90 free Swagbucks when you register for a free Mint.com account

Here’s another way to earn free Swagbucks:

::Sign up for a Swagbucks account or login to your existing account.

::Click on “Earn” and then “Special Offers” and then “TrialPay”.

::You should see an offer to earn 90 free Swagbucks when you register on Mint.com (shown above). Click on this and register on Mint.com. Activate your account by adding a financial institution and you’ll receive 90 free Swagbucks.

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  1. Cathy says

    it worked for me :-)
    The site is actually really good.
    Does anyone know if it eventually a charge service and not free? I couldn’t find that…

    • Ashley says

      I have used this service for over a year and it has always been completely free for me. I really like it, I just wish I could get 90 SwagBucks!!

      • Cathy says

        thank you, that is good to know. it looks quite amazing. the 90 swagbucks were totally worth it:)

  2. Taral says

    Im new to swagbucks and i read your previous posts on getting extra points. I tried the search engine but no points are added up.Is there a different way to do it?
    I just put facebook login in the search space and the list came up.i clicked on the facebook login and went to the fb page. Later went on my swagbucks page but no points were there for searching.

    • Gloria Brown says

      You don’t get points for every search. It’s just random when you’ll get points and how many.

  3. Jennifer says

    Thank you sooo much! This was just what I needed to push me over enough to get my $50 Amazon card!

  4. says

    Taral: it gives you points for random numbers of searches. You can search anything. Usually it’s 5 to 10 searches. Just search anything

  5. says

    Maybe I’m the only one here, but I have NEVER been able to get Mint.com to work for me. It can’t seem to link up to my accounts, loans, etc. Today was no different. Error messages everywhere, difficulty connecting, and requests to come back later. No 90 Swagbucks either. :(

  6. ChrisAnne says

    Jessica, I am having even worse trouble. The website does not open so I am also unable to get the 90 swag bucks which would give me what I need for my next gift card.

  7. tracy says

    I signed up for Swagbucks and earned 1000 points for also registering for Netflix as a first-time customer. I then bought two 450-point Amazon $5 gift cards. It shows that both are “Verified” under Order Status but that’s it. I haven’t received an e-mail from Swagbucks with codes for the cards. I cannot figure out their Contact Us page; it requires that you specify why you’re writing to them and none of the options match up with my question. I’m hoping you or a reader could tell me how I redeem the Amazon credits. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • says

      It typically takes 3-4 weeks for them to show up in your account. You’ll get an email when the gift cards are available. I hope that helps!