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This Week’s Menu


Hard-boiled eggs, bananas
Scrambled eggs with cheese, apple slices
Bagels with peanut butter and bananas
Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal
Waffles, scrambled eggs
Chocolate Banana Bread, scrambled eggs, fruit salad


Macaroni & cheese with baked chopped chicken, green beans
PB&J, carrot sticks, apple slices
Egg salad sandwiches, peas, pears
Black beans and rice, carrot sticks, pear slices
Tossed salad with hard-boiled eggs, feta cheese, and dried cranberries
Leftovers x 2


Granola Bars
Chocolate No-Bake Energy Bites


Baked fish, twice-baked potatoes, steamed broccoli
Cheesy Chicken and Rice Bake, fruit salad, steamed veggies
Frito Chili Pie, fruit salad, steamed veggies
Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos
Homemade Pizza in Less Than 30 Minutes, carrot sticks, pear slices
Dinner with friends
Dinner at church Christmas dinner

Freezer Cooking

Chocolate Banana Bread
Chocolate No-Bake Energy Bites
Homemade Pizza dough
Sugar cookie dough

What’s on your menu this week? Share details and/or your link to your menu plan in the comments.

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    • says

      I have made it before and it was extremely delicous. I got the recipe right from here too! However, I still think I like normal banana bread just a little better. It is great for the kids though. They here the word chocolate and their ears fly up high. LOL
      Super Saving Coupon Son

  1. Rachel says

    This may sound like a silly question, but I am hoping someone will have an answer.

    My husband and I are looking to add more fish to our diet. I recently bought some frozen fish at Meijer and it says to “thaw in refrigerator” for 4-6 hours before baking. So my question is, should I thaw the fish in the bag it comes in, or should I take it out and let it thaw in a plastic bag or container? Since I am new to working with fish, I want to make sure I am working with it safely.

    Many thanks.

  2. says

    I tried the chocolate banana bread recipe. I made it into muffins and added nuts and a dash of cinnamon. It was excellent and has been placed into our regular rotation.

  3. toni says

    Hi Crystal,
    This might not be the best place to post this (I apologize), but your menu prompted me to ask you a question. I have always struggled with time management (procrastinator, all the way back to a small child). I have made major progress in the past 10 years. However, the day-to-day can still be a struggle. So, my question. Could you consider posting about what a typical day looks like for you? I know there are a g’zillion variables and it would only be a “rough sketch”, but I’m curious as to: what time you wake up, what time your children awaken, when you prepare your yummy breakfasts (are the children asleep as you do this?), what your time block for homeschooling is, how you work in lunch time (including cooking/prep), how much time you devote (on average) to blogging and at what time of day you sit down to do that, what time you serve dinner, bed time, workouts, etc. It’s this the day-to-day stuff that I would like to make more progress in. I’ve learned to meal plan, shop with a list (and coupons), get my children to swim team practice on time, and to have a basic cleaning/chores routine. But I would love to have a glimpse of the flow of an average day for you, to see what I and others might glean from it. I realize you have addressed time management in certain areas in other posts, which I’ve read. Just wondering if you would consider posting about a typical full day in your home.

    • says

      I agree with Johnlyn, getting on FlyLady’s e-mail list is what REALLY helped me to get a handle on the day to day stuff. And I’m totally with you on having struggles in that area.

      I think I’ve come to grips with the fact that I really only have two options with basic things like laundry, dishes, straightening up, etc. Those are 1. Keep up. Or, 2. Give up. Trying to do 3. Catch up; just doesn’t work for me. Best wishes as you keep working on improving! The joy is in the journey! We don’t ‘arrive’ until it’s over!! :)

  4. says

    Ha ha! Thanks for asking so early in the day Crystal – I wouldn’t’ve remembered to look at my list to see what’s for supper! This baby’s ‘schedule’ (if it can be called that 😉 is a mess, and then so is mine! We’ve been on and off our menu planning ever since he came; we’ve done a whole lot more eating out/take-out than I had ever anticipated, but I’ve decided to chalk it up to having a little one in his first year of elementary school, a new baby, and no family around to help. Something’s gotta give somewhere; I’m not super woman and I’m FAR from as organized as I’d like to be. But I’m giving myself a pat on the back for the days we HAVE stuck to a plan. :) Tonight we’re having Delicious Chicken Casserole (was supposed to be your tetrazini recipe, but I’ve got chicken and rice that need used up – so there ya go! LOL). Tomorrow night is Lasagna Soup, then Pizza Bubble, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken with Onions & Adobo (a seasoning salt), and Cabbage Sloppy Joes. After that just a couple more suppers and we’re down to FL to visit family for Winter Break – so no meal planning for me! YAY! Mommy DOES get a bit of a vacation after all! Have a great week everyone!

  5. says

    My menu involves cleaning out the fridge/freezer this week as we’re heading out for Christmas. I hope I don’t have to buy anything else to get it done (but I might have to add a bit of dairy…) I love coming home from vacation to a clean slate!
    Anyhow, here’s my menu: http://www.simplifylivelove.com/2011/12/clear-out-the-fridge-its-almost-christmas-menu-1212.html

    And here is the post I wrote last week on how to make super delicious, homemade egg rolls! http://www.simplifylivelove.com/2011/12/how-to-make-homemade-egg-rolls.html

    After Christmas, I am going to make a huge batch of those egg rolls and freeze them. I think they will be perfect for quick lunches!

  6. says

    The chocolate banana bread looks amazing! I saw that you are preparing twice baked potatoes for dinner one night, if your family likes twice baked potatoes, you may want to try the recipe I came up with this weekend, Twice Baked Potato Casserole:


    Let me know if you try it. I would love to know what you think.

    Oh and here is our dinner menu plan for the week:


  7. Bonnie says

    Hi Crystal– Thank you so much for posting your weekly menus! Have you ever written about what your absolute favorite “go-to” meals are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I would love to know what your staple meals are. Thanks so much, again :)

  8. Jen says

    Each week I’m amazed at what you get your kids to eat. I could only dream that my kids would eat a salad with feta and dried cranberries for lunch… I wouldn’t even be able to get my hubby to eat that. :) Great job on black beans too.

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