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Vitacost: 3 bottles of Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap for $1.89 each shipped

Did you sign up for the free $10 Vitacost coupon code yet? Here’s how to use it to get three bottles of Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap for $1.89 shipped:

::Sign up for the $10 Vitacost coupon code. It should come via email within a few hours.

::Go to Vitacost and add three bottles of Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap to your cart.

::Go to checkout and redeem your coupon code to get $10 off. Your total should be $5.67 plus any applicable tax, making each bottle just $1.89 shipped.

I love Mrs. Meyer’s products and know many other people who do, too, so I’m giving these out in gift baskets for Christmas. By the way, I’ve been extended the life of my bottles of Mrs. Meyer’s soap by using them to make homemade foaming hand soap.

(Note: The link in this post is my referral link. Read my disclosure policy here.)

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  1. Becky says

    This is seriously not working for me, (getting the coupon) I’ve tried both my email accounts, and it says the account already exists if I try to sign up, but when I originally put it in it rejected it… not sure what’s going on.

    • TiaZhan says

      Yes, Becky I agree, and will add their website seems unreliable. The original account I set up did not get the $10 offer, nor did anyone who used my referral link, although the referral links says they will get $10 offers. Funny though, the emails on specials and products have started arriving. In a second attempt, using a different link, I got an account set up for my husband with the $10 offer and referrals for friends seemed to work. I say “seemed” because one of the friends purchased an item right away that is now not in his account as ordered and not charged to his credit card despite the screen shot he got of the ordered completed successfully. My husband’s account also doesn’t reflect a $10 reward for the friend’s 1st purchase. In contacting VitaCost, they don’t have records of any of the transactions and are looking into it but it’s been days now without a word. That scared me enough to want to stay away until things improve online.
      Hope there are more positive stories out there because I’d like to have more confidence in their business.

      • says

        I think Vitacost may be getting hammered with new purchasers since this $10 off deal is rather new. My family has ordered from Vitacost for years and never had any issues with mischarging or incorrect items. They are a great company in my opinion!

    • Sonia says

      I have had the same problem. It’s so weird, b/c I hadn’t signed up. Then, when I have tried to put in the codes, it doesn’t work.So odd

      • Danielle says

        Another blogger said today she called Vitacost regarding their issues and they are working on fixing them. I didn’t have any issues and love their online store, but am hoping you all get your credit/issues resolved soon!

    • angel says

      I agree, same thing here. I’ve also tried with 2 email accounts. It’s been days of waiting and now I get all the Vitacost emails…still no coupon. Hmmmmmm.

  2. Elle says

    I haven’t tried this soap yet. I was hoping to try it, but I’m allergic to all the scented soaps in the regular supermarket/drugstores. Does anyone with allergies have any suggestions about the scents that they carry for people with allergies.

  3. Heather says

    Thank you! Worked for me…easy and quick delivery code to my email too. What a deal…three bottles for ttl of $6.09 to my home—can’t wait! 😉

  4. says

    The soap was tempting, but I used this opportunity to get coconut oil for the first time…small steps to healthier living. Thanks for posting the offer.

  5. Jen says

    Everything worked out perfect. $5.73 for three bottles of hand soap delivered and there is 4% back on purchases at Vitacost on ebates!

    • Jen Jen says

      I am always happy to use referral links when a blogger has clued me in to a deal or site that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about! These deals save my family a bunch of money throughout the year and I don’t mind it when hard working bloggers earn referral money for helping me find them. MSM.com is free, so I’m glad to support this valuable site by using referral links and clicking on ads and banners that are of interest to me.

      I also have seen in the year since I’ve been reading MSM that Crystal is diligent in sharing deals and sites that she feels are legitimate and valuable to her readers.

      Rather than begrudging the success of others perhaps you could start your own website, and help others get great deals and earn some referrals yourself? That’s something I’ve thought of doing myself since being so inspired by MSM and few other great websites out there. :)

    • says

      Yes, if you sign up through my link. That’s why I have the referral notice at the bottom so that you’ll know. I try to be upfront about all referral deals I post so you know exactly what you’re getting here. If you don’t feel comfortable going through my link, you can go directly through VitacostRewards.

      By the way, definitely grab your own referral link and share it with your friends, too. It’s a fabulous deal!

      And thanks to everyone who is so kind to shop through my referral links. Your kindness blesses many families as I’m able to share so many goodies with others, as a result!

      • Eve says

        That’s a pretty sweet system. I don’t mind. I was just wondering. I definitely appreciate all the work you do finding these deals and sharing them with us. I’m happy to give you a little bit for all that you dish out. Thanks for being you.

  6. Rachel E. says

    Worked for me! Thanks! I really appreciate all your hard work in compiling these deals. I visit your site frequently and am so glad to have it as a reference. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Michelle says

    I just bought the Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap in Lemon Verbena. Great deals on this brand that I love…only $1.81 a bottle! Thanks for passing it along!

  8. Jen Jen says

    Thanks, Crystal! This worked great using your referral link. I didn’t get the soaps, but instead got a few wheat-free products as stocking stuffers for my father who recently began a special diet! They are quite expensive in the local stores, so this was an excellent deal. I also used Ebates.com to get an additional 4% back on my purchase.

    We’re trying to keep our Christmas budget to $250 for our entire family and friends, and it is deals and posts like this that are going to make our frugal Christmas actually quite abundant!

    Thanks again!

  9. says

    It looks like it does charge for shipping – $4.99 – and that is NOT covered under the code. I checked whether I could spend five and have the leftover cover shipping but it did not. So I bought some vitamin d I had needed and some Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap for a total cost of $7.34. Had I purchased just the Vitamin D3 capsules locally it would likely have been more than that.

    (Eve, that’s what a “referral link” means… you can get your own and share it with your friends, too!)

  10. Monica @ OurPerfectSeven says

    Thanks for sharing. I signed up and am looking forward to looking around for some gift basket goodies.

  11. Brandi T says

    As tempting as it was, I didn’t do the Mrs. Meyer’s soap. Instead, I found that Vitacost has Animal Parade vitamins–a high-quality, whole food vitamin–for $10.99/bottle which is AWESOME compared to the $23 that they typically sell for (or ~$19 at Amazon). I ordered 4 bottles, plus a small bottle of Burt’s Bees for my kiddo to help me reach the $49 minimum for free shipping. After my $10 credit, I got all that I mentioned above for only $39, shipped! Four bottles of high-quality vitamins for the price of two! Thank you, Crystal!

  12. Allison says

    Just FYI….I ordered and then later received an email that my order was cancelled due to “availability problems”. They refunded what I spent (basically the shipping charge), but the $10 free credit is now gone.

    • BethB says

      Same for me. Except they said only a certain portion of my order so I can’t tell if the other part is still coming. I really hate that. If an item is out of stock their system shouldn’t let me put it in the cart!

  13. Cindy says

    I got an e-mail saying that they cancelled my order because the items weren’t available. This is why I have become discouraged about ordering things online. Now the code has been used!!!!

  14. Cara says

    I just received my order that I placed less than a week ago with my referrel code. 4 pounds of organic sucanat for $8.61 total!!

  15. says

    I got my credit, and tried to use it, and they canceled my order and said that it was fraudulent for me to use the credit from the program! This was after I did not get any of my emails answered, was on h old for 2 days with no answer, was disconnected when I tried to do the call back option. I tried to do live chat and had FIVE representatives disconnect or go “out to lunch” instead of answer my question, before one finally told me I was “fraudulent” for using the coupon code!
    Vitacost has HORRIBLE customer service!I have been treated so badly by them! I do NOT recommend ordering from them!

      • BethB says

        How cow! I’d report them to the BBB. I bet anything they’ll quickly correct their “oversight” and refund your money.

        • says

          I FINALLY got through and they did look into my account and say they found I did NOT commit fraud, but they did not apologize, and they said they will refund my money within 48 hours. They said I am “welcome to place a new order” to which I said no thank you! I have no interest in dealing with them again!

          • Heather Baria says

            I called and talked to a customer service rep who was very nice today. She was able to substitute the basil scent and re-do the order for me with the $10 credit. I had to pay with credit card instead and they refunded the original amount back to my PayPal account. I guess that’s what might be the norm now with companies and these offers, if blogs with hundreds of thousands of followers are all acting on these great deals. Gotta be quick and fingers crossed!

          • BethB says

            Well, at least they got it resolved for you. My credit card is showing the full transaction amount as Pending so I’ll keep an eye on it. Hopefully I’ll still get part of my order.

          • says

            I’m very upset that my money STILL has not been refunded, that no one is available to live chat, I cant get through via phone, and no one is returning my emails.

            • says

              Argh! I’m so sorry you’re having issues with this. :( I don’t have a direct contact with them, otherwise, I would hook you up immediately. If I am able to get a direct contact with them, I’ll definitely let you know. Keep us posted on what happens so I can know. I’ve only heard good things about this company, so this is very helpful to know… though I am so sorry you’re having such a mess of a time with it! :(

              • says

                Thank you, I’ve tried every number I have found online for the. I was able to get through today, but was told that they were only available to take orders, and would not have anyone who could help me until Tuesday…

          • says

            It’s been more than 10 days now, still haven’t refunded my money or apologized. I have had a number of people email me from Vitacost now, but no one is doing anything about it, they seem to be more interested in trying to talk me into placing a new order for my canceled one even though I still dont have the money back from that order.

  16. Julia says

    Similar troubles. . . with partial success? I ordered two bottles of dish soap and one of hand soap using the credit and paying just a few cents plus shipping ($5.53 total). Got order confirmation. Then today shipment confirmation for the dish soap for which I was charged the full amount of shipping (credit used for product). Then notice that hand soap was out of stock and (that portion of?) order canceled. So, it looks like I paid $5.53 for the two bottles of dish soap. I got to use 2/3 of the credit, but total cost is up since my shipping was for only two items. Oh well.

  17. Jamie B. says

    I also had my entire order cancelled. When I e-mailed requesting another code for a $10 credit as I wouldn’t be receiving an order with the discount, I received the following response (after I e-mailed again indicating that my order had been cancelled by them: “Thank you for your quick response, I do apologize and I do see that the order was cancelled. This would be correct that you will not get the credit based on the initial order was requested already and cannot be use over again. I do apologize once again.”

    Slightly irritated, as they now have collected more e-mail and mailing addresses than they have fulfilled orders! I’ve already received e-mail ads from them.

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