Walgreens: Free Gain Powder Detergent + Gain Dish Liquid

There’s an unadvertised Register Rewards deal that is currently working at Walgreens:

Buy 1 Gain Powder Detergent (30 load) at $5
Buy 2 Gain Dish Liquids at $1.79 each

Use 1 $2/1 Gain Powder detergent coupon from 9/11 SmartSource insert
Use 2 $0.50/1 Gain Dish washing Liquid coupons from 8/14 RedPlum insert
Spend $5.58 plus tax, Get 2 $3 Register Rewards

This makes for free Gain Powder Detergent and Gain Dish after the coupons and Register Rewards.

Please note that since this is an unadvertised deal, I can’t guarantee that both Register Rewards will print for you. Let us know if you try it and it works!

Thanks, Wild for Wags!

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  1. Lara says

    Also works with the Gain liquid detergent, which adds $1 to the total spent ($6.58). Did this deal this morning, and got $6 back ($3 RR + $3Q off next purchase). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alison says

    I purchased the liquid detergent (the powder was cleared out) for $5 and then 2 dish detergents ($1.99/each) and received the (2) $3 RRs! :)

  3. Amy says

    How are you able to use your RR? Everytime I go shopping here i leave with 5 or 6 RR in hand but can’t ever use them since I always buy things with other coupons. They tell me only one RR per item and since it’s considered a manufacture coupon it can’t be used with newspaper or online coupons. Im at a loss to get a good deal there. Please help!!!

    • Amanda says

      You have to buy filler items to be able to use your register rewards. I usually buy pudding or jello or some other really cheap item. You must have the same amount of items (without coupons) as you do RR’s.

    • Jean says

      Amy, you use “filler” items. For example, today when I bought my Gain detergent and two dish liquids I wanted to pay for them with three $2 RRs I had from last week. I added four Laffy Taffy’s priced $.15 cents each–one of them so my total was greater than $6, and the three others so I could pay with the three RRs. Fine print on RRs says that coupons and RRs cannot exceed the number of items.

      Hope I understood and answered your question. Happy shopping!

      • Amy says

        Thank you so much. This is what i figured I would have to do but now I know for sure. I will have to be on the hunt for the cheapest items possible now!

        • says

          You’ll need to use them on a following transaction, because they only print out after your current transaction is over. (They come out with your receipt.) Additionally, you have to be careful when you’re using your RR–if you use a RR pay for the same item as one that earned your the RR, then the second one won’t print. For example: last week, Mitchum deodorant was $2.99 w/a $2 RR. After using a $1 Manufacturer’s Coupon, I payed $1.99 out of pocket, then with the receipt, I got a $2 RR. If you turn around and use *that* $2 RR to pay for another Mitchum deodorant, then when that second transaction is over, you will not get another $2 RR. If you’re going to use a RR, it needs to be from a different product in order for your second RR to print. Does that make sense? You can tell which RR came from which items because at the bottom it will say something like “compliments of Mitchum” or “courtesy of Suave.”

    • Vanessa Kirby says

      Whomever told you that is misinformed. I work at Walgreens. As everyone has said you cannot have more coupons or RR then you have items. You must also pay the tax on any peurchases so if the item is taxed the total must exceed the RR amount. I also suggest the laffy taffy as a filler. You can use one manufacturer coupon and store coupon and RR on an item but will need fillers. Hope this helps.

      For example Let’s say you buy tide detergent for $5. You can use a manufacturer coupon for tide for $1, a Walgreen’s coupon for tide for $1, and a RR for $3. You will need 2 fillers (1 for one of the coupons and one for the RR). 2 coupons+1 RR=3 items needed

      • Wendi S says

        In my long experience with walgreens, and what I saw written on many sites, walgreens store coupons did not count toward the cpn vs item count, and I would have only needed 1 filler in this scenario. However, I haven’t been active there in a year so it could have changed.

  4. Maria says

    I just went to Walgreens this morning. I bought (6) $5 liquid Gain used (6) $1 off Gain coupons and total came out to $26 and change. It printed (2) $3 and $10. So final price after coupons and rebate $10 and change

  5. Monica says

    I went to Walgreens this morning. The powder Gain was not on sale at my store…it rang up for $9.99! I bought 4 of the liquid Gain laundry detergent, 3 Dawn dishwashing liquid, and 2 Cascade action packs. Used 4 $1 off Gain detergent, 3 $.50 off Dawn and 2 $ 1 off Cascade. I paid $25.41 with tax and received 1 $10 RR and 2 $3 RR’s so…… $9.41 for all after coupons and RR’s!

  6. amy says

    I went to walgreens mon morning. They only had on powder gain left. I got that and two dishwashing liquids. I used two coupons and did receive the 6.00 rr deal. I live in Texas.

  7. amy says

    Be sure to get the right size on the gain powder..The 30 loads is on sale. It looks almost identical to the 40 load one which is not on sale.
    Hope this helps.

  8. Esther a homeschool momma in Mid-Michigan says

    My local Walgreens in Owosso, MI did not have the powdered Gain laundry detergent, but had the liquid on sale for $5. I also bought 2 gain dishwashing liquids @ $1.79 ea. Only (1) $3 RR printed out. So, not free here.

    • Stacy Gonzalez says

      For EVERYONE… Be careful not to use any kind of a $3 P&G RR to pay for this transaction. I did this and the RR didn’t print out, but the green “$3 off your next purhcase” did. This is because I used the RR I received from the CREST deal. Even though I am now buying Gain and not Crest, the RR’s cannot be the SAME AMOUNT from the same manufacturer. I’m thinking the system does not differentiate. If RRs are the same amount from the same manufacturer, you cannot use them and get another one back, even if it is a different product, just as you can’t use them from the same deal. Use RRs from other deals such as the Airwick, etc.

  9. Chrystelle says

    Just worked for me on Monday afternoon in CA. Bought the liquid Gain laundry detergent ($5) and 2 dish liquids ($1.99 ea) and received $6 back ($3 RR and $3 next purchase). I love this website!

  10. MEL says

    i just went and purchased the liquid and 2 dish soaps for $6.36 after coupons and got $6 in RR. our WG wont allow us to do it more than once, even if im staggering my transactions.. grrr…

  11. Adriana says

    Tried this in NM at 6pm MST, worked like a charm!

    Sometimes some scents aren’t included, which is why some of you may not be getting the RR. I bought the original gain liquid detergent & the purple dish soaps. What did everyone else buy?

    • Stacy Gonzalez says

      I bought both green and purple, would have worked for both. Again, if I hadn’t used the $3 RR from the CREST deal. See above. I, too, LOVE THIS SITE!!!

  12. Martina says

    I went to Walgreens and they are out of the Gain powder, and the Gain dish detergent was 2.19 each. I didn’t buy any.

  13. Anonymous says

    They didn’t have the 30 load at my store, but I did try 2 transactions.

    Gain 32 load with 2 of the dish liquids gave a $3 RR
    2 Gain 32 loads gave a $2 RR.

    I did pair this up with the P and G sale and was able to get $10 RR with one of the other RR. Still not a bad deal if you have the coupons to match.

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