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Ask the Readers: How much do you budget for Christmas?

Today’s questions is from Christen:

I was wondering how much people budget for Christmas? My hubby and I are trying to find a reasonable amount to budget. -Christen

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  1. says

    This is great. I am a 50 year old homeschool mom,this is my 22nd year of homeschooling. Our four daughters are here at home, ages 18 to 29.

    I really wish I would have had a site like this or a newsletter, (anything!) when I was a young mommy. Some of us don’t know what is normal and feel like we are barely getting by and perhaps slighting our children if we don’t have this kind of support, especially if we live in an affluent area. It can be very difficult on a mommy’s heart. So this is GREAT and a huge blessing to many I am sure. : )

    My husband has always been self employed and is a Realtor Broker, commission only, bills to pay for our business. Our budget started out to be $25. per daughter this year but it is now $50. I’ve gone a little over on a couple but it seems to be evening out. I’ve made a homemade furry scarf for each of them and whenever I see a deal I pick it up.

    This has done me a world of good reading other mom’s budgets, I don’t feel so out of whack now. For other family members, we don’t trade gifts with my husband’s siblings. We give to our parents though and I try to keep it to under 15.00 many times and much less if I can find a respectable gift that looks very nice. Books are wonderful finds too for many. My 81 year old dad has macular degeneration so a nice book on tape is a great gift for him. Sometimes ebay will have a really great deal on a book or book on tape I’ve been looking for. I found a Christian mystery series on ebay for a third of the price of Amazon in the wrapper too. This way I can buy a little something else for my daddy too. And of course swagbucks is nice too to use on Amazon when I do find a nice series etc., every little bit helps! : )

    Great info here and to me? This kind of thing has probably soothed some mommies hearts this season.

    It soothed mine even at 50. Blessings to you this Holy Season of Christmas. ~Amelia

  2. says

    We spend around $50 for our son and that includes 3 gifts (because Jesus got 3 gifts) and stocking stuffers. That is plenty for him because he also gets a lot from family. With that $50 he will probably get an outfit, toys/puzzles, and maybe a movie. Plus a few little stocking stuffers. I would probably be spending more than that if I wasn’t using coupons. There are always coupons for clothes and toys!
    We also buy for eachother, for the names we each chose for Secret Santa, stocking stuffers for the parents/siblings, and some close friends. I’m hoping we don’t spend over $400 total because that would be the top of our budget.

  3. says

    We spend $150 on each of our 4 kids, typically. The oldest, almost 18, is getting a gun to hunt with, so his is running a little higher this year. The youngest, 3 gets slightly less. We try to keep all gifts for extended family members to around $5-$10 each. I only buy gifts for my BFF, not other “friends”.
    We save money in an envelope throughout the year, specifically for Christmas.

  4. says

    In the past we have budgeted about $1500 – this year we cut way back and budgeted $750 (including tree, cards, baking supplies, our 3 kids, each other, our parents (4), my grandparents (4), pets, extended family and friends, teachers, etc. We are spending $100 on each kid, $50 on each other and everyone is budgeted for $2 – $15 depending on who and how close we are (parents $15, neighbor $2). We had some Cabelas points that we used up (we are now done with that credit card and am on a cash only budget, thank you Dave Ramsey), swagbucks/Amazon cards and just good deals. We are making a lot of things this year and shop at the resale shop for the kids. The pets get treats at Christmas and Easter and the rest of the year we only buy food for them. This year I actually got several bags of cat treats for free at Target, and scored free canned dog food (a treat at our house) at Marsh with triple coupons. We also got some bird food as my 4 yo loves to watch them out the front window.

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