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Would you have gone back for $2.74? (The promised Scrubbing Bubbles saga!)

As I mentioned earlier today, I tried to buy Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Kit at Walmart yesterday. I had all three children with me and we’d already made two stops, naptime was upon us, and my patience was beginning to wear thin.

“Just a few more things,” I promised the children (and myself!) as I drove the cart down the aisles as briskly as I could.

We headed for the cleaners and discovered that my Renuzit coupon had just expired. “Oh well, at least it wasn’t something we were needing.” I consoled myself.

I eagerly pushed the cart over to the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Kits and scanned the prices. Yay! One more $3.97 kit on the shelf!

I stretched my short 5-foot-3-inch frame up as far as it would go and was just barely able to reach that lone last box at the back of the shelf. I tossed it into the cart and we were off again.

As we neared the checkout lane, I began my usual cashier “profiling” to see who looked the friendliest and most efficient. I was price-matching, using quite a few coupons, and had three children who were anxious to get home, so the last thing I needed was trouble at the checkout lane.

Gratefully, the express lane was open and a smiling face greeted me. She swiftly rang everything through, there wasn’t nary a hitch, and I was about ready to pay when the total surprised me.

Something was off by at least a few dollars. I double-checked that all the coupons had come off–and they had. So I chalked it up to a miscalculation on my part.

But after paying, I knew it couldn’t be right. Almost everything I bought should have been free–except for the $6.97 bottle of “Magical Juice” and the five $0.99 cantaloupes.

I pulled the receipt out and scanned it again. Sure enough, the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Kit had rung up at $6.47 instead of $3.97 as it was marked.

At this point, I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked back at the cashier and there was a line of people she was ringing up. No, it wouldn’t be polite to go try to rectify things with her and make everyone else wait. I really needed to get home, but I just couldn’t stomach paying $2.50 plus tax for a Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Starter Kit.

So, I made my way to customer service wondering if I was now losing my mind to be asking for a refund of $2.50 when it was past naptime. I was relieved to see only one person in front of us at the customer service desk. When I got up to the customer service desk, I was also relieved to see that the clerk there was smiling. (Grouchy customer service reps are definitely no fun to deal with!)

I told her what had happened, we looked through the ad to verify the price, and then I realized my mistake: Only the One Step Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Kits were on sale. I had purchased a 2-in-1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Kit.

It was in the wrong place on the shelf and I’d used a coupon that wasn’t even good for the item I had purchased! Big oops on my part and I felt like a dork–especially since I’m usually so careful to only buy exactly what is in the ad and triple-check the shelf item against the ad.

But the lady generously offered to refund my money, which I agreed would be the wisest move. I told her that I had used a $4/1 coupon, though, so she’d need to deduct that from the total.

She said, “Oh, well then I have to go get the coupon from the cashier you checked out with in order to deduct it.”

Now I really felt awful.

Not only had I bought the wrong item and used the wrong coupon, but my mistake was going to mean this customer service lady was going to have to go traipse back through the store to where I’d checked out and dig up the coupon I’d used.

She didn’t seem bothered at all and was off in a jiffy. I just stood there feeling terrible about the whole thing.

In no time at all, she was back and had refunded my money–all two dollars and 74 cents of it. All I could do was express immense gratitude for her help and walk out to the car shaking my head.

What was I thinking? I didn’t even need a Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Kit in the first place. Maybe I should just stick with using baking soda from now on!

So now I’m curious: would you have gone to customer service if you had made a mistake that had cost you $2.74? Why or why not? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Teresa M. says

    Absolutely, you should have gone back! Think of all those times you were overcharged for something and never noticed ( although I’m sure this was in you younger days when you may not have had such a keen eye for savings! )

  2. says

    I had a similar experience at Target the other day! My receipt looked higher than I thought it should have, and I figured out that only 2 of my 5 coupons had scanned. So I went back and had a SUPER nicer manager help me sort it out. It was $2.50….so yep, I would’ve gone back in your case, too. :-)

  3. rosemary plaster says

    I definitely would have gone back. I used to work at Walmart and too often associates will put things on an empty shelf so they dont have to count it as an out. (Which means when they do morning inventory they dont have to say they are out of a product and order it). Since it was pretty close to the same thing they definitely could have gotten away with it. I was a cashier, customer service and a customer service manager and I always would give the customer the benefit of the doubt whenever I could. Also I tried my best to do things right but the training there is not what it could be. Besides, dont they say the customer is always right?

  4. Connie says

    I would have definitely went back and have! My husband thinks I’m crazy though when I do stuff like that. But I tell him if I don’t go back, then I what am I doing this couponing for in the first place?

    I apologize that this has nothing to do with your situation exactly but I have to share my Walmart story from today. I know there is controversy w/ them regarding the whole “scrubbing bubbles” thing. I’ve only been couponing about 5 months but I’ve seen my local Walmart change since I started and not in a good way. And today was an example of that and from what I read online, it seems to be a trend of all Walmarts.

    I was in a MAJOR rush – long story shorter – locked my keys in my car this morning (w/ both kids IN the car) so ended up having to run all my errands w/ both my boys rather than just w/ the one while the other was at preschool. They’re 2 and 3. I didn’t have time to “cashier profile” or whatever you call it. But I only had 4 coupons – I know, I know. But I don’t do much shopping at Walmart anymore.

    I was using the $8/2 Covergirl and picked up the 2 blush for $3.74 each. The coupon didn’t work at first – which happens at Walmart a lot. At least this cashier noticed. I REALLY have to watch because I’ve gotten home and realized coupons haven’t gotten entered and their cashiers never noticed (my Target is SO much better about that). I try to watch but w/ 2 kids fighting, sometimes it’s hard : )

    So she not only asked what items I purchased but makes me pull them out of the bottom of a very full bag. In the mean time, the coupon somehow actually went thru so I mentioned that to her. But she ignored me and scanned the receipt for the items. She noticed that they are only $3.74 each. I kept trying to tell her the $8 has been subtracted and we can proceed since there is a line of people behind me, my kids are figthing, it’s 1 pm and I still have another store to get to before I can get them something to eat.

    But nope, she pulled out a little piece of paper to add $3.74 + $3.74. When I realized that’s what she was doing, I told her that the overage would be applied to my total and it would all work out fine. She ignored me. I was about ready to tell her to forget it and I would use the coupon another time. I thought about having her take the blush off my total but knew that would take too long so I figured I’d just return them the next time I shopped there and then I’d buy them later with a better cashier.

    But thankfully a manager walked by right then and she asked her about it. She was said things like “well each one is only $3.74 so the total is only $7.48 but the coupon is $8 so what do I do then? Enter it in for $7.48? but it already did it as $8?!”and she was just freaking out. I just spoke over her and I said “The coupon already subtracted $8 off just fine and I should get the overage.” I didn’t even ask it, I stated it. And the manager looked over eveything quick and said “Yep, we’ll get reimbursed the $8. That’s a really nice coupon to have!” and walked away.

    Seriously! I get something like this EVERY time I shop there. I know i”m not the only one who has dealt with a situation like this but really, why can’t these stores educate their employees??

    And it seems Walmart has actually gotten worse since I started. Then I had an ortega coupon which I used on taco seasoning. It didn’t scan so she asked which items I got. Thankfully she didn’t make me pull them out of them bag. But then she asks if it was the taco seasoning for 68 cents. I tell her it was. But she doesn’t quite believe me so she needed to scan the receipt more to double check that I really did get the items. Are you kidding me? This whole time my kids are going crazy. The people in line behind me HATE me. I had FOUR coupons.

    Oh speaking of Ortega. I hated to buy it but I needed it – had no stockpile of it. But it has ALWAYS been 58 cents there. I had $1/2 coupon. I forgot to grab it at Target since I was in such a hurry from my crazy day – where it is also 58 cents but figured I’d just grab it at Walmart. Suddenly it’s 68 cents.

    I’ve heard rumors of Walmart raising prices because of couponers and I’m wondering if it is true.

    Sorry for the long post but it is my vent from a very long and stressful day. For all of you out there who don’t have to shop with your children, feel blessed! And from now on, I’m sticking with Target!: )

  5. Naomi says

    I definitely would have gone back to get $2.74. I have gone back for less. I just got done fighting with a credit card company for a charge of 43 cents. I know it is not much but I was disgusted with them since we just paid this huge card off and they had the nerve to charge that money. It took 3 phone calls and 2 e-mails to them for the money to be taken off our charge.

    • Ray says

      I also would have gone back.
      I have argued for one cent and actually had the business mail it to me.
      It’s my money and I won’t let you take advantage of it.

  6. Danielle says

    That happened to me the other same. I had my kids, was buying some things for a road trip and got them a clearanced game for $3. I wasn’t paying attention, got everything rang up and paid. Then looked down and say I paid $3. I stopped immediately at the customer service, waited but got my money back. Man were my kids grumpy, but I figure if I leave $3 here and there it will add up.

  7. vicky says

    If you can get anything at Wal mart your lucky. At the one in Wadsworth ohio the shelves are not stocked very well and some things it has actually taken me months to be able to get there. I went to get the topilet kit and they had put out one small rolling rack for thousands of customers. And they were not getting any more and I did not know that Walmart does not give rain checks. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. says

    I went back to the customer service desk for $3.99 today at Meijers. The Jimmy Deans breakfast sandwiches were supposed to buy 2 get 1 free and the free one rang up at $3.99. The manager got involved and said it was because they were “croissants” not “biscuits”. I said the receipt says “breakfast sandwiches”, the signs up are for “breakfast sandwiches” and I got the correct sizes listed in the sales ad. I got my money back for them finally, but she was very reluctant. I did ask about a bounty, but she said no. I was a bit perturbed when I left.

    • Mrs. R. says

      We almost ALWAYS have problems like this at Meijer….so don’t go very often (Indiana). Theyr’e know for that at all their stores in our area.

  9. rhonda mills says

    I had to take 10 minutes with a Walmart cashier to tell her she had rung me up wrong. she kept saying I was wrong. i gave up and got my receipt and showed her where she had over rung me for two dollars. she never opoligized but took off to get her boss to fix the problem. I keep swearing I will not go to Walmart with coupons. but I still do and every time something happens with them. Why can’t they be like my Walgreens in Martinsville, VA. The lady there actually memorizes the coupon deals and takes off stuff I never knew and she sings while she is doing it. She is the best.

  10. Amanda says

    Yes, I would have gone back because if I didn’t it would have been on my mind the rest of the day and night!

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