Target: Free Kre-O Transformers Set & Free Hungry Hippos Travel Set!

Hurry and print these really hot Hasbros coupons. Target reportedly has the following deals:

Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime 90-piece Set — $7.99
Use $8/1 Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime Construction set printable coupon
Free after coupon

Hungry Hippos Travel Set — $4.99
Use $5/1 Hungry Hungry Hippos game printable coupons
Free after coupon

Thanks, Clipping My Blessings!

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  1. Shauna says

    Thank you for posting these. I really appreciate you. I started reading your book this morning and am putting together a letter to send to you. I LOVE IT!! I can’t wait to share with you what we have done to eliminate debt (only have school loans and a mortgage now) and how we are setting goals to move our lives forward!

  2. RN Gaston says

    I am not so sure about the Kre-O offer. The coupon shows a picture of the Optimus Prime 542-piece set priced at $49.49 and not the 90-peice set which is $7.99.
    The other two Kre-O $8 coupons from the same site are also for much larger more expensive sets so that leads me to believe that this one is associated with the larger set also.

    • Jennifer says

      I tried to use this coupon at Wal-Mart last night and they refused it, stating that the item has to match the picture and that the coupon was for the larger set, like you had said. They also told me that if I used the coupon, the item would be free and they don’t give free items…so idk. I guess it was worth a try.

  3. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this deal! Now I can pick up a few toys to put in my “future gifts” bin in the basement. Perfect for a friends birthday or a treat for my own children on a rainy/snowy day.

  4. lee says

    The Kreo coupon specifically says star scream or megatron…neither of those are 7.99. And my son wanted one of these for Christmas, and lets just say they aren’t the same quality as lego’s. They don’t stay together well and the instructions are harder to read. The designs are flawed too.

    • Rachel says

      I printed off the coupons for the KRE-O and they both state what ones are used for coupon. One is for the 542 piece set and the other are for starsream and megatron.

    • kristen says

      I just got this and I agree! My 6 year old daughter was doing a great job of assembling this but getting really frustrated that the pieces kept coming off. I sat down to help her and the same thing was happening to me!

  5. chelsea says

    I printed the Baby Alive couponss from the Target website yesterday before leaving the house, and ended up finding a couple Baby Alives marked down to $7.49 at Target. The Target near us has tons of their toys marked down 50% and some at 70%, and they keep adding them as they leave the shelves. So I’ll hold onto these and hopefully find some marked down soon.

  6. becky says

    just got back from target and got the transformer set with no problems….of course i also bought a lot of other stuff as the finally marked down the baby clothes i have been eyeing for our next new bundle due on mother’s day!!!

  7. Nellie says

    my target did not have the hungry hippos travel set. oh well. as for the KRE-o transformer set, my store has the small optimus prime set for $9.49. the $8 coupon rang through with NO beeps!

  8. Brooke says

    I got the hungry hungry hippos travel game and two KRE-O sets. There were no problems with the coupons. If they do give you any problems over it, nowhere on the coupon does it state that it has to be the larger version, so just ask to talk to a manager.

  9. Courtney Sadler says

    I am bummed. I tried to print out the coupons. I had to register and then it told me that there were no coupons to print. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • tracy says

      yes it said no more left and wanted to give me a bey blade coupon my son dosent like them so i just left hope they got something good soon

    • Adriana says

      It asked me to register as well, then said the following.


      We’re all out of today’s deal. Remember, there are a limited number of codes.

      Come back each day to get a new deal or check out MORE GREAT SAVINGS on other Hasbro toys and games below.”

      Underneath was a a link that said “Get Coupons Now”; when I clicked on it, all the coupons showed up. Perhaps there’s a daily print limit?

    • Katie says

      I saw that too, but there is still a button to click on for coupons. I clicked on that and it pulled up 3 pages of coupons. I think they are refering to something else they are out of-some kind of daily deal, but not the coupons.

  10. Rachel E says

    I think it’s supposed to be use for the @29.99 Ker-o set but it does not specify therefore it should ring through if the cashier isn’t too picky. If you go on the target site and look up the toy it will show the one it’s “technically” supposed to be used on but they look pretty much the same.
    And the Hungry Hippos is actually with an assortment of traveling games so you might have to look through them. Mine took the coupon but I’m not sure for how long they will. But it looks like all the coupons are gone now.

  11. Leela says

    This didn’t work for me today. The coupon is for $8 but the product is $29.99 or so… They wouldn’t honor it on the small sets which are $7.99 even though the register would take it.

  12. says

    All it does is keep telling me to login/register to get coupons and when I do that and click on ANYTHING, it just makes me do it again :(

    • Tara says

      Me too! I’m guessing that means they are out? I spent 45 minutes going around in circles trying to figure out how to login and get them and then nothing! Guess my son won’t be getting these after all!

  13. Monica @ OurPerfectSeven says

    So excited….thank you! I found two of the hungry hippos (had to dig b/c all of the $4.99 travel games are together)! Also, was able to get the optimus prime! Paid $1.62 for all three items. Too bad I had only printed one of the optimus prime coupons!

    • Sarah T. says

      Thanks for mentioning digging! I was able to find them behind the Connect 4 travel games!

      I was able to get HHH and the Transformers thingie no problem. Since I used a reusable bag, she also took .05 off, so my total was -.05 but she charged me the .05 not realizing it was negative. When I pointed it out, she gave me my nickel back. hehe… hey, Crystal teaches us that pennies add up, right??

    • tara says

      where did you find the travel games at your Target? I couldn’t find them last night. : ( and my Target was out of the KreO sets too. : (

  14. Becky R says

    Out of Hungry Hippos, but did get the Kre-O Optimus small sets @ $7.99, using the $8 coupon without a problem. Also used the Transformers car $3 coupons for $2.99 clearance cars. ALL FREE toys!!

  15. connie says

    I, too, got (2) of the optimus small sets 8.79 in my area (Oregon), with no problems and no beeps :) and I was buying other items as well…however thought that .79 per box was great for the gift bin. Thanks! Did not find any Hippo games…fyi

  16. Raeanne says

    Thank you, I got 2 hungry hippo games from target and one kre from Walmart….starting my toys for tots collection early. Btw my target has gerber onesies on clearance or 4.48, regularly 9.99. There are coupons for these on targets website and on gerbers.

  17. Amy f;) says

    I did a simliar deal last year on the hippos game and my boys loved it as a gift- I like it because unlike the original hippos, the balls are all contained inside a bubble type thing so my baby can’t crawl around and eat them:)

  18. Kara says

    Had the same prob yesterday with not being able to get into the site. I’m able to get in today and the same coupons are there.

  19. Ann says

    My target was stingy and didn’t accept the transformers coupon, so I’m going to try a different target. They didn’t have a travel hungry hippos game, only the full size version. :(

  20. Janet says

    Target all out… But went to walmart and got all … And the hungry hippos were only $4! Money maker! Medford. Oregon

  21. Esther says

    I went to 2 Targets and neither would take it. The first Target said the coupon was invalid b/c it wasn’t “bleeping” and then after I showed them that it was valid through, they typed in the numbers and said it was still invalid. =( And they also strongly stated that they are probably not going to accept internet coupons any longer b/c most are not valid or are scams. They said many grocery stores are doing or have banned them already. The 2nd Target said they wouldn’t accept it b/c it has to be the more expensive Transformer Kre-O. Oh well! Not sure how the rest of you got it to “bleep” or got them to accept it.

  22. Liz M says

    I just went to my Target and they were out of both of these toys. Not a problem really since the coupons don’t expire till March. But when I went up to Guest Services to ask for the rain check the guy told me that since the toy wasn’t in the weekly ad they can’t give a rain check. I asked if he could have someone in toys look at the item number and price but he said no. He was very insistent that the only items they give rain checks on are those pictured in the ad. This didn’t seem right to me, but since I wasn’t sure I left to research the issue. Does anyone know what Target’s policy on this is?

    • Kimberly says

      Yes, almost any store will only give a rain check on a sale item. All a raincheck does is extend the sale price. It doesn’t hold the item for you it holds the price.

  23. says

    I had problems at our Walmart with the Kre-O, Fantastik, and Pictionary coupons. They told me several contradictory statements (even amongst the three cashiers and “manager” that ended up coming to the register). One said they couldn’t accept the $2/1 Fantastik coupon because the price for the item was $1.97 – the aggravating thing is that the register accepted the coupons and wouldn’t let her take them off so she voided my entire purchase just to take those coupons off!!! Then, the register took 2 of the Pictionary coupons – she took those off too! She also told me that even if they could take my coupons, they would only be able to take one of each because when you print off more than one they have the same number on them (which mine didn’t). THEN, they accused me of having counterfeit coupons (I quote: “this is a counterfeit coupon cause of the picture in the background and I don’t know where you got it, but we are supposed to keep it and get your information”), told me they were supposed to take my information and keep the coupons, BUT they didn’t and they gave me back my coupons!!! The whole thing started because they said they’ve receive counterfeit HASBRO coupons recently — my coupons came from the Hasbro website, and

    • says

      P.S. So I took my coupons to Kmart. Purchased 4 Pictionary card games (which ended up having a BOGO item attached – Wack-a-mole card game) $5.99 ea, 2 Kre-o Optimus Prime small sets $7.99 ea, a barbie for my daughter $9.99, and a baseball glove and ball for my son $7.99. I used 4 Pictionary coupons $5/1, and 2 Kre-O coupons $8/1 (which she lowered to $7.99 ea). I paid $26.84 AND received a $5 gift card (for spending over $50 pre-coupons – some thing they had going on that I didn’t know about prior), AND points on my Shop Your Way card. BOO-YA Wally-World!!!

  24. Jennifer says

    I used the KreO coupon today and had no problem at Target! I got the transformers bumblebee and it worked just fine!!

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