Olay and Old Spice, Venus, Gillette gift sets free after rebate!

Walmart has Olay and Old Spice, Venus, Gillette Body Care Essentials Gift Sets for $9 with free shipping.

Plus, the sets come with a free magazine subscription offer. Mail in the magazine offer but choose the $9.99 rebate instead of the magazine and that will make this gift set completely free!

Thanks, Swag Grabber!

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    • Liz says

      I tried to get one for my husband and one for myself awhile back (since they end up being free) and Allure denied my request for the 2nd refund check. They said it was one per household. Allure seemed pretty strict so I doubt you can get another $9.99 refund check.

  1. says

    I saw these at Walmart last night and thought the price for the Old Spice set was ridiculously expensive…. but now that I know I can get a free rebate with it, I might actually buy it! Do you know if you can choose a money rebate when you buy it in-store, or is this only available online?

    • Jaime C says

      You can do it in-store as well. In the Olay baskets, it’s a little card at the bottom of the basket. Keep that in mind if you are giving it as a gift, because you will have to open it up.

    • CFS says

      I also got this a couple of months ago and the card with the rebate info wasn’t even inside the package (although the magazine offer was mentioned on the outside).

  2. says

    I purchased this set last week and tried to do the refund instead. I purchased the Olay/Venus set and the website is not longer working. It says to go to I searched the web and found which says its expired. I found another website for Pantene which had the same deal and in the fine print at the bottom, it says the offer only ran from 05/16/11 to 09/30/11. (

  3. Jessica S. says

    Hs anyone who has done this in the past know if you can turn in several rebates? Like one for Olay and one for Gillette?

  4. Tracie says

    great news! i called the 1-800# and she said she would still do the rebate over the phone! she said its $12 rebate, and said i would get it in 6-8 weeks and could possibly get one free complimentary magazine anyways. Here’s # 1-800-405-8085. She also said its one rebate per household.

  5. Ashley says

    I tried this a couple months ago and even though I mailed in that I wanted the rebate They still sent me the magazine subscribtion and I never got the rebate:(

  6. Patty says

    This would be perfect for a Xmas gift exchange. It seems like some people have had issues with it. Is there a fail-proof way to get the rebate?

  7. Amanda says

    I did this, and got a letter stating the offer was no longer available. So no money back or magazine. Was mad, money wasted. Lol oh well gift for my sister in law.

  8. Beth says

    Yeah, I just ordered two this morning, and now I’m second-guessing!! At least I have to option of just returning both of them to my local Walmart…

  9. coupon woman says

    WARNING! I did this deal in October when it was posted on another website. My rebate (I only bought and requested 1) was refused, saying it was past the deadline, even though the deadline clearly stated it was June 2012. The company is being really stinky about it – hanging up on people and making up excuses and changing their policies as they see fit. Unfortunately I cannot take mine back to the store because I already used it. So I’m out the $9. I would have never bought this if I knew I wasn’t going to get the rebate – I can get this kind of stuff lots cheaper (or free) with coupons. Buyer beware!!!!

    • Lisa says

      Same thing happened to me! Same letter, same June 2012 deadline. Been reading about all kind of people having the same bad customer service on various blogs. I am going to pass on this deal :)

  10. Ashley S says

    Did this previously & got my rebate fairly quickly. I’m also receiving the magazine so I don’t know if that was a screw up on their end or if I’m getting the magazine from somewhere else (I get lots of free subscriptions).

    Does anyone know if we can do this again if we have done it in the past?

  11. Armani says

    These I got with a $5 off coupon and it made it only $4 for the set and I bout 2, so even at $9 is still a steal bcz razor in set let alone is approx $12 let alone, just saying….

  12. Sheila says

    I bought two of the Olay sets last month and submitted both for rebates but only got one rebate check. I later got a letter saying my second request had exceeded the allowable number per household. I mistakenly discarded the letter without thinking of contacting them to ask if I could then get the subscription.

  13. says

    Thanks for this deal! Even if the rebate doesn’t go through, I think it’s a great Christmas gift idea and a pretty good deal. I got one set for my brother (he’ll like the Sports Illustrated subscription, so I don’t think I’ll go for the rebate on that one) and another set for my mother-in-law (I’ll try for the rebate on this one as I don’t think she’ll care about Allure or those type of subscriptions!). And the delivery is guaranteed by Dec. 23rd! Thanks, Crystal :)

  14. Natalie says

    I purchased three…sent in seperate rebates. I recieved one rebate check in the mail that covered two of the gift sets. I later recieved a letter telling me I had exceeded the limit on the third gift set. Still a fun deal!

  15. Margaret says

    I did this last year, and NEVER RECEIVED MY REBATE. I called the company weeks later; at first they told me they don’t offer rebates. Then, they confirmed that they received my rebate and it was approved and “being processed.” One year later, no check. Wasn’t worth the hassle of calling again. I won’t be doing this deal this year.

  16. Nicole says

    I did the Olay/Venus sets earlier this fall and the website would not allow me to redeem the rebates. There wasn’t a phone number that I could find. At least I only bought one.

  17. toni says

    Consider carefully before ordering. Read the reviews at People are saying they desired the 1 year mag. subscription that was promised, only to discover a $3 coupon for a single issue instead. No one is mentioning the option of a full rebate.

  18. Robyn says

    Where can I find the rebate for this?
    I would love to get one for my son, however
    I am so broke- if I can get a rebate on it-
    I might be able to borrow the $.

  19. Lisa Guyer says

    I did this last Christmas when it was offered. (I actually waited until the sets went on clearance so it ended up being a huge money maker!) I sent in 2 rebates (each in separate envelopes) and got both refund checks back. Not sure why mine was different from everyone else’s experiences though…

  20. Deb says

    I really wish I’d read this before I order the sets. I can’t be troubled calling, etc this time of year. It seems like lots of these kinds of offers are false. I won’t be doing this again and now will have to return all the sets for a refund from Walmart. Time I don’t have to spend, ugh.

  21. KimH says

    I did this last year on one rebate, and I did it this year in Sept or Oct and did 4 rebates. I sent them in separate envelopes and received one check that covered all 4 of the rebate refunds. Not sure why there are so many different results, but one thing is, you MUST look at your rebate forms, fill them out 100% correctly, and if it says one per household, they’ll hold you to it. If it does not say that, you can resubmit your information and show them it does NOT say one per household, and legally, they have to honor your refunds.

  22. Annette says

    I ordered two allure and two Gillette that get the free issues from Sports Illustrated. There is no way to order a refund from the SI gift packs. 9 dollars isn’t a bad price, but I wish I had known that when I was purchasing them. We’ll see if Allure sends me a refund for both of the Olay kits I ordered. I mailed them together.

  23. says

    Dude. I just got mine in the mail with the “Special Bonus!” card about the free subscription. I went to the web address given and it’s not a good link. I’ll probably be returning this to Walmart. Grr.

      • says

        I found a customer service phone number on the Allure website. The address on the card is wrong. You instead need to go to to redeem (the card erroneously reads Everything looks good now. To get the refund instead of the magazine subscription, you do need to mail them the proof of purchase, including the enclosed card and a copy of the receipt and mail it to them. So I’ll do that :-).

        • Sarah says

          Thank you, Sarah. I was hopeful someone had figured this out. I’ve been trying to find the right form and could only find the Pantene one — looks like you found what I need!

  24. cynthia says

    I brought one and got it today. No rebate nor free magazine subscription offer. Only some coupons that I would not use.

    • Julie D says

      Cynthia, if you’ll open up the accordion of coupons, one of the folds will say “special bonus” and will show the magazine subscription redemption code. In lieu of the subscription, you can go to their listed website and in the “fine print” it says – “In order for a refund to be processed you must mail the following proofs of purchase within 30 days of making this purchase. A copy of the valid receipt for this purchase, the coupon located inside the box containing the special redemption code, and the form filled with name, address, city/state/zip clearly filled out. Refund will be denied if any of the 3 required documents are missing. Offer valid from 9/1/2011 until 4/30/2012 and while supplies last. Limit one subscription or refund per household. Subscriptions included with the purchase are valued at $9.

  25. Halle-Bartlett says

    I purchased two Gillette razor packs for my husband and brother and i am sad to say that i got only the card w/ free 4 subscriptions for Sports Illustrated. Kind of annoyed because the way i read the blog it was rebates for all or i wouldnt have even purchased these gift sets. Oh well…you win some you lose some.

  26. says

    I think this deal might be different depending upon where you live. We need to vet these better as it is misleading and causes us to spend money that we might not have. I am learning to read the comments section before I participate in some of these posted offers. For what it is worth, I live in Florida and I ordered the Gillette set and received a coupon good for 4 issues of Sports Illustrated. When I went online to their site for the magazine, there was no possibility of checking any thing for a rebate. It was a straight forward magazine deal only. Hope this helps someone.

  27. Robin Moser says

    I just called Sports Illustrated AND Old Spice and they both said that the Sports Illustrated offer CANNOT be exchanged for a rebate check. FYI Everybody! Only the OLAY Kits can get a rebate!

  28. karen says

    this is exactly the reason i don’t do rebates of any kind. i dont ever get them back as promised or the letter never makes it there, etc. i just dont do rebates, because the last one was for a printer i bought and it was supposed to be a $50 mail in rebate and i never got my $50 back and havent done any rebate things since then.

  29. wanda goeden says

    You have to buy the gift sets that include a full magazine subscription only to get the refund there are one that say 3 or 4 issues these do not offer the refund they give you a choice either the mag. or a refund

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