Simple Things: LEGOs and Apples

As I mentioned in my cookie-baking post yesterday, sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring the most pleasure.

LEGOs are so simple, but they bring our children hours and hours of fun right now.

I love the creativity that bubbles forth when they open up the tub of LEGOs and start building.

A bag of apples purchased for $0.59 turns into a beautiful tray of red.

And then a pan of apple chips (More details on how I made these and how they turned out coming tomorrow.)

Have you taken time from the rat-race of life to soak up and enjoy some simple things? Speaking of which, if you’re a mom, be sure to read this post on the little moments.

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  1. Katie says

    Crystal, my husband and I dehydrated apples last night and they were FABULOUS!! I hope you try it! All I did was slice them thin, rub them with cinnamon, then bake them on the lowest setting of my oven for a few hours. I also put some in our food dehydrator. They were so delicious! I made slices for snacking and small cubes to mix into oatmeal. Give it a try if you have the time and apples! 😉

  2. says

    All of my kids have love building blocks! Even the older kids still play with the super big baby building blocks. They were also thrilled last year when they got Lincoln Logs for Christmas! I love all of the stuff my kids make out of them too. I’d have to say that so far my favorite was when Andrew made jet packs for his stuffed dog out of the large baby blocks! So innovative! :)

  3. WilliamB says

    Legos are the best! They’re not really simple, they’re deceptively simple. Little bits that can be constructed into extremely complicated toys. Just awesome stuff.

  4. Amy Reynolds says

    This is an extremely busy time of year for us. I am a volleyball coach and we are in the middle of our season. I also teach piano at my son’s school. Tonight, after I got home from our game, we just took some time to sit outside around a campfire and roast marshmallows. Yes…it made us a little late for bedtime, but just before we came inside, my eleven year old said, “This was cool.” We’ll catch up on the sleep another night, for tonight, I’ll fall asleep remembering the joy of introducing my four year old to the wonderful world of s’mores!

  5. says

    Lego time is very popular in this house too!!
    A few months ago I was inspired to read through the Bible with the boys in a year. We purchased a wonderful dramatization version and we listen to the Bible while playing with Legos – sometimes for 2-3 hours each day!
    We are in Ezekiel now and I am so encouraged by that as I never would have read that much in such a short time (nor had as interesting of voices!!)
    And as important as I believe creative play is, I think it is all the more important when their minds are being filled with God’s word!

  6. Lana says

    We have tons of chores that need to be done around the house but we decided to take the weekend off and drive 5 hours to spend the weekend with our 3 grandchildren. They are growing up so fast and we are missing it. So what if the windows need washing and yard work needs doing!

  7. Elias says

    We have some huge lego fans here too! I store them in the garage and pull them out on rainy days. I’m looking forward to seeing how your apples turn out!

  8. says

    Yea for the LEGOS! We spend every Sunday night eating grilled pizza on the patio and having a fire in the firepit. It’s so wonderful, before the work and school week starts, to spend this time together. I’ll be sad when it turns too cold and windy to be outside, and our firepit is buried in snow.

  9. Jiya says

    I’ve noticed that since my boy started playing with the little Legos (instead of the big Duplos), I drink less coffee. Nothing wakes you up like stepping on a hidden Lego piece in the carpet with your bare feet.

    Anyway, we love Legos too — big or small — and apart from the “gotcha” Lego mines hiding in the carpet, they are a lot of fun.

  10. BethB says

    Legos are the best toys ever. They teach so much.

    I was anti-kit until my son was given a 3 in 1 set for his 4th birthday. After learning to follow the directions (or “constructions”, as he calls them) without help he started making his own creations in a way I don’t think he would have without doing the kit first. It really taught him a lot about how to put things together and triggered his imagination.

  11. says

    We’re a tad Lego obsessed in our house too… so much so that I’ve just had to make my 6-year old a Lego Sensei Wu (character from Lego Ninjago series for the uninitiated!) costume for Halloween!

    And I love the apple chips… definitely going to give those a try! But probably after I try making my own fruit roll ups this week (we’ve got a fruit glut of our own going on)! In fact, inspired by you, I might even try some apple fruit roll ups!!!

  12. says

    Aw your son is adorable! What a happy looking little guy :) I agree the simplest of things CAN bring that most joy. Haha my son thinks Tupperware is so much more exciting than all the other toys he has.

    So happy to read you made the apple chips! Thank you for linking back to me..your pretty much a celebrity in bloggy land so it made my day

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