Tonight’s Dillon’s Shopping Trip: Spent $0, Saved $58.18!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a really spectacular coupon-shopping trip. So I was pretty excited about tonight’s trip! Here’s what I bought:

2 boxes of Triscuits — $2.29 each, used $2/1 printable coupons =  $0.29 each

2 Yoplait yogurts — $0.70 each, used $0.30/1 printable coupons (doubled) = $0.10 each

2 Schick Quattro razor packages — $3.50 each, used 2 $5/1 Ladies’ Quattro printable coupon = free plus overage

1 Schick Hydro Men’s razor — $6.29, used $5/1 Hydro printable coupon = $1.29 after coupon

2 Schick Quattro & Men’s Schick Xtreme razor — $3.16 & $3.50 each, used $6/2 printable coupon = $0.66 total for both

1 package Skittles — used free coupon

3 DOLE products — used 3 free coupons that Coupon Pro generously mailed me a few weeks ago

2 Clif LUNA bars — $1 each, used 2 $0.50/1 coupons (doubled) = free after coupons

1 Excedrin — $3.13, used $2/1 coupon (this printed at checkout the last time my husband went shopping) = $1.13 after coupon

Beech-Nut product — used free coupon

Before coupons and sales, my total was $58.18. After coupons and sales + a $5 catalina, the store owed me $0.73. I could have added on a small filler item, but I just decided to let the store have the small overage since I’d gotten overage myself already.

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  1. Allison V. says

    Nice! I think I actually printed some of those Schick coupons (no time for couponing these days) so maybe I need to hit up a Dillon’s here soon…

  2. Melissa H. says

    I miss my Dillons :-( If anyone has heard anything more about if and when they will rebuild in Joplin, I would love to know!

    • Sonya says

      I did see a small building or trailer that was being used for a Dillions pharmacy. So hopefully thats a sign that they’re coming back, but I haven’t heard.

    • says

      I hve heard after the first of the year and it is going to be near where it was. I have heard that thay are going to build where the apartments were next door and that it is going to be a SUPER DILLONS!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! I miss Dillons too!!! No bargains are better anywhere!!!!!!! I hate driving to Pittsburg to shop at Dillons but it is still worth it and you can fuel up your car there and use your fuel points!!!!! I got gas Sat for 2.99 a gallon…..

      • Melissa H. says

        Well that’s kind of bittersweet news for me. I’m very excited that it will be a Super Dillons, but those were my apartments, so that tells me they will not be rebuilding :-( . Thanks for the info!

  3. Terese says

    Great deals (for free). My deal today at Walgreens

    8 Covergirl eye shadow at 3.79 each
    3 bags of Kettle chips 1.99 each
    1 bayer 32 ct 81mg aspirin 3.49

    used 4 8.00 off when you buy 2 covergirl products
    3 1.00 kettle chips
    1 1.00 off bayers aspirin
    wags coupon to make the aspirin .99 cents

    with each eyeshadow i got 21 cents overage and 1 cent overage on the aspirin …grand total was 1.28.

    I would have gotten more overage if i went to a different Wags as the one downtown is pricier. also i would have gotten a better deal if i went last week as covergirl had buy 1 get 50% 2nd item.

  4. Sara says

    Any idea why Dillion’s is still doubling coupons and Fry’s is not? They are both Kroger affiliates. I am trying to decide if it is worth shopping at Fry’s if they no longer double coupons, but the only cheaper option I really have is Walmart and I have nothing but problems there!

    • Rae says

      They are done by region. Just like Kroger itself stopped doubling in TX, has not doubled in a long time in some other areas, and still doubles in the rest. I heard that they (all the affiliates) are slowing getting rid of it though. I wasn’t sure how true that was until they expanded from Houston to all of TX and then added some Arizona Fry’s stores.

      • Kathy says

        We still have one Kroger around us that triples up to $0.50. It is like 20-30 minutes away, so sometimes it is worth the drive there.

    • Heather says

      Also our Kroger in the Columbus, Ohio areas won’t give us overage but they still double. I wish they’d make all the stores the same so I wouldn’t feel like such a failure all the time!

  5. KStern says

    That’s awesome! The drugstore deals and extreme couponing don’t work for our family, but I love seeing how much others can save, and your posts on this inspire me to be creative in other ways that work for our family. We’re high-raw, organic vegans, and almost all of our personal care and household products are homemade. we also avoid plastics and disposables (toothbrushes, razors, etc.) as much as possible, and unfortunately, most of the wooden, metal or glass alternative items we would buy aren’t available at Walgreens or CVS. Since we don’t really buy any processed or packaged food, there are rarely any coupons that work for us. I do occasionally find a coupon from Whole Foods that will work for a few things we use, but it’s a rare treat, so I’ve had to find other creative solutions for saving money on our grocery budget. I wish more options were available for natural products and foods – there are a lot of families out there like ours, and we would love to be able to get the kind of deals you do! :-)

    • Cindy says

      Whole Foods updates their coupon page/site every couple of weeks. Also, Mambo Sprouts sends a coupon newsletter every week or so. If you have one in your area (we don’t), see if you can get on their e-mail list, as they often have local, in-store specials that are not advertised. Not sure where you live, but our local grocery (in a rather small, isolated town) has a special site on their webpage for natural and organic product coupons, which is nice. It certainly isn’t the same volume as mainstream couponers see (and the products are often processed), but every little bit here and there helps!

    • Kolbi Cumbo-Lynn says

      Agreed! We try not to buy processed foods too, and we use homemade laundry detergent most of the time. When I do buy processed foods, I usually get them at Trader Joe’s, where they at least leave out the worst of the preservatives (no MSG, etc). When we buy soap and dish soap, etc. we buy the all natural kinds, which go on sale but usually not super sale. Ah, well — we do the best we can! We have a gigantic international farmers market which has the best prices on produce, spices, etc (think $2 for a bucket of lavender) so I only go to WF for the essentials that I can’t get somewhere else. I think I need a garden…

      • Emily says

        You mentioned that you buy the all natural kinds of soap, dish soap, etc. when you do have to buy them. I don’t know if you ever buy Seventh Generation brand, but if so, you can get great deals on them occasionally at Target. There are manufacturer coupons available for their products on occasion (either in the newspaper, hanging from the product, or from their website). Plus, on occasion, Target has a Target store coupon for Seventh GEneration products. I’ve gotten their handsoap very inexpensively before by combining a Target sale with both a manufacturer and store coupon. I think I”ve paid as little a $.50 per bottle. Also, Whole Foods accepts 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon per item too (though I think this depends on the particular store – and it would be worth asking). I’ve gotten Muir Glen canned tomatoes WAY cheaper at WHole Foods than I could have gotten conventional store brand at other places.

  6. Tanya says

    My deals were at Target today. The total bill was 45.00. By the time I was done with mfr coupons, Target coupons, 2$5 gift cards and my 5% for using my Target card, I only paid $15.00!

  7. Emmie says

    What a great shopping trip you had! I haven’t been doing my grand shopping lately, and miss it! Good to see great post like this to put me back on track. Thanks so much!

  8. Amanda says

    I wish we had a store here that would let you get overage! They won’t I’ve you the full coupon price if it’s over the sale price. :( You should be on the coupon show on TLC. Very responsible and still so impressive?

  9. Elizabeth says

    It’s almost spirit breaking to see people get deals like this since my Kroger won’t double or take coupons worth more than the item aka you’ll never see overage.

    • Emily says

      Same here. My Kroger only doubles up to 50 cents. On top of that, they now limit your VISIT (not transactions) to 4 like coupons.

  10. says

    I’ve never seen a store LET you end up with a negative total, even to their advantage. Usually they go back through the entire thing item by item to figure out how that came to be, and then they make me buy something else. I guess the negative total just scares them!

    • says

      I had my $5 catalina and asked if I could use it when my total was $4.xx. They called the manager over and she said it was fine but that I wouldn’t get any cash back.

  11. Jami says

    I’m right with you guys that can’t get these deals. We live in a small town that has a Kroger that has maybe two double coupon days a year, and it’s not advertised, so you have to call regularly to know. Kroger, Walmart, and Rite Aid are pretty much all we have, and I can’t get good deals like this. :( It’s heartbreaking for me (especially living on meager yearly salary), but I’m glad that some people are able to do this.

  12. Debbie says

    Our Krogers in Paris TX has stopped doubling and tripling coupons! So sad I had really enjoyed shopping there and that was a big part of the draw for me to drive the 50 miles to shop! Not to mention the CVS and Walgreens! Ugh I am not happy with the change, havent been there since the change and dont know when I will go back. Miss it alot! Krystal where is your Dillons located approx?

    • says

      They were a printable. I think maybe on their Facebook Page? For the life of me, I can’t seem to find them. I thought I posted it when it was available for a short while, but I can’t find the post. Anyone know?

  13. Claudia Matei says

    That’s awesome!!! But non of my local stores allow overage. Especially not Walgreens or Walmart. I heard the cashier at Safeway a few days ago telling the customer in front of me that overage is coupon fraud- he had asked about an episode of Extreme Couponing. That day I way quite grateful I only bought milk and bread and didn’t have coupons because I’m should she would have over analyzed them all

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