts first and working up to the flour. I have no desire to wash an extra dish, and I like quick and easy.

  7. says

    My first time posting our weekly menu plan! All of our items are gluten free for those looking for new GF recipes. Linked through my name.

  8. Heather says

    Healthy Chocolate Mousse – was a HUGE hit last week at our house but I did use chocolate stevia drops for the sweetner. The boys would have eaten it like pudding but we dipped fresh fruit in it for a healthy snack.

  9. Katie says

    I’d love to hear more about the orange carrot juice. I’m wanting to start juicing; is that something you do? I’d be interested in any tips!

      • Jenna says

        Is that something you do often? I only remember seeing smoothies before. It’s something we are considering investing in. How do the kids like it? Willing to share any juicing recipes 😉

        • says

          I used to do it a lot, but haven’t made juice much in recent months. After seeing how quickly everyone gobbled down the juice yesterday, I’m determined to make juicing a more regular thing around here.

  10. Kristi says

    Reference the haystacks, we went to a friend’s house one time where these were served buffet style. On that buffet were a bowl of chopped pecans and a bowl of coconut flakes. I thought it was a little – weird. My friend saw my hesitancy and said that her mother had discovered that flavor combination, she she decided to try it also and loved it. I am always ready to try new things, and since I love pecans and have learned to tolerate/enjoy coconut (much prefer flakes to shredded or toasted), I piled it on. I loved it!!! I planned that for this week’s menu even before seeing this posting. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  11. Antonella says

    Love to try anything raw and healthy!!
    This cereal recipe I will try for sure, thanks a lot and keep’em coming..

  12. Lisa says

    I’d love to hear how the chocolate mousse turns out for you. I tried it last week and it was a complete flop! I’m wondering if it was the can of coconut milk that I used. I couldn’t get it thick enough to be like mousse, no matter how long I beat it. (and the taste was a bit too tangy) I’m interested to hear how it turns out for others!

    I love the idea of raw cereal – I might be intrigued enough to try it this week.

    • Heather says

      Had that problem the first time I tried this. Switched up to a different brand of coconut milk which really helped. I also found it that after it sat in the fridge for a while, it tasted much better.

  13. says

    I made the Raw Veggie Cereal this morning. Yum! I was quite surprised by how tasty it was, and my 4yo and 19-month-old daughters kept asking for more bites!

  14. Mindy says

    Wow, the raw veggie cereal certainly does sound very intriguing! I would love to hear what you think of it after you try it! :-)

  15. beth b says

    My MIL does the raw foods diet and has served us some fairly disgusting meals. I’m all for challenging ones ideas on what eating healthy looks like but raw veggie cereal might be more than I can handle. :)

    We have a juicer too but I don’t pull it out very often. One of my favorite combinations is apple carrot ginger. I really love a beet or two thrown in there too. Yum. Too had our kids won’t touch it but I guess that makes more for me!

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