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Synovate: Free full-sized samples and paid survey opportunities

Synovate is currently accepting new members into their program. If you’re accepted you’ll have the opportunity to try full-sized products as well as take paid surveys.

Lori from Moms By Heart says:

Synovate sign up is FREE and you’ll get great paying survey and product testing opportunities each month. This one is famous for frequently giving free full size products! Most recently I’ve tested diapers (got a full pack for FREE), baby lotion and toothpaste (got three tubes!).

See more free paid survey and product testing companies you can sign up with here.

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  1. yesi says

    how do you get the samples..i signed up maybe 2 weeks ago..just wondering how it works..already did a couple of surveys

  2. Becky says

    Anyone on here already a member? I’ve been a member for several months, and I have never earned or recieved a single full sized item or any item for that matter. Just wondering if anyone on here has actually been rewarded for their time spent using this? I stopped logging in about a month or so ago, it seemed a waste of time.

    • Kayla says

      I’ve been a member for a little over a year and so far I’ve received a full size bottle of shower gel, two boxes of instant oatmeal, and a frozen dinner. Along with these products, I’ve cashed in my points for checks several times and always receive them quickly. I’ve tried a few survey sites, but this one is definitely my favorite!

  3. melissa says

    I’m a member. I don’t know that I’ve gotten too many samples from them… maybe one or two over the past 2 years (hard to remember for sure–I belong to about 4-5 different survey companies). I like to do surveys in the evenings while watching TV with my hubby to earn points. Every few months I cash in for a gift card or something. It’s not much, but I have the time, so I figure why not? If you can get into Pinecone (they don’t open up registration very often and are very selective about who they are looking for as far as demographics), they are by far my favorite. But Synovate and MySurvey are my two other favorites.

  4. B says

    I got almost a full 3 refill size baby wipes from them (I think it was them) pretty recently. And I just redeemed for a $10 amazon gift card. Its not much, but I will take free baby wipes any day! Ipsos I-say is another one I belong to, and I like them as well.

  5. kate says

    I do surveys for them too. I’ve found that I don’t qualify for too many of their surveys based on whatever demographic they need for each one (I’m 30, single, and not a homeowner), so it’s slow going, but I’ve already gotten 1 $25 check from them, I’m a few surveys away from another one of those. And I’ve tested a full-size body lotion and full-size shampoo, and I’m pretty sure there’s a sample of face cream on the way. For the tiny amount of time it takes once in while when I’m watching tv anyway, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

  6. CJ says

    I’ve been a member for less than a year. I’ve gotten one $5 check, almost have enough points for enough $5 and I recently got a free product. I hardly ever qualify for the surveys but the 100 points I get for not qualifying eventually gets me a little pocket change and the surveys are short and easy so it doesnt tie up much time.

  7. Sheila says

    Belonged for years. Remember no full sized gifts. Often don’t meet criteria. Maybe that’s why? Several checks up to $25 cause I prefer that over gift cards. Few coupons.

  8. Michelle says

    I’ve been a member for over a year, and have never received samples for anything. I’ve become pretty disappointed in the time waste of surveys and have not been participating much, but with the new year, maybe I’ll try again. I understand it’s something to do when you’re not doing anything anyways, but if you calculate your hourly wage doing them it’s kind of disheartening.

  9. Diane B says

    I have belonged for a couple of years and cash out about $50.oo per year. I have tested several products from toothpaste to lotions, shampoos and more. I have noticed there has been less product testing in the last year. Not sure why but it doesn’t take very long to answer the surveys and I do it while watching t.v. at night.

  10. Terri says

    I’ve been a member for a little over a year and have received 3 or 4 products. My checks have totalled about $50. It seems to have slowed down a bit lately, but I like that they offer the Amazon gift cards now.

  11. Yvette says

    I’ve been a member for over a year. I’ve received full size products from them (the last being a frozen food to taste, it was good!) and I’ve gotten all checks I’ve requested. Sometimes I’ll have a ton of surveys from them and cash out often, sometimes there’s a dry spell. It depends on the company and who you are, some of the sites others do well on I don’t. That’s why it’s best to be a member of several sites. :)

  12. lise says

    I have found Synovate pays about 1/2 of what other survey sites pay for their surveys. I think I have received maybe 2 items to sample in my 2 years on their panel.

    Someone else mentioned MySurvey. I gave up on them last month. I experienced so many survey errors I lost count! And the survey reward sometimes would be awful. For example, for a 20+ min survey, they would offer 50 points. 50 points is less than 50 cents. Pitiful!

  13. B says

    I disqualify for 9/10 surveys I take (so I haven’t gotten any products) but I did qualify for an easy two-part survey which paid $70. That was worth it, but perhaps an anomaly.

  14. says

    I just cashed in my points for Synovate to receive a $20 check. I was leary to purchase the “web voucher” for various stores. For those who are members of Synovate, and who do choose the web vouchers, can you only use the vouchers for on-line purchases, or can you use them in-store, also? My thought was that if you could only use them online, much of your voucher would go towards shipping, so the cash was better.

    Pinecone is my favorite, and e-Rewards is my least favorite. I guess that was my mistake, though. They said I signed up under a JCPenney’s link, so besides hotels & airlines vouchers, I can only redeem for JC Penney’s coupons. The problem there, is that it is the same coupon you can find online for free! Some people can redeem for American Eagle giftcards, and I would love that! But I guess I have to close my current account and “wait to be invited” by AE to join e-Rewards. Confusing!!

  15. Wendy says

    I’ve been a member for a little over 2 years. I’ve only earned $10 and I’ve never received ANY free products. Just don’t sign up thinking you’ll be receiving lots of free products. I think those above who’ve mentioned receiving lots of free items are the exception, not the rule.

  16. Michelle says

    I’ve been a member for years and I’ve received a lot of free trials. I’ve gotten McCormick spice packets, L’Oreal skin care, toilet paper (blind study — might have been Quilted Northern), Costco-sized bottles of Downey and Tide, a huge bottle of Kirtland laundry detergent and many other things.

    I can’t say that it’s been a huge money maker for me (maybe $200 over 5+ years), but I will say that they are very good to work with. I recently cashed in for a $10 web voucher, and when the voucher came it was only valued at $5. When I wrote & asked for help, they immediately got the problem fixed and never questioned my honesty. I also like that if you’re going to be disqualified from a survey, it happens pretty quickly. There are some survey sites where it seems you’re answering for 20 minutes before they disqualify you — my disqualifications seem to happen within the first few minutes.

  17. Phyllis R. says

    I have been a member for over a year. I was going to give up on them as I too seemed to be disqualified out of most surveys and the time spent earning 100 points didn’t add up to a $5 reward very quickly. However, in the last few months I have been able to do a 4-part survey that earned $75 and another survey that earned 6500 points (more than enough for another $5 reward). During that time I also got a product to try out. I use my points to get credit at Amazon.com and have not had any problem doing so. It takes a few days to get your voucher code from Synovate, but once you have it you can redeem it for “gift cards” from a large variety of on-line stores. Like an earlier poster, I too had one voucher show up as $5 when it should have been $25 but, after contacting Synovate through their website, they fixed it right away. I’m very glad that I stuck in there with them, and now don’t worry too much about the 100 point surveys as I know something good will come along eventually!

  18. says

    I’ve tested diapers, wipes, and cat litter. I have cashed in points for $5 checks here and there. You’re not going to get rich doing it, but I find it to be entertaining. Every little bit helps.

  19. LP says

    I was with Synovate for 6 months and never got a product sample. :/ I ended my account this month. There were a lot of surveys, though, so lots of opportunities to earn points.

  20. carol says

    I too signed up for synovate and after hours of surveys I recieved 1 free product and 10.00. My time is worth a lot more than that. I also found a 25$ charge on my phone bill that a company that I did a survey for through Synovate added onto my phone bill without my approval, so please be careful and watchful about these surveys.

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