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Super Savings Saturday: Aldi and Azure Standard


My friend, Angie, and I went in together on another Azure Standard order for our local pick-up point. Here’s what I got:

Azure Standard Order

25 lbs. rolled organic oats — $18.90
3 3-lb bags of Organic Fuji Apples — $2.50 per bag
3 3-lb bags of Organic Pears — $2.90 per bag

Total with tax: $38.08

So far, we’ve been loving the stuff from Azure and it’s been great to be able to add a bit more organic items into our budget without spending any more than we usually do on these items!


Aldi Shopping Trip

Tilapia — $4.99
Grapefruit — $0.29
Frozen Chicken Breasts — $5.99
2 bags of sweet potatoes — $1.69 each
2 bags of baby carrots — $0.99
2 bags of frozen broccoli — $1.09 each
3 bags of Gala apples — $1.49 each
1 8-oz. block of cheese — $1.99
Bananas — $1.31
2 dozen eggs — $1.49 each
Half gallon Chocolate milk — $2.02
Peanut butter — $3.49
1 gallon milk — $2.94

Total: $41.98

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